POLYSORB Allergy: patients experiences and methods of use

Полисорб от аллергии: отзывы пациентов и способы примененияHello, dear visitors of the site! Food Allergy is the most common hypersensitivity in our days. As the name suggests, that provokes her food allergen, often a protein in the composition of some products.

To get rid of this disease you need to take antihistamines, but the sorbents that will clean the intestines of toxins, toxins and allergens-irritants.

After reading the article, you will learn how to take POLYSORB from allergies.I will say in advance that this tool is popular due to the fact that is suitable for both adults and children. Now let’s consider the preparation of Polisorb as a component of anti-allergic therapy.

What it is POLYSORB?

The full name of the drug is: POLYSORB, and its price in pharmacies is equivalent to 250-290 RUB full jar of 50 gram.

It is the smallest silicon powder salt white color, which does not dissolve in liquid, and turns into a suspension or colloidal solution, which is used to treat disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

The mechanism of action of Polisorb for allergies

Than the sorbent helps with allergies? First and foremost, it cleanses the body from harmful substances, which contain allergens. Useful basic properties of POLYSORB for Allergy sufferers can be described as follows:

  • blocks allergens food type;
  • neutralizes the effect of the above stimuli on the body;
  • displays through the intestines in a natural way substances that provoke an allergic attack, immunoglobulin E, histamine;
  • prevents penetration into the blood of various products of the decay of undigested food;
  • regulates the level of bilirubin and creatine — the substances, which increase Allergy.

Полисорб от аллергии: отзывы пациентов и способы примененияDue to the above beneficial properties of sorbent helps relieve the allergic attack; to reduce arboviruses allergic symptoms; to accelerate the recovery, and in some cases, even prevent allergies.

If you have suffered an acute attack of food hypersensitivity, be sure to consult your allergist about sorbents and their inclusion in anti-allergic therapy.

POLYSORB will help to get rid of such symptoms of hypersensitivity: urticaria, Quincke edema, hay fever and watery eyes.

Now let me tell you about how to take POLYSORB allergies young adults.

Treat hypersensitivity sorbents correctly in accordance with the instructions

For the treatment of acute allergic asthma in a child from 12 years and adults POLYSORB applies:

  • 10 g diluted in a liter of boiled cold water
  • the slurry is well mixed;
  • done enema.

Полисорб от аллергии: отзывы пациентов и способы примененияSimultaneously, the sorbent can be taken inside of 5 g three times a day, spreading the amount of powder in half a glass of water.

Suspension recommended for use an hour before meals. Symptoms of hypersensitivity takes place on the second or third day of treatment. In some cases, the course is extended for 10 days.

The daily dosage for adults is equivalent to 12 grams. If the drug is administered orally, the dosage is better to divide into two or three times.

POLYSORB against hypersensitivity in infants and young children

The instructions say that the use of such sorbent for the treatment of intestinal disorders and allergies from birth. Dosage is calculated based on the weight of the child.

To do this, use a simple formula: weight divided by ten. The resulting figure is the maximum single dose in grams. It should give the baby 2-3 times a day an hour before meals.

How to drink POLYSORB such minimal doses, but rather how to calculate such a quantity of the drug? If you don’t have precise scales to determine the exact quantity of the sorbent you will help ordinary spoon:

  • one tea spoon is placed grams of POLYSORB;
  • in the dining room — 2,5-3 g.

Which is better: Enterosgel, POLYSORB or for babies?

Полисорб от аллергии: отзывы пациентов и способы примененияWith hypersensitivity in infants under one year sorbents are appointed often for short-term treatment of diathesis. The drug is recommended to drink only after appearance of rash and not long.

This is due to its detrimental effect on the microflora. Replace POLYSORB can be more gentle with Enterosgel.

On the question of what is better of these two drugs can be answered as follows:

  • both medication are made on the basis of salts of silicon;
  • 1 g of POLYSORB covers the intestinal surface 300 m2, and the same amount of Enterosgel is two times smaller area.

Thus, if you want a more effective and rapid treatment, choose a sorbent, which is dedicated to this article.

Is it possible sorbents for pregnant women with allergies?

POLYSORB during pregnancy need to be taken with caution and not for long. Despite the fact that it does not affect the fetus and to tone the uterus, to get involved they should not be. In the case of pregnant women, the use of sorbent is recommended only in the event of acute allergic reactions.

Side effects

After the treatment of allergies Polisorba side reactions often arises. Therefore, the above medication is given even to infants.

But people, who are prone to constipation, it can enhance this disorder. If this happens, you need to stop using drugs and to drink more fluids — up to three liters per day.


What do you think, any feedback on Polisorba against allergies occur most often? So you do not waste time searching, read opinions Allergy sufferers about this treatment.

Anastasia writes:

Полисорб от аллергии: отзывы пациентов и способы примененияRecently treated for allergies with this drug. Symptoms are gone in three days after the first dose. A week from the allergic attack there is nothing left. Moreover, I Nala to lose weight, which was a pleasant surprise for me. Now periodically repeat the course POLYSORB just in case.

Marina writes:

Полисорб от аллергии: отзывы пациентов и способы примененияTreated our baby diathesis sorbent on the recommendation of a doctor. After the first dose, the child began to behave calmer, and so he was relieved. Gradually diathesis has passed, and surprisingly fast. Very happy with the result.

Victor writes:

Полисорб от аллергии: отзывы пациентов и способы примененияOnce ripped stomach seafood, then showed signs of allergies, which I’ve never had. The doctor advised antihistamines, and probitsa sorbent week. A week later I felt fine. To this day, the Allergy doesn’t bother me.

That’s about it. I hope I have fully satisfied your curiosity. If you like it, then share it in the social. networks with your friends and subscribe to our dermatology website. All the best to you!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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