Potato wart: spells and folk remedies

Картошка от бородавок: заговоры и народные средстваHello, dear readers. In our modern world people to get rid of skin formations have resorted to the help of professional doctors, drink a variety of medicines, lie down under the scalpel. All of these methods appeared relatively recently.

Some half a century ago, the people on any questions addressed to healers, and those, in turn, prescribed the traditional methods or treated warts conspiracies.

Still our grandmothers teach us some of these ways, and don’t want to hear about modern medicine.

One such method we want to describe in today’s article – treatment of tumors using the potato.

Does potato wart or is it all old wives ‘ inventions? Try to understand!

The main thing in any national treatment – the correct execution of all manipulations and, of course, faith. The healers claim that unbelief can negate any treatment, even the most efficient and effective.

As spoke the wart to wither?

Картошка от бородавок: заговоры и народные средстваThe highest magical power had conspiracies on the wilting tissues of the warts. To do this, take a raw potato, cut it in half.

Each piece of root is rubbed on education, while saying: «As potatoes hand I wiped, so let them warts pass! Amen.» These words are repeated three times. The ritual was done early in the morning.

If the growth is not located on the hands and on other parts of the body, the plot called these places. With this method you can easily get rid of the unpleasant growths on the face and throughout the body.

Once these manipulations were completed, the two halves of potatoes tied firmly together with a thread and buried the roots in the ground.

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And I had to do it where the people don’t go. During instillation of potatoes, saying: «As the potatoes will rot and wart pass!». All is repeated three times.

It was assumed that such a conspiracy against formations creates an energetic connection between the fetus and the wart. The dried root should be transported in a knot.

It was possible after grating to throw the tuber on the street, to leave home, to bury in the flower pot. The main thing that the potato began to rot. Once it rots, disappears and the wart.

When it was time to do the ritual?

An important condition that supported the validity of the conspiracy, was his conduct on the waning moon. All the spells and rituals were carried out after the full moon.

If one month you have failed to remove the wart, then repeat the «therapeutic» manipulation better on the next moon phase in descending order.

Folk methods of dealing with fungus

Картошка от бородавок: заговоры и народные средстваHow to get rid of entities with potatoes, but without a conspiracy? For these purposes, take unpeeled raw potatoes and RUB it on a grater.

Top potato layer compression is applied to the paper or plastic bag to hold moisture. The whole thing is applied to the knot, fix a bandage or a bandage.

These manipulations should be performed daily throughout the month. This method it is possible to bring education, in both adults and children.

For removing tumors helped apply at night a piece of root. Attach it with a bandage. Solanine contained in potatoes can reduce the wart, without damage to the skin.

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There is one grandmother’s way of removing growths. To do this, cut tuber in half, take a silk thread and over every wart in the air to tie the knot.

Then the thread is put in a potato and bury it in the ground. As with the plot this place shall no man know and see.

How to dry potatoes, disappears and the wart. You can also throw cut the tuber across the head, rubbing the skin bundle and buried in the ground.

I enclose also a video in which a man talks about conspiracies and folk methods of treatment of warts:

How effective is this treatment?

Картошка от бородавок: заговоры и народные средстваAs strange as it may sound, but many conspiracies and spreading of raw potato really helped.

And those who managed to get rid of skin formation has left a positive feedback, because after treatment, the skin had no scars, no scars or noticeable blemishes. The advantage is also the fact that with this method it is possible to treat education in childhood.

Actually, the trick is that potato tubers contain a small amount of the poison solanine. Most of the substance is sprouted roots.

When any heat treatment poison disappears, so to get rid of skin growths use a raw potato.

It follows that even without rites, rituals, conspiracies, potatoes have the strength to help you cope with malignancy. Just don’t say it to your grandmothers – still do not believe it. They believed in the power of magic, therefore, is not on old age them out of it.

But if you to resort to such methods of treatment of skin lesions or not – decide. Fortunately now there are faster, and most importantly effective ways of removing warts that are available, both young and older generations. Be healthy!

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)