Plantar warts: treatment at home folk remedies

Подошвенные бородавки: лечение в домашних условиях народными средствамиWelcome, dear readers. Often on the human body, there are various neoplasms. The most common skin disease are considered warts.

Yes, it is a disease that is caused by the activation of the body’s papillomavirus. The virus is transmitted through contact with an infected object or medium.

The rate of development of such tumors depends on the immune system. If the body is weakened and the warts will appear more often.

Most people suffer from plantar warts, which usually cause discomfort and pain when walking. Such growths it is best just to get rid of.

Modern medicine is ready to provide every effective methods for the removal of such formations, however, not all people like to go to doctors, preferring treatment of plantar warts folk remedies.

In today’s article we want to tell you about the most effective non-traditional methods of wart removal used by our grandmothers.

How does a plantar wart?

Подошвенные бородавки: лечение в домашних условиях народными средствамиAs mentioned above, plantar wart is a viral disease. Look these formations as flat papules on the soles of the feet.

They arise because large sweating feet, wear tight shoes. On the submitted photos you can see how looks this wart.

Most often, the infection occurs in public places with high humidity (baths, pools, showers, saunas). If you do not treat wart, it will grow in breadth and depth of the skin and cause you pain.

Ways to remove

To get rid of the tumors of this kind is possible with:

  • Electric current;
  • Liquid nitrogen;
  • Laser coagulation;
  • Surgical excision;
  • With the help of different ointments and medications.
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Despite this variety of medical procedures to remove skin problems, most people prefer the treatment of plantar warts at home. Consider some of the most popular methods.

Medicinal plants

Подошвенные бородавки: лечение в домашних условиях народными средствамиStill, according to the testimony of many patients, one of the most effective ways of getting rid of growths on the soles of the feet is the juice of celandine.

Its main feature – the murder of human papilloma virus, so that growth of education stops. A couple times a day to lubricate the affected skin juice of fresh plucked plants. Cell death of the wart will occur in 10 days.

For the same purpose you can use the juice of marigold. Note, however, that this method is more time consuming. To completely get rid of tumors will require approximately 2-3 weeks.

An unusual solution to the problem may be the pineapple juice. Several times a day, the build-up grease with a slice of fresh fruit. After 20 days you will find that the wart began to otdihat.

The treatment can be performed with the help of aloe juice which is a storehouse of useful properties. Just RUB the plantar education juice of this miracle plant.

This method is particularly good at pain, because aloe relieves pain and at the same time detrimental effect on the wart tissue. 2 weeks later from the previous build-up will not be over.

Therapy with tincture of Thuja

Подошвенные бородавки: лечение в домашних условиях народными средствамиThis is a fairly known method. This tincture is made from young spring shoots, which are pre-milled.

To 1 part of raw material is added 5 parts rubbing alcohol. The infusion can be replaced with pure juice from the shoots and leaves. Warts are lubricated with this tool for 25 days several times a day.

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Treatment with thyme

Plantar growths well treated by decoction of this plant. Half a Cup of herbs poured a liter of boiling water, and simmer. After infused for 1.5 hours under cover in a warm place.

This decoction is done the foot bath, with preliminary heating of the water to 33 degrees. The time of the procedure – 40 minutes and to perform such manipulations should be for 4 weeks.

Removal of warts on the sole with garlic

Подошвенные бородавки: лечение в домашних условиях народными средствамиGarlic for its healing properties comparable with celandine.

Initially, the sole steams, and the area around the wart generously lubricated with fat cream, or sealed plaster.

A wart garlic is laid out weight, covered film and tabinoyado. Keep this compress need as long as possible.

After the procedure, the affected area should be rinsed with plenty of water. Therapeutic manipulation should last for a week.

Apple cider vinegar to help you

This product are in the kitchen each hostess. For the treatment is enough to moisten a cotton pad in the solution and apply to education. On top of a bandage.

The tool is applied at night. Some time later, the plantar wart will fade and wither away. Necrotic tissue should be regularly removed after steaming.

How else can you get rid of the disease?

Подошвенные бородавки: лечение в домашних условиях народными средствамиOur ancestors spent the wart with raw potato. For that, he took the tuber, cut it in half and the two halves rubbed his education.

Then connected the two pieces together, tied with string and buried in the ground. The same can be done with Apple. It was believed that once buried, the product starts to decay, rot and wart.

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Method of sealing

Skin education package is for 6 days with duct tape. Once the allotted time has elapsed, the tape is removed, the leather soles steams, and dead skin layer is removed with pumice.

After this build-up is treated with iodine, and the procedure is repeated with the tape after 12 hours. This treatment continues until, until the skin on the foot is clean.

Of course, not all people help the above methods. Everything depends on the degree of development of the disease, the immune system of the person and features of the body.

Before beginning any manipulations we recommend you to consult the dermatologist who will suggest the right treatment and contraindications. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)