Pityriasis versicolor: how to get rid of the disease once and for all?

Разноцветный лишай: как избавиться от болезни раз и навсегда?Good afternoon, dear readers of our portal about skin! Not each variety of lichen are equally dangerous and not any of them can be infected.

In our today’s article we have collected all known information about a disease such as colored or pityriasis versicolor.

This form of lichen almost never passes from person to person and only affects the topmost layer of the epidermis, which completely eliminates inflammatory processes, such as pimples and papules, which can be observed in other varieties of this disease.

The symptoms of this disease

Разноцветный лишай: как избавиться от болезни раз и навсегда?Spots arising otrubevidne with psoriasis can have different colors. This yellow and brown and pinkish and white color.

Any elevation of the skin, inflammation and redness in this form does not appear, that shows exactly this.

Plaque at first small, but over disease, they grow and merge than form large affected areas of the body.

The spots have irregular edges that differs from the pink pityriasis versicolor and other species. In addition to aesthetic discomfort, the patient does not feel any more anxiety.

No itching, no pain, no bleeding wounds with crusts. Of all the symptoms that are common in herpes, it is observed only a slight peeling.

It is localized on the back, chest and abdomen, and even recently, scientists found that the scalp is exposed to the lesions is not less than the remaining plots.

The hair absolutely healthy. On the face, legs and arms lesions do not occur.

The duration of pityriasis versicolor, probably proceeds much longer than any similar processes: six months or more.

Age category most likely to infect adolescent. In particular in children from 12 to 16 years zoster can affect the back, chest and abdomen.

This is due to hormonal changes and increased sweating, which is typical of puberty. From children under the age of this pathology is extremely rare.

On the photo you can look in detail looks like pityriasis versicolor.

The causes of disease

Разноцветный лишай: как избавиться от болезни раз и навсегда?The process begins with the fact that the fungus is the causative agent gets on the skin and breeds there successfully.

It affects the cells responsible for pigmentation – melanocytes. For this reason, the spots can be different colors, and when exposed to sunlight become white.

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The development of fungal microflora in the upper layers of the epidermis contribute, as a rule, certain factors:

  • excessive sweating, and it can be caused by disorders of the hormonal system, and a physiological feature of a patient;
  • chronic infection present in the body, it may be constant runny nose, tooth decay, and also much more serious pathology;
  • dystonia, which is caused by depression, stress and mental tension and is manifested in the form of fainting, panic attacks and dizziness;
  • disorders in the digestive system, gastritis, ulcer disease and others;
  • diseases of the respiratory system such as tuberculosis, asthma, pneumonia;
  • diabetes mellitus and other abnormalities of the endocrine system;
  • hormonal imbalances, including those caused by puberty, a deviation in the ovaries and during pregnancy;
  • weight;
  • oily skin humans.

Diagnosis of the disease

Разноцветный лишай: как избавиться от болезни раз и навсегда?Basically, the dermatologist relies on external examination of the patient, because the symptoms of multicolored fishes differ from other similar pathologies.

But for clarification by the doctor conducted multiple tests. Test with iodine is done by smearing the back or abdomen, then the areas, which really is a fungus, leading to colored deprive, will have a more bright orange color.

Wood lamp, when scanning in the dark to paint the defeat in brown or reddish tint.

In addition, swabs used for further microscopic study on fungal flora.


Разноцветный лишай: как избавиться от болезни раз и навсегда?So, after a visit to the doctor and accurate diagnosis, you can turn to the question how to get rid of multi-colored lichen?

First of all, it should be noted that the treatment regimen needs to paint only a doctor, considering all the features of the body, contributing factors and how long a patient is having these symptoms. Classical scheme of treatment usually uses any of the following medicines:

  • lamisil spray;
  • sulphur ointment;
  • mikozolon;
  • naftifin and other media.

Ointments are applied not only fight the fungus but also to accelerate skin renewal lesions.

In addition, in order to prevent relapse treatment area should exceed the area depriving. Also, it is recommended to apply fungicide on the hairy scalp.

In advanced and complicated cases are assigned to another antifungal pill. They usually take two times a day and receive continue not only until the moment when the analysis of a scraping will reveal the absence of fungus, and a few weeks after.

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Reviews about the natural remedies for the treatment of tinea versicolor is not less effective. This oil is of medicinal herbs (rosehip, St. John’s wort) and calendula tincture, onion juice, seeds, sorrel, and others.

Therapy of folk remedies should be selected in consultation with the attending physician in order to avoid allergic skin reactions.

After all, it can greatly slow down the healing process. By the way, oil and tinctures can be prepared at home, it will not take much time and cost is inexpensive.

I recommend to watch helpful videos about folk methods to treat this disease:

It is important to understand that any chosen tool must be used for long periods of time until it will bring a positive trend.

Sometimes treatment helps short, but periodic stay of the patient in the sun. Also, when the patient has the opportunity to attend a course of physical therapy.

In General, I must say that forecasts of recovery is favorable, however, the disease is very prone to relapse. In order to reduce the risk to a minimum you should follow some simple rules:

  • dosed exposure to the sun;
  • it is not necessary to share personal items with anyone;
  • clothing is preferable to choose natural fabrics casual;
  • areas of skin affected by ringworm do not need to scratch, to touch and to feel;
  • when treating any variety of lichen, it is recommended to replace the bathroom taking a shower;
  • if there is excessive sweating, it is necessary to additionally use the means of reducing it.

Special attention should be paid to nutrition. Diet will accelerate healing and improve the General condition of the body.

So, some time don’t need to eat citrus fruits, chocolate, honey, red berries and other products, which can be attributed to allergenic.

Prevention of disease

Разноцветный лишай: как избавиться от болезни раз и навсегда?This item is very important if pityriasis versicolor came from someone from home. First, you should carefully examine all members of the family.

It is possible to use a fluorescent lamp. Do not forget to examine the scalp.

It is because of this place, when it remains unnoticed, not amenable to treatment or is skipped in the diagnosis – possible re-infection.

Clothes, underwear and bed should be washed at high temperatures and Ironing.

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All that can be called by objects of common use should also be disinfected, keeping the frequency.

Salicylic alcohol, citric acid and Apple cider vinegar are used to wipe the skin in order to avoid contamination after contact with a sick person.

To wash your hair you need to apply an antifungal shampoo twice a week for one month.


Разноцветный лишай: как избавиться от болезни раз и навсегда?Most importantly, it will protect from infection and relapse of colored lichen. The fact that the fungus is a pathogen fairly common, and we all encounter it daily.

But with a good resistance, the body will not allow disputes to multiply by that work natural protection of the skin.

To strengthen the immune system, in addition to a healthy lifestyle and minimal physical training, you should start taking vitamin pills.

The points on strengthening the body’s resistance is necessary, of course, speak with your doctor, as some vitamins in any case should not contain allergens, and side effects to provide the minimum.


Разноцветный лишай: как избавиться от болезни раз и навсегда?Tinea versicolor appears on the background of chronic diseases or other abnormalities in the human systems. It is easy to distinguish, but a visit to the doctor should not be postponed.

The doctor should confirm the diagnosis with additional research. Treatment consists of antifungal ointments and sometimes pills.

Welcome treatment folk methods, however, need to be coordinated with the specialist.

If you methodically follow all the guidelines and rules of hygiene, soon you can see an improvement in skin and full recovery. Take care of yourself and be healthy!