Prevention of foot fungus: a detailed plan of action

Профилактика грибка стопы: подробный план действийHello, dear readers! The fungus surrounds us constantly. Pick it can be everywhere: in public places, beaches, sports complexes, etc. This microscopic parasite can significantly impair our lives.

It is especially dangerous for the elderly. To protect yourself from it will help correct prevention of foot fungus. Want to know what it is? Then read this article.

What is athlete’s foot and to whom he threatens?

Provocateurs of the above disease are different types of fungi:

  • dermatophytes (fungus filament);
  • yeast fungi;
  • molds.

The most favorable is the moist and warm environment. Such places on the human body a little bit. Often suffer from fungus of the foot, as tight shoes and active movement provoke abundant perspiration, which provides parasites with everything necessary for comfortable living.

The disease affects not all. For example, in children it is generally not found as children’s sweat is more acidic, and acid is detrimental to fungi. With age, the composition of human sweat varies. This increases the threat of infection by fungi.

At risk are people who:

  • do not comply with hygiene;
  • lead an active lifestyle;
  • wearing poor quality shoes made of synthetic fabrics;
  • often visit public places where it is customary to walk barefoot;
  • wrong try shoes (not defending the feet) in the markets or in stores;
  • living with carriers of the disease.

Fungal lesions of the feet are hard to miss. The first symptom is an unpleasant smell. Also the main signs of the disease considered to be: peeling, itching, sores, blisters, cracks, rough epidermis, deformation of the nails.

Preventive measures: how to protect yourself from fungus?

Профилактика грибка стопы: подробный план действийTo protect themselves from diseases, in fact, is not so difficult as it might seem. Follow the simple preventive rules, and the fungus won’t you threaten:

Do not walk barefoot in public places.

After the pool, beach, gym or other public place wash your feet and then wipe them individually with a towel.

If you have regular contact with surfaces in public places (or you live with suffering), the use of prophylactic antifungal agent, for example, disinfectant cream or drug Ecospray.

Additional preventive measures

Additional antifungal protective measures are the following:

  • never allow anybody from acquaintances and even loved ones to use your shoes;
  • wash socks and other underwear in hot water (not below 60 degrees);
  • once a month treat all the shoes in the house antifungal spray (you can take any that you can find at your local pharmacy);
  • change your socks at least once in four hours.

Following this prevention, you can protect yourself from fungal diseases safely and permanently.

It should be noted that not all prefer traditional medicine. Some like folk — traditional. Interestingly, traditional medicine has to offer for the prevention of foot fungus?

Non-traditional preventive measures

Often antifungal folk remedy it is advisable to use after the first symptoms, for the treatment of disease. However, some of them can be used as prophylaxis of fungal infection stop:

  • baths with iodine — Desk legs in the bath once a week or two;
  • compresses with the tea fungus liquid, which inhabits the fungus, it is necessary to periodically wipe the feet or make a compress if the threat of infection increases;
  • ointment of copper sulphate — a teaspoon of sulphate is heated in a hot pan until the color change, add the same amount of powder yellow sulphur, and tar (you can substitute goose fat), and then smear obtained ointment of the feet periodically;
  • bath soda + vinegar (100 gr. of salt in 4 l. of water and 4 tbsp of vinegar) — you need to do every day if the risk of infection is high, or once a week, if not high;
  • celandine — fresh flowering plants you need to squeeze the juice, which can be cleaned with a foot or handle shoes, diluting it with water;
  • also for preventive treatment of shoes fit Apple cider vinegar, which you mix with water in equal number of Islands and to sprinkle the mortar shoes (not only protects from fungus, but will remove the odor).

Proper cleaning guarantees the absence of fungi in your home

Even if you follow all of the above preventive measures, the threat of infection remains. Why?

The fact that the fungi survive not only on the human epidermis, but also in various household surfaces in areas where wet and warm. What room in our homes fit these requirements? Of course, bathroom.

Профилактика грибка стопы: подробный план действийIf there is a risk of Contracting athlete’s foot, the bathroom need to clean carefully. All surfaces (not only plumbing and furniture) should be treated regularly with a antiseptic household cleaning products.

In the bathroom it is better not to lay on the floor mats from natural or synthetic bristles. Clean them from bacteria and fungus complete at home is almost impossible.

If you are too lazy to regularly in the bathroom General cleaning, do not enter the premises barefoot. Get special Slippers for the bathroom.

In addition, preventive measures need to comply with when you visit Shoe stores. You will not tell me who was trying on shoes before you. This could easily be a person infected with athlete’s foot. Therefore, before the fitting change socks on a fresh, clean. After fitting do the same.

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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