Plasmapheresis for allergies: what is the procedure and who is appointed?

Плазмаферез от аллергии: что за процедура и кому назначается?Hello, dear readers! For rapid and effective treatment of hypersensitivity alone antihistamine drugs are not enough. Sometimes it is advisable to Supplement therapy special procedures. One of them is plasmapheresis from allergies.

What it is and what methods can help a hypersensitive person? If you want to study in detail the procedure, please read this article.

What is plasmapheresis and how does it help allergies?

Plasmapheresis is a specific method of cleaning the blood, in which it is divided into two components: plasma and cellular. There are two kinds of methods: medical and donor.

Allergy sufferers should be interested in the first, aimed at the removal of the plasma, in which there are:

  • toxins;
  • stimuli-allergens;
  • autoantibodies.

During the procedure the cellular components of blood returned to the patient’s back, and seized the «dirty» plasma is utilized.

Плазмаферез от аллергии: что за процедура и кому назначается?By reducing the number of allergens-irritants in the blood are eliminated the symptoms of an allergic attack. Moreover, the disease ceases to progress dramatically thanks to what allergies feels immediate improvement.

Plasmapheresis prescribed to children and hypersensitive adults. The duration of treatment is determined individually. In some cases, without this method to overcome the sensitivity is not possible.

Indications for the course of blood purification

The technique is mostly sensitive to those who find it difficult to completely eliminate the allergen from your life. For example, when negative reaction to the sun.

Плазмаферез от аллергии: что за процедура и кому назначается?From this irritant, intolerance which is quite rare, to get not get any. Therefore, allergies should be periodically cleaned the blood from the antibodies, instead of sitting around the house with curtained Windows.

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Even plasmapheresis it is advisable to those who are faced with a severe attack of hypersensitivity. Medical forums people speak positively about the method.

Many argue that getting rid of the disease for a long time they managed only after a course of plasmapheresis.

How much is cleaning the blood from the contaminated plasma?

The price varies depending on the method of conducting, clinics, equipment and many other factors. The minimum is equal to 4000 rubles Maximum cost up to 8,000 rubles.

It may seem that it’s too expensive. But imagine the relief for you to get allergies after treatment. Moreover, it should be noted that plasmapheresis is effective in 100% of cases.

How much should last the course of antiallergic therapy?

Плазмаферез от аллергии: что за процедура и кому назначается?Usually to cure a bout of hypersensitivity rather 3-5 and procedures. After a course of Allergy will not pursue sensitive person six months or a year. Maximum effective plasmapheresis becomes, if is a component of complex therapy.

It must be combined with: the application of antihistamine drugs; anti-Allergy diet; a healthy lifestyle; immunotherapy (improving the resistance of the immune system).

Positive effects

  • Detoxification — removing toxins from the blood. This reduces the load on the natural filters of our body: kidneys, liver, etc., These organs begin to recover and work with renewed vigor.
  • Thinning of blood in various diseases and allergies, in particular, may experience blood clots. The heart much perenapravljaetsja, trying to push the thickened blood into the smallest capillaries. Additional burden on this vital organ can lead to various failures in his work. Plasmapheresis helps to prevent cardiac failures.
  • Immunomodulation — activate protective immunity. Due to this resistance an Allergy to the stimulus increases.
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    Despite all the advantages, it should not be prescribed to everyone. It has contraindications and side effects, a list of which you can see below.


    Brushing technique blood is not indicated for: severe prolonged bleeding; lack of coagulation; acute infectious diseases.

    If the wrong procedure possible side effects

    • the decline in the level of calcium and potassium;
    • swelling of the lungs;
    • lowering blood pressure;
    • anaphylactic shock;
    • bleeding of varying severity.

    The above outcomes are possible in a few cases. First, if the proceedings are carried out properly. Second, if it will hold the person who has contraindications.

    Third, if the course of treatment will be drawn incorrectly. Plasmapheresis treat seriously, as it is really complicated and dangerous technique. Statistics says that because of her improper conduct killed one of the five thousand.


    Fortunately, reviews about allergies plasmapheresis is almost always positive. Let’s look at some of them.

    Irina writes:

    To me this therapy helped get rid of seasonal allergies to plant pollen. Now undergo annually for prevention and do not think about what is hay fever.

    Maria writes:

    Плазмаферез от аллергии: что за процедура и кому назначается?Completed three treatments and realized that my intolerance has receded completely. The effect was evident already after the first time, but the doctor strongly recommended to complete the course. Was it completely and have not regretted. Plasmapheresis is really justifies the price efficiency.

    Denis writes:

    Плазмаферез от аллергии: что за процедура и кому назначается?Prescribed procedure child after it turned out that he has a reaction to chocolate. One procedure was enough for full recovery. In parallel, drank the pills and sat on a diet. Plasmapheresis child survived is much easier than giving up chocolate.

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)