Pityriasis rosea: symptoms and treatment of this disease

Hello, dear readers! Jumped the pink scaly spot on your body? Perhaps this is pityriasis rosea or Gibert’s disease. This disease has a lot of secrets, it is difficult to be treated and it is unknown how it is distributed.

This can happen to everyone, and it does not have to contact with Lisinym animals, as many believe. Ringworm Gibert generally not transmitted from animals to humans. What is this ailment and how to fight him? After reading the article, you will learn a lot about your own body.

This is what is pityriasis rosea?

Розовый лишай: симптомы и лечение болезни

This unpleasant skin disease, is shown in the photo, which never managed to explore fully. Now we only have theories about its origin and pathways.

Some experts believe that it is an allergic reaction of the epidermis to infection or to a stressful situation.

Others argue that the disease is viral and can appear only in people with weak immune systems.

Contagious ill person is also controversial. Some people get in contact with him only once, and others the disease is not transmitted even after close and repeated contact. Why so occurs, nobody knows.

Possible causes of lichen Gibert

To this day nobody knows what exactly triggers the disease Gibert. Some researchers believe that it applies to infections herpetic character, which occur due to herpes virus No. 6 and No. 7.

As evidence of his theory, scientists give the following facts:

  • the primary symptoms reminiscent of the flu or any SARS;
  • pink ringworm infected mainly in the autumn or winter when the immune system is weakened absolutely all;
  • the disease is transmitted is not for everyone, but only people with lowered immunity;
  • together with the disease Gibert outbreaks of SARS, influenza, and herpes.

The above theory seems quite plausible. But it could not confirm officially, and therefore, cannot be considered as its exact and only.

There is another assumption regarding the causes of the disease is an infectious-allergic reaction of the epidermis. What our skin it may react? For example, a common cold or any other infection.

Additional versions of the origin of pink lichen

Розовый лишай: симптомы и лечение болезни

  • the disease is caused by fungi living on the epidermis;
  • the disease is a common allergic reaction to an external stimulus;
  • this reaction to hypothermia or stress.

No one can say for sure what triggered the disease in each individual case.

However, if you collect all the theories, you can highlight the main reasons that may cause: hypothermia; impaired immunity; moral load; impaired metabolism; various infectious diseases; malfunctions of various systems of the body; herpes.

The disease Gibert is very a lot possible reasons. For example, this problem appeared to you or the child (you). How to distinguish it from other skin diseases? This would be easier if you know the symptoms.

Symptoms: how to distinguish pityriasis rosea from other pathologies?

Розовый лишай: симптомы и лечение болезниSymptoms of pink lichen is very bright and unpleasant. As a rule, the disease occurs in young men aged 16 to 40 years.

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First, the body (anywhere), there is a large scaly pink spot with clear boundaries, more vivid.

Diameter of spot (call it «parent») varies from 2 to 10 and see some of the maternal hearth and bake is itchy after scratching. The rest (about 50%) he generally does not bother. The appearance of the spots may be accompanied by:

  • fatigue and lethargy;
  • an increase in lymph nodes (often regionally located next to the spot);
  • weakness and drowsiness;
  • fever;
  • disorder of the gastrointestinal tract.

The location of the parent of the hearth can be anything. The disease very rarely affects the face, palms and feet. Often she prefers to sit on the torso.

In a week or two after the appearance of the first spots on the skin there are many small spots which looks very similar to the parent.

Розовый лишай: симптомы и лечение болезниSpots round or oval, have clear boundaries, can slightly protrude above the surface of the healthy dermis. Skin blemishes flakes, may itch, are like fir branches.

Unfortunately, Gibert distinguish the disease from other types of lichen on the above described symptoms is impossible, since in other species the signs are almost similar.

Therefore, if you notice, in the parent spot, then immediately go to the dermatologist and immunologist.

A specialist will guide on various tests and after the results will prescribe an effective treatment. By the way, in some cases, pityriasis rosea does not require treatment. Are you interested in any?

To treat or not to treat the disease Gibert?

The discoverer of the disease was known to the doctor? He studied her for many years, but was never able to find an effective treatment because not find the cause. Therefore, he suggested that dermatological disease to be treated is not necessary. Whether so it actually?

Modern dermatologists believe that treatment is not necessary, in those cases, if the disease occurs in mild form and not accompanied by complications. While the rash will disappear without a trace after about 5 weeks after emergence of the parent hearth.

Розовый лишай: симптомы и лечение болезни

Relapse should not be afraid, because ringworm Gibert rarely repeated in humans. Ill, to alleviate their condition and speed up the healing process, must follow these recommendations:

  • refrain from taking baths for the whole period of the disease, since hot water can soak in and fire and drive skin blemishes, and then they will start more trouble;
  • use a mild hypoallergenic detergent for body, apply their hands and not a washcloth;
  • protect yourself from the sun;
  • refrain from synthetic garments and not wear wool clothing, which can irritate the skin;
  • try not sweating, but if sweating, it quickly get rid of the sweat;
  • observe hypoallergenic diet, which should not be spicy, smoked, fat, alcohol, flour and citrus fruits.

