Potassium permanganate when the chickenpox: the rules of applying the solution

Марганцовка при ветрянке: правила нанесения раствораGood day to you, dear visitors of this website! As you know, when chicken pox is prescribed only symptomatic treatment. What is it?

Simply put, it is treating the symptoms of the disease, the main of which are watery pimples.

By the way, is very effective to treat them with a solution of potassium permanganate. Potassium permanganate when the chickenpox quickly relieves watery rash and can be used in different ways.

After reading the article, you will learn ways of preparing solutions of potassium permanganate varicella.

How does potassium permanganate?

Марганцовка при ветрянке: правила нанесения раствораThis substance is a powerful antiseptic. It is often used for washing different types of wounds and even open. The solution is treated thermal burns.

By the way, the solution of potassium permanganate can have a different color from light pink to deep crimson. It all depends on proportions.

Potassium permanganate in diluted form disinfects without damaging the skin. The main thing is to dissolve the drug. Want to know how to dissolve the potassium permanganate for the treatment of watery pimples with chicken pox? Then here’s a few ways. Happy reading!

Solution for treatment of the affected with chicken pox skin

The method of preparation of such a solution is very simple:

  • Pour any volume of 1 liter or 0.5 liters of water (take boiled water at room temperature). Capacity necessary to take that, you do not mind, or one that can be cleaned, for example, glass or glossy plastic.
  • Drop into the water 5-7 grains (per litre) of potassium permanganate. Grains are the easiest to take the tip of a knife or a match. The amount of the drug should be such, otherwise, if the solution is too concentrated, it may be a burn. Do not take the drug in dry form with his bare hands. It’s harmless, just leaving a bright crimson spots, which are difficult to clean. The same applies to clothing — if it gets potassium permanganate, it will have to be thrown away, how to wash will not succeed.
  • Carefully place the grains in water with the help of wooden sticks or spoons. Undissolved particles can burn. The grains dissolve very quickly if the drug is fresh and high quality.
  • If you have turned pale pink clear solution, it means you did everything correctly. If the water is not stained, throw it a couple of grains.
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    How to treat the skin with a solution?

    Марганцовка при ветрянке: правила нанесения раствораThe treatment process is not less simple than the process of preparation of the solution. By the way, they can smear the baby’s skin without fear because it is safe. Potassium permanganate is suitable for the treatment of chickenpox in children and adults.

    Dip a small piece of cotton wool in the resulting solution and press a little so with it not flowing liquid. Before the treatment of the skin wear rubber gloves, as the virus is transmitted well with a cotton swab, which is moved in contact with the skin.

    Very carefully lightly wipe the localization of watery pimples. The patient should not experience discomfort. If there is discomfort in the form of burning, potassium permanganate must be washed.

    Baths with potassium permanganate

    Марганцовка при ветрянке: правила нанесения раствораAs you know, a sick chickenpox are not permitted. Take baths only once a watery pimples will cease to appear and start to pass.

    Bathe the child in the solution of potassium permanganate to the mind. Why even add the crystals to the bath?

    The fact that the virus that causes chicken pox, is transmitted well through water. Bathing you transfer it to infected areas of the skin healthy.

    Potassium permanganate will prevent contamination, as water can be disinfected. Want to learn how to prepare a bath with potassium permanganate? Then read on.

    Pour water into the tub a comfortable temperature. It should not be too hot. Dilute potassium permanganate as described above. The only difference is that on such a large amount of water will have to take more crystals.

    Water should be pale pink. If the cooking process was successful bath, you can bathe or bathe a sick child.

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    Before you take a bath, read the rules for bathing in varicella is:

  • In any case, do not use cosmetics, bathing gel, soap and so on. Chemical components in the composition of these funds should not be applied on inflamed skin. Otherwise don’t be surprised if after bathing there is severe itching or other uncomfortable sensations.
  • If instead of a bath you take a shower, do it quickly and often. For example, daily obamaites cool water for no longer than 2-3 minutes.
  • To linger in the tub is also not recommended. The principle of swimming must be like this: sat down, washed itself, and got up.
  • While bathing during chicken pox we do not recommend rubbing your skin with a loofah. So you injure healing watery pimples, then they will become inflamed and will occur re-infection.
  • Body after bathing, do not RUB with a towel. Better to just wet them to the skin, and this must be done very carefully and gently without pressure. If you can, then just put a Bathrobe on wet body. It will absorb most of the moisture, and the rest will be absorbed into the skin, which has a positive impact on his condition.
  • After bathing, we need to handle watery pimples drug that you used before, for example, green paint.
  • Reviews on potassium permanganate at a chicken pox

    Baths with potassium permanganate and wiping solution has earned a lot of positive reviews. The reason for this is the high efficiency and safety of this treatment. I suggest to get acquainted with the most common opinions of people regarding the treatment of watery pimples solution a pale pink color.

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    Lily writes:

    Марганцовка при ветрянке: правила нанесения раствораMy child liked this treatment. After the treatment of pimples solution is a little passed itching. Unpleasant sensations was not. So I recommend this method of treatment rash.

    Larisa writes:

    Марганцовка при ветрянке: правила нанесения раствораI believe that the solution of potassium permanganate is too weak medicine. Process of recovery it can’t speed up, but to ease the condition can. Are advised to apply the solution in an adjuvant, for example, for bathing.

    Tatiana writes:

    Марганцовка при ветрянке: правила нанесения раствораTreating chickenpox with a solution I was advised by a friend who works at a kindergarten. For a child more safe and painless means to find! I was pleased with this treatment. Pimples gone fast enough, even Zelenka to use was not necessary.

    That’s all the information about the treatment of watery rash when chickenpox manganese solution. I hope the article was useful and informative. If so, share it with their friends in the social. networks and sign up for site updates. Good health and see you soon!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)