Potassium permanganate from fungus: popular recipes and rules of treatment

Марганцовка от грибка: популярные рецепты и правила леченияDear readers, Hello! Do you have any potassium permanganate? Did you know that this is just a marvelous tool for the treatment and prevention of fungus? No?

Then I strongly suggest to read the article to the end, especially if you don’t want to spend big money on medicines, because potassium permanganate is worth a penny, and efficiency are often even higher for some drugs.

What is potassium permanganate?

Today, potassium permanganate is the most popular drug of folk medicine. It helps to treat many diseases, including fungus of the skin and nails. Sold it in a pharmacy in the form of small crystals or powder.

How it treats potassium permanganate from a fungus? She has strong oxidizing properties and excellent antimicrobial effect. And due to the unusual pink color of the water, to be treated for athlete’s foot will be pleasant even to children.

Determine the presence of nail fungus with the help of manganese

Марганцовка от грибка: популярные рецепты и правила леченияYes, you read it right. With this tool, you can identify the fungus. How is it done?

Take a slightly concentrated solution of potassium permanganate, and throw the limb with the affected nails, and then see how to behave in the nail plate. Place affected by the fungus, will not change its color, while the healthy part of the nail will darken.

Note that to treat onychomycosis should consult a doctor. And to do it best at the first signs of the disease. Remember that fungus is contagious.

Popular recipes with potassium permanganate

You can do baths for feet and hands with this Supplement. It is also useful to apply potassium permanganate in combination with other medicinal products that are easy to find in every kitchen.

Here are the most popular recipes.

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Vinegar with potassium permanganate

These two products perfectly complement each other and enhance the effect of the treatment. To prepare the bath you need:

  • Take about 3 liters of water, add a pinch of potassium permanganate, 1 big spoon of vinegar.
  • All this is thoroughly mixed, put it in a bowl legs or hands and keep them 15-20 minutes.
  • To perform this procedure is necessary every day at night for 7 days.

Garlic and potassium permanganate

Марганцовка от грибка: популярные рецепты и правила леченияFirst you have to steam the skin on the feet or hands in water on the basis of potassium permanganate. Next, take the garlic clove, squeeze from it the juice, and this juice to wipe the affected area.

Also instead of garlic, use the juice of hot pepper or onions, but the first option is most efficient (about the use of garlic against fungus of the feet and nails, see the separate article).

A few weeks later, you will see that the fungus has stopped spreading and will soon disappear altogether.

Potassium permanganate propolis

As in the previous recipe steamed feet in some water with potassium permanganate. Then make a slurry of propolis and apply on the problem area. How to make this mush?

Take 30 grams of propolis and the same number of ml of alcohol, then it all carefully mix. The procedure is performed through the day until, as the fungus is completely gone.

Bath with potassium permanganate

Steamed limbs in a weak solution of manganese for 15 minutes. Then carefully wipe the skin and treat it with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Then the affected area with a bandage with penicillin ointment.

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Марганцовка от грибка: популярные рецепты и правила леченияToenail fungus treatment with potassium permanganate must be carried out with certain precautions. If you make a very concentrated solution, you can get a chemical burn.

There is absolutely not the rule – the more the better.

If during the procedure you feel a strong burning sensation, it is best to add a little more water.

Also try to avoid contact of the crystals of the manganese exposed areas of the skin. In addition, the potassium permanganate dries the skin, so try after the procedure to be smeared with cream, on the affected area, apply antifungal ointment.

If you follow all of these conditions and do not stop the treatment halfway, soon the fungus will not remain and a trace.

Марганцовка от грибка: популярные рецепты и правила леченияTo avoid infected by the fungus, is after recovery to continue to treat the limbs in a weak solution of potassium permanganate during the week. Because the fungus attacks not only the skin on top, but also penetrates deeper.

However, it is not always possible to cure the disease such traditional methods. When running this fungus therapy will not help you.

Spores of the fungus have the ability to adapt to any hostile environment, and if the manganese acted on them is detrimental, it is likely that soon the fungus will become less sensitive to such effects. In any case, I suggest not to self-medicate, and at first consult a specialist.

Prevention of mycosis

  • First of all you should watch his shoes. Try to avoid wearing other people and themselves never wear someone else’s Slippers.
  • Buy shoes made of natural materials so that your feet can breathe. Remember, warm, moist environment favorable for the fungus.
  • Be careful in public areas: beaches, baths, pools. Use there rubber shoes.
  • Follow the skin and nails of your household, as more than half of all infections falls on the relatives. The source of infection may be the floor in the bathroom, carpet, towels.
  • Do not forget the elementary rules of private hygiene. Besides disinfection must undergo all of your shoes at least once a week.
  • Remember, the fungus often affects someone severely reduced immunity, therefore, suggest actively engaged in its strengthening.
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Well, dear readers, I hope, I described in detail useful features and popular recipes on the basis of potassium permanganate. Yes, still this tool is so popular. This is evidenced by the many positive reviews my patients.

Suggest you to share the information in social networks, because, probably, someone also is suffering from skin fungus and does not know how to cure it, and you can help.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)