When treatment is needed?

Treatment will be required if the symptoms are unbearable or there are complications such as secondary bacterial infection (by scratching into the wound can easily get infected).

Against bacterial infections antibiotics are used for external application or oral administration. Antibiotics can be prescribed only by the treating specialist. Never self-medicate, especially with antibiotics!

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Severe itching with skin lesions removed antihistamines medications different types: Claritin, Sitecom, Suprastin, etc.

These medicines should drink according to instructions. If the affected dermis begins to become inflamed, then ill recommend to use the ointment topically with corticosteroids in the composition (hormonal):

  • Flucinar;
  • Lorinden;
  • Ftorokort;
  • Advantan, etc.

Another popular pharmacy special chatterbox for the skin. It is prepared for each patient individually. As a rule, the composition of these medicines includes menthol and benzocaine, as these substances relieve itching, burning, pain and inflammation.

Mash should be applied on each spot 3-4 times a day. Ointments and other external preparations applied twice a day everyday until full recovery.

Additionally, it is recommended to take medications that strengthen the immune system. These include special stimulants, and vitamins or vitamin-mineral complexes (dietary Supplements).

If you don’t like tablets, strengthen immunity folk remedies. Perhaps you do not accept traditional medicine. Then you can treat skin disease Gibert folk remedies.

Folk remedies against the disease Gibert

Розовый лишай: симптомы и лечение болезни

  • An ointment based on calendula. It is easily and quickly prepared at home. To do this, take a dry calendula flowers, mash them into powder and mix with vaseline. Apply the product on each spot twice a day until complete recovery.
  • Cabbage leaf. Cabbage has a powerful antiseptic action. It can be applied to problem areas in pure form or pre-lubricate the sour cream. Sheet keep to wilt, and then, if necessary, replace with a new one. After this procedure, the itching should disappear.
  • The zinc ointment. This drug has a cheap price and is often used in alternative medicine. Use it to treat absolutely everything itchy skin defects, including ringworm Gibert.
  • Tincture of celandine. This folk remedy will cure the disease from within. To prepare pour vodka leaves and flowers of the above plants. Medium was infused for 20 days, followed by half a teaspoon for 10 minutes before eating times a day.
  • Compresses of boiled buckwheat. Pre-cook the rump in the standard way, just don’t add spices. Then allow the buckwheat to cool slightly. Put it in cheesecloth or put directly on the lesions of lichen. Hold for 15-20 minutes and then wash the affected areas with cool water.
  • A decoction of horsetail. Another remedy for oral consumption. To prepare it, buy the dry grass at the pharmacy. 10 g of horsetail pour a liter of boiling water and steep until cool. Then take three tablespoons of medication three times a day.
  • The ashes of burnt newspaper. Not many people know this folk remedy, but those who tried it, very his praise. Twist in the roll of paper and ignite with one hand. Let it burn out to the end, and then collect all that remained. Apply ash on each spot. They say that shingles after the ashes of burnt newspaper is literally instantly.
  • Gibert disease can strike children and even women in the state. I wonder whether you, as he develops them?

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    Peculiarities of pink lichen in pregnant women and in children

    Розовый лишай: симптомы и лечение болезни

    This skin disease appears in children very rarely. Provoke it can vaccination against common infections.

    The symptoms do not differ from the standard, however, children recover in two times faster than adults.

    Pityriasis rosea women who bears a child can provoke hormonal imbalance. In this state the disease is not dangerous, which is important.

    To treat it in a standardized way is not recommended, as drugs, especially hormonal and antibiotics can harm the baby.

    Then, what to treat the disease Gibert pregnant? Women in position you can do the following:

    • moisten stains baby cream or a cool shower;
    • to use outdoor folk remedies based on herbs;
    • use some ointment against itching and burning that are allowed for pregnant women.

    Sick children it is recommended to give the broth black elderberry. In order to prepare it, take a tablespoon of elderberry flowers and pour a glass of boiling water.

    Allow to cool completely at room temperature, and then let his child a tablespoon 3 times in 24 hours. In addition, can prevent a sick diuretic and choleretic folk or traditional medicines.

    Prevention: can you protect yourself from pink lichen?

    Розовый лишай: симптомы и лечение болезниTo predict the occurrence of this disease is impossible, but some prevention measures are still considered to be effective. For example, to guard against dermatological problems described above, you can regularly strengthen your immune system.

    This should be done in the autumn-winter period. To strengthen the protective properties of the immune system take vitamins in pills or through natural healthy food.

    In addition, observe personal hygiene and teach it to their children from an early age.

    Avoid contact with the patients and if contact occurred, wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap. By the way, it is believed that ringworm Gibert is transmitted by airborne droplets. So try not to closely communicate with ill people.

    That’s all, dear readers. I hope the article was interesting and informative. Read, if you want, share it with your friends on social networks and also don’t forget to subscribe to the updates of the site. All the best and see you soon!

    Author: Ksenia Borisova (dermatologist)