Prevention of ringworm: how to leave the disease the chances of manifestation?

Профилактика стригущего лишая: как не оставить болезни шансов на проявление?Welcome, readers of our site! We all know that any problem can prevent or at least reduce their number.

Same goes for skin diseases. Today we will try to figure out how we might be able to protect yourself and your loved ones from Contracting ringworm.

For a start we will remember, what constitutes this disease.This kind of lichen that affects both humans and animals spread quickly and contribute to this malicious fungi.


With a rather large incubation period of ringworm is usually spot on the head.

Much less frequently it may occur on other parts of the body, but it usually is not the first plaque. With the appearance of multiple lesions, the disease is considered to be launched with a complicated shape.

The spot has a regular shape and a raised rim around the edge with pink. The skin in the middle of the plaque is also painted in a reddish tone and covered with scales. When such skin lesion the patient experiences itching.

How is the infection

Профилактика стригущего лишая: как не оставить болезни шансов на проявление?When human skin gets infected particles of skin, fur or scales the fungus gets inside the epidermis.

If there is hair, it penetrates through the hole in the hair follicle and fills its space.

In fact, the fungus inciting zoster, eat it by the follicle. A well-known fact that in ringworm the hairs break off under its own weight.

This is due to destruction of root hairs harmful bacteria.

How to avoid infection?

Профилактика стригущего лишая: как не оставить болезни шансов на проявление?Now we can move on to the prevention of disease. To protect yourself from ringworm difficult, but possible.

It consists of several important rules, observing that the disease will not have any chance:

  • Hygiene. As the disease affects most children, we can focus on the fact that this pathology can be attributed to the so-called diseases of dirty hands. We need to remind children and ourselves not to forget to wash hands after visiting the street, before a meal and take a shower every night before bed.
  • Animals. You need to teach children not to touch stray cats and dogs. Besides the fact that the animal may cause harm, it can be infected by ringworm. Typical signs of illness in animals is the loss of hair on the skin and broken whiskers.
  • If she is someone from home. In this case, the patient should have their Cutlery and with no one to share things of personal use. It must be his towel, his own bed, clothes, comb, etc. Contact with healthy people in the period of defeat the mange possibly excluded.
  • Household items. When you have a family member who discovered ringworm, periodically all surfaces to be disinfected. Also the cleanliness and periodic wet cleaning should be an absolute condition of life in the apartment.
  • Linen. Linen and underwear of the patient should be washed at high-temperature conditions and be sure to iron.
  • Public places. If you visit the pool, bath and other common areas, on arrival home, you need to definitely take a shower completely with soap and water rinse the entire body and the swimsuit should be washed.
  • Immunity

    Профилактика стригущего лишая: как не оставить болезни шансов на проявление?Body resistance we will allocate a separate paragraph, because that’s what good health is able to create unbearable conditions for the resettlement of fungal microflora on the skin.

    The fact that the skin in humans has a number of protective properties, which are only active with a good strong immune system.

    In order for your body was able to withstand not only the skin, but also a number of other unpleasant infections should always follow these principles:

    • a proper healthy diet is the perfect combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which is calculated individually, but may simply exclude from the diet fatty foods, meats, high-calorie food from fast food, and other products that are harmful;
    • walks in the fresh air – even if you live in the city, not to live in rhythm home-work-home, and try at least on weekends to visit parks, recreation areas and not to neglect rule of one stop when you should not reach the house a few blocks, passing them on foot;
    • sports or basic exercises will not only strengthen immunity, but also significantly improve the condition of your body;
    • positive emotions are an important component of all of our lives, and scientists have proved that a positive minded person is sick much less often;
    • sleep at least eight hours in the night and laid in bed try not later 23-00;
    • treatment of drinking medicine conducted a lot of research on the topic of the impact of clean water on the body, and showed that water is health, immunity, General condition, and even mood;
    • vitamins – ask your doctor to choose drugs so that take into account the age, lifestyle and other individual factors such as vitamin therapy is indicated in autumn and spring, when the body is suffering from lack of vitamins.

    If you manage to follow at least half of the rules listed above – gradually your body will be able to resist not only skin diseases but also other diseases of viral nature.

    I recommend to watch