Pityriasis versicolor: what medicines will help to cope with the disease?

Отрубевидный лишай: какие медикаменты помогут справиться с болезнью?Hello, dear readers! Our topic today is tinea versicolor. With this disease recently associated with many issues.

The same pathology can still be called a beach, colorful and solar shingles. It looks quite awful, but here treated long enough due to constant relapses.

This is due to the fact that the causative agent of the disease in this case, fungal microflora, and infected them is possible, as in contact or through household items, especially in public places.

Therefore, the question of «Contagious or not,» a lichen?» the answer is an unequivocal «Yes!». Active disease in tropical countries, and in our lane in the summer, as this variety of mushroom feels good on a sweaty body.

For the same reason in men, the disease is far more common, but in children it does not happen.

Looks like pathology?

Отрубевидный лишай: какие медикаменты помогут справиться с болезнью?For starters, look at the photos. From what I’ve seen, and this is a classic manifestation of depriving the colored man, we can say that its localization is usually on the back, abdomen, armpits, rarely it happens on the face and the folds of the joints.

But it starts still with the body. Pityriasis versicolor is the only one of the whole group is not manifested by swelling, inflammation, crusts, ulcers, acne.

The only exception is the time when a perianal lesion, then the color of the spot may be red.

He usually looks like spots, painted slightly lighter than the overall skin tone. With dark skin, the spots can be, on the contrary, lighter.

Plaque cause mild itching and a little peel. If not immediately start treatment, platelets are rapidly increasing in size and cover a greater area of the body.

What’s going on?

Отрубевидный лишай: какие медикаменты помогут справиться с болезнью?The fungus, when applied to the skin, under the influence of precipitating factors, which we describe below, begins to multiply.

By the way, when the person is completely healthy and he works well natural protection of the epidermis, the fungus will die immediately.

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He lives and eats at the expense of the cells of the melanocytes, responsible for pigmentation of the cover. It is for this reason the skin may be darker lighter during illness.

The metabolism of the epidermis slipping, in particular, is not running appropriate response to ultraviolet light.

As the doctor detects the disease?

Отрубевидный лишай: какие медикаменты помогут справиться с болезнью?To start, the doctor inspects. Symptoms that pronounced colored shingles, to mix with something else hard.

Further diagnosis consists of checking the whole body under a special lamp with fluorescent light.

Important inch by inch to explore the entire patient’s skin, as something from which there is a high risk of recurrence is initially missed licinia areas. We have to carefully examine the skin on the head, neck, and folds.

Then the doctor definitely takes a scraping of scales on the analysis and definition of the type of fungus. Knowing the pathogen in the face, a treatment is chosen most accurately.

You may also have to grow the pathogenic flora to confirm or refute the subspecies of microorganism.

You need to focus on the fact that in this pathology, tests for the presence of the fungus in the scales, a qualified dermatologist will prescribe to take at least once in two weeks.

Also, I attach the video where the dermatologist tells in detail about the disease:

Why is the fungus begins to multiply on the skin?

Отрубевидный лишай: какие медикаменты помогут справиться с болезнью?The reasons for which pathogenic microorganisms causes lesions of the skin are usually the following:

  • a temporary decrease in immune system function;
  • the abuse of a Solarium and tan in the sun;
  • prolonged stress and nervous tension;
  • changes in the composition of sweat, increased its allocation;
  • moved serious infectious disease;
  • excessive washing of the skin with soap, washcloth and other.

We see that the possible factors for the disease abound. Often can play the role of several assumptions or, conversely, to understand the main reason you should look for other precedents to the emergence of the disease.

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Отрубевидный лишай: какие медикаменты помогут справиться с болезнью?When there is disease, especially fungus, all possible means are good. Most often, the treatment plan the following:

  • ointment on the basis of clotrimazole;
  • antifungal pills (e.g., nystatin);
  • skin treatment whole body acid solution or salicylic acid.

Please note that clotrimazole (which is the best possible product, as it covers a wide range of fungi and repress acts, destroying the protective sheath of cells of pathogenic microorganisms), are forbidden to use during pregnancy during the first trimester.

The drug has a number of limitations and contraindications, so carefully read the instructions.

When the affected the scalp, you should pick up antifungal shampoo. The reviews are good about Nizoral for a long time occupies a leading position on the pharmaceutical market. In its spectrum of action includes combating microorganisms, stimulating zoster.

In General, the drugs prescribed for colored lichen aimed at the destruction of pathogenic microflora, as well as complex vitamins to stabilize the immune functions and General protective functions of the epidermis.

Recently gaining popularity the forgotten methods of physiotherapy, which consist of skin exposure to a special radiation that contribute to the disinfection and speedy recovery.

Is it possible to overcome the disease at home?

Отрубевидный лишай: какие медикаменты помогут справиться с болезнью?Undoubtedly Yes, but it is important not to forget what the doctor needs not only to approve the chosen direction, but also in the treatment of folk remedies as with medication therapy, should be tested for the presence of mold once in two weeks.

Dermatologist must monitor the evolution of the disease.

Use the following products: a decoction of celandine, onion juice, poultice of crushed berries viburnum. For taking internally twice a day use beet juice.

As a prevention, after negative test results whole body wipe with Apple cider vinegar or diluted lemon juice for approximately two months.

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How to speed up recovery?

Отрубевидный лишай: какие медикаменты помогут справиться с болезнью?Recommendations designed to make the development of fungus on the skin of the patient difficult or impossible:

  • take a shower (not a bathroom) it is necessary two times a day;
  • we should avoid sweating;
  • the sun should be dosed, but to exclude the sun should not be;
  • clothes need to carry only natural composition;
  • means for washing and for washing must not consist of harmful chemicals;
  • the diet should be adjusted in accordance with a hypoallergenic diet;
  • immunity support vitamin complexes, hardening and healthy lifestyle;
  • drink enough pure water.

Items from daily life that you should pay attention, you can write and write, but especially for you, we have outlined the most important and able to affect a speedy recovery and no relapse.

Finally, we want to warn you against self-diagnosis and treatment. As incorrectly selected remedy will result in the omission of valuable time, and in that time, the disease will progress, occupying a large area of the body.

Take care of yourself, avoid self-medication and always trust your skin to professionals!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)