Plaster Sliped warts: how to apply?

Пластырь Салипод от бородавок: как правильно применять?Hello, dear readers. From time to time many people appear on the body of the little knots – warts. It is a skin disease caused by the human papillomavirus.

If left untreated, warts can multiply, to grow, to deliver to the media a lot of inconvenience. The look of such nodules in others it is an unpleasant feeling of disgust.

If the cause of the growths is a virus, then such education is contagious. They can be transmitted through direct contact, household waste, public places, etc.

To cause the appearance of nodules can decreased immunity, poor personal hygiene, heavy perspiration, cracks and scratches on the skin.

There are times when the warts disappear on their own, and sometimes they have to treat as they begin to grow and cause discomfort.

Moreover, the conventional appearance genital warts can develop into cancerous tumors. In the pharmaceutical market there are many medications that can save you from skin growths.

In today’s article we want to tell you about the plaster Sliped, which has established itself as a highly effective and efficient remedy for warts.

What active ingredients are contained in Salipada?

Пластырь Салипод от бородавок: как правильно применять?The basis of this product is salicylic acid. Its main feature – the softening of growth. Today salicylic acid is used only externally.

She can cope with not only warts, but also psoriasis, pustular rash, corns, acne and other skin diseases.

This acid has the nodules keratolytic effect. The tissue of the wart are softened and rejected.

In Salipada concentration of salicylic acid to 30%, while in ointments warts contains from 10 to 60 percent of medication.

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Also part of Salipada is sulfur affecting neoplasms drying and antimicrobial activity.

Due to the action of sulphur disappears fungal or bacterial infection that may accompany the build-up.

The application of this patch

Пластырь Салипод от бородавок: как правильно применять?Many manufacturers produce plasters Sliped. Its cost is small, whereby to afford a remedy everyone can. You can buy it in every pharmacy without prescription.

Plaster Sliped warts allows you to quickly and effectively get rid of tumors. This is a piece of cloth that has one side adhesive. It is on this side has a special structure.

Instructions for use of the band-aid is simple: it is cut a piece that size and form coincides with the build-up, and then glued on him. On top of this is to seal a conventional medical patch or apply the patch.

To change Slipad need time to 12-18 hours. 12 hours after this, the wart will crust over.

In a short time (depending on size of nodule) build-up gradually heal. In repeated procedure, a piece of adhesive plaster is necessary to reduce that healthy tissue is not irritated.

To remove warts of small size will take up to 2 weeks. Note that between changing the patch should not be too long, otherwise the treatment will be delayed for a long time.

After the knot will disappear, and its place will remain a little pink spot. Over time, it will not.

The benefits of using a patch

  • Пластырь Салипод от бородавок: как правильно применять?A small price (30 rubles);
  • High efficiency;
  • The lack of in the treatment of pain;
  • The ability to remove plantar warts.

Cons Of Salipada

  • The duration of treatment;
  • Frequent replacement of the adhesive tape;
  • The presence of contraindications.
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Пластырь Салипод от бородавок: как правильно применять?Do not use this tool for any allergic reactions to components of the drug.

During pregnancy and lactation the use of Salipada contraindicated. Children also impossible to remove warts by this method. Danger high toxicity of salicylates.

If you have the slightest hint of malignancy education, apply Sliped to remove the build-up is strictly prohibited.

Such a diagnosis can put only a doctor, so, to avoid pathologies, you should contact the medical facility.


Пластырь Салипод от бородавок: как правильно применять?Salicylic plaster must be applied only on the knot. Try that it did not affect the healthy skin areas, as irritation may occur.

After a few treatments you’ll notice that the wart has become very soft. As a result, you will have the desire otkovyryat.

This should not be done, as in this case, the build-up breached, and it may start to bleed. In addition there is the risk of infection. With this outcome, unpleasant scars on the skin you can not avoid.

In the future, you have no more unpleasant warts, refer to a specialist dermatologist who will advise you about how to remove knots and preventive measures.


Those who have ever tried to get rid of skin formations with patches of Salipada, leaving mixed reviews.

If all treatment manipulations were performed correctly, patients quickly get rid of a wart without any side effects. If precautions were not followed, then the treatment was not as effective.

Remember, any drug on each person is affected differently. If someone Sliped helped to get rid of unpleasant growths, not the fact that this tool will help you.

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That is why it is necessary before treatment to go on reception to the dermatologist. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)