Pityriasis rosea in children: is it necessary his treatment or he can go himself?

Розовый лишай у детей: необходимо ли его лечение или он может пройти сам?Science has long proven that hypothermia don’t get sick. The disease can occur only due to the reduction in the body immunity.

But hypothermia is also dangerous on the other side. Pityriasis rosea in children, according to recent reports, may arise as a result of hypothermia. We are with you today and we will talk.

Pityriasis rosea is a dermatological disease that is seasonal. The first mention of it was in 1860 and it still bears the name ringworm Gibert, the person’s name, it opened.

Pathology see pink spots and it affects children from two years. Usually it is active in autumn and spring, due to lowered immunity.

What caused the disease, doctors are exploring to this day. While we can only be satisfied with assumptions.

But science still leans towards the infectious nature of the disease. This is evidenced by the seasonality and the fact that often they hurt the whole family.

Also in favor of the infectious nature of the disease deliverance with the help of antibiotics and the presence of the parent spot. Although the attempt of scientists to get them specifically failed.


For starters, let’s list the factors that accompany the appearance of this disease:

  • the reduced resistance of the organism;
  • viral infections, such as SARS and sore throat;
  • deviations in the endocrine system;
  • synthetic-fitting clothes;
  • treatment with antibiotics for a long time.

Розовый лишай у детей: необходимо ли его лечение или он может пройти сам?The disease begins with one of the spots on the chest or back. The latter expressed a pink outline and flaking on the inside.

The appearance of the lesion may be accompanied by cold symptoms, lethargy, fever and General malaise.

After a few days the condition of the body improves, and reddish plaques appear all over the body.

To be the child can pityriasis rosea on the chest, hips, shoulders and head.

Eruptions are about six weeks, but some time on their site can still be dark spots. Disappear and they.

Very rarely, when the process proceeds without participation of the doctor, there may be serious deterioration of the stains will grow and merge into one large, and perhaps moist areas are formed.

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Classic picture of lichen Gibert you can see in the photo below.

Розовый лишай у детей: необходимо ли его лечение или он может пройти сам?

Causes of pink lichen in children

As you already understood, the exact reasons nobody knows. But it is believed that the herpes virus, or Streptococcus will be the trigger, and those manifestations that we see are allergic to them. But provoke the disease the following factors:

  • hypothermia;
  • nervous tension and stress;
  • indigestion;
  • infectious disease;
  • vaccination;
  • the bites of some insects;
  • small ulcers on the skin;
  • violation of metabolism.

Розовый лишай у детей: необходимо ли его лечение или он может пройти сам?According to the official version of doctors ringworm Gibert is not transferred from person to person, but it can easily transfer bed bugs or lice and maternal plaque, which is the primary lesion usually appears at the bite site.

Not exactly identified, but it is quite possible that hygiene items can serve as a carrier of this disease.

As an incidental factor, frequent and diligent washing of the body contributes to the emergence of pink lichen due to the deprivation of the epidermis’s natural defenses.

Disease in children under one year

Very rare, but it can also happen that the disease appears in infants, despite the lack of contact with the children and the animals all healthy adults.

Dr. Komarovsky recommends not to touch it, given the fact that he alone runs for two months.

Treatment pills

As you know, some special treatment pathology is not required. What methods would be refined or used, usually this form is depriving itself.

In very rare cases, when it comes to very complex forms, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics.

But even here, we cannot say for sure that they will have a beneficial effect on recovery. In order to facilitate the flow of a rash, apply the following medications:

  • Ascorutinum or another vitamin complex that strengthens the skin and is able to saturate the body with vitamins;
  • Antihistamines to relieve itching and discomfort.
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There are a number of rules that are better than any drugs will make the disease easier and a bit faster getting rid of the plaques:

  • hypoallergenic diet to exclude foods-allergens and food with unnatural composition;
  • while on the body there are stains,you need to hide from direct sunlight;
  • replace all synthetic items of clothing on the natural, including linen;
  • the bathroom need to be replaced quick shower to minimize the effect of water on the affected areas;
  • not necessary to RUB a washcloth and scrub sore spots;
  • do not scratch, touch and constantly feel plaque.

Therapy foci outer methods

Розовый лишай у детей: необходимо ли его лечение или он может пройти сам?It is important not to smear and not to treat pityriasis rosea before he or she sees a doctor. Based topical treatment is also the removal of itch and healing.

To do this, apply the ointment is based on corticosteroids. Well-proven special mist that is delivered at the prescription Department the recommendations of a physician.

Highly effective dog rose and sea buckthorn oil to heal and soothe the skin. Still using iodine, fukortsin and sulphur ointment.

Please note that the cream help the child in getting rid of lichen in any case it is impossible to prescribe independently.

Incorrectly chosen remedy can exacerbate the situation and greatly slow down the healing process.

Therefore, for the selection of external funds, above all, consult an experienced dermatologist.

Traditional methods of treatment

  • As the network runs a very popular, proven by many patients method when the areas of lichen cleaned with hot ash, but this method is often still used for ringworm.
  • Burdock hop cones and plantain, prepared as a decoction, applied with a compress on the night.
  • Calendula oil, currently own out of a handful of flowers and a Cup of olive oil, used to lubricate the lesions two to three times a day.
  • Cabbage leaf, previously softened, is tied at night, accelerates the process of skin renewal and healing.
  • The juice of cranberries and black raisins are used for wiping several times a day.
  • Mix egg yolks with a few drops of tar, and a dollop of cream gives a good effect when applied at night.
  • Licinia places it is possible to grease an oily soot.
  • Inside, take the infusion of licorice root.
  • For daily lubrication are well suited alcohol tincture of celandine or salicylic acid.
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    I recommend to watch an interesting video about people’s methods:


    Розовый лишай у детей: необходимо ли его лечение или он может пройти сам?Today we learned what ringworm or pityriasis rosea Gibert. Pathology develops pinkish plaques on the body and a little flaking.

    Starting with one mother spot, it spreads all over the body. But unlike other types of lichen, this is where it ends.

    The rash gradually goes away. In order to help the body to quickly recover and remove the itch used antihistamines.

    Ointments should be chosen with great care, not all are suitable and relieve the rash. But the folk remedies are available in wide range and you will not be difficult to find something most suitable for you.

    It is important to understand that there are several factors that contribute to the development of the disease and hinder treatment.

    The main one is lowered immunity, which should begin to strengthen. For this you need to adjust the diet, drinking enough clean water and walk on air.

    Do not forget about healthy sleep and please try to avoid stress! Health to you!