Prednisone for hives: how to apply adults and children?

Hello, dear readers. Perhaps one of the most difficult diseases in terms of diagnosis and treatment faced by doctors-allergists – is urticaria.

Despite the fact that it is easy to visually identify (a cluster of blisters that have similarities with burns from nettles), it is difficult to identify the causes of its occurrence.

There is a tool such as Prednisone, which is often used in acute forms of the disease. Let’s consider this drug in detail.

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Преднизолон при крапивнице: как правильно применять взрослым и детям?All processes in our body are carried out with the help of chemical reactions, regulated by different hormones. With the disease, their functionality is disrupted, which can lead to serious consequences.

Prednisone for urticaria refers to the hormonal agents that have active anti-allergic properties.

This is a very strong tool that assigned to adults, and in exceptional cases children. As is known, urticaria is a allergic disease and if it occurs in the chronic form, Prednisolone treatment did not help.

After treatment reduced the development of symptoms of inflammation. Note that the end of action of Prednisone have not been studied. It is available in the form of injections, drops, tablets and ointments.

Principle of drug action

Преднизолон при крапивнице: как правильно применять взрослым и детям?Histamine, which causes allergic reaction in particular in case of urticaria, is actively suppressed is represented by a medication.

Due to its action reduces the number of red blood cells and tissue fluid involved in the reaction of the organism and affecting allergens.

Often the rash appears abruptly, accompanied by anaphylactic shock, which causes severe lowering of blood pressure.

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In this case, the medication is injected intramuscularly. Due to the injection is activated by the hormone adrenaline, a stimulating increase in pressure. This is the salvation for the patient.

The use of Prednisone

Преднизолон при крапивнице: как правильно применять взрослым и детям?Remember, the drug appoint a doctor and all treatment should be conducted only under his supervision. The medicine can not be used in the prevention of the disease.

As it is still a steroid medication, it is prescribed only when no alternative methods of healing.

According to the instructions for use, injection of Prednisone is very effective in case of anaphylactic shock, which is associated with the appearance of fever with urticaria. The treatment is carried out a couple of days. Injections are made every 4 to 6 hours.

One-time use is possible in the event of angioedema. After the doctor puts the patient on medication, a course of treatment which lasts up to 2 weeks. The dosage is selected individually, depending on the shape and nature of the disease.

More prolonged use of the drug can cause addiction of organism. As a consequence, corticosteroids (drugs) coming from the outside, will cease to be produced independently.

External treatment

Urticaria is treated with a short course. Presents hormonal medication will be assigned when antigistaminnye drugs will not have the desired effect.

Ointment applied on the affected area with the lesions for 3-4 days. During this time, the symptoms will disappear due to anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties of the drug.

In some cases (unknown cause of the formation of the disease) Prednisolone is not recommended.

Contraindications and side effects

Преднизолон при крапивнице: как правильно применять взрослым и детям?In some cases acute urticaria the drug can not be assigned:

  • In the presence of duodenal ulcers and stomach;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Hypertension;
  • Thrombophlebitis.
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Because Prednisone suppresses the immune system, when it is received, there is a risk connected to allergies, bacterial or fungal infection.

In the case of a prolonged use the metabolism. The drug is rarely administered to the child, as it destroys the protein that removes calcium, reducing levels of which can lead to reduced growth. It can also lead to the development of steroid diabetes.

Преднизолон при крапивнице: как правильно применять взрослым и детям?In children it can cause the development of neurological abnormalities, impaired lipid balance and other problems with the figure and body.

Adults can be suppressed function of the adrenal glands that causes in women – the menstrual cycle and in men – the problem with potency.

The drug is absolutely contraindicated in the various forms of psychosis. During pregnancy Prednisone can be assigned, but only if it is connected with the life of the mother. During lactation, hormone therapy is contraindicated.

If you long to take the medication, you may develop glaucoma or cataracts (until the defeat of the optic nerve).

Note that this is not all contraindications and side effects. That is why the use of drugs should be done under the supervision of doctor and in case of vital necessity. Pharmacy sell Prednisolone by prescription only.

The reviews about the drug

Преднизолон при крапивнице: как правильно применять взрослым и детям?According to the reviews of those who took medication during acute urticaria, saying that he’s very fast and effectively cope with the symptoms.

However, doctors advise at the first manifestation of the disease immediately consult a doctor, who may prescribe the use of Prednisone.

If you have already had symptoms of acute hives and the doctor already prescribed you the Prednisone, in case of an unexpected relapse, you can do an intramuscular injection. You should only complement it histamine drugs.

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So as you can see, Prednisone is a very effective drug, but only in acute forms of urticaria. If you have a chronic illness, then the treatment will be different.

In any case, do not use the drug himself, but only after consultation with your doctor. Even if you are sure that you have hives, some of its types and manifestations may not be compatible with the Prednisone, which will lead to more unpleasant consequences. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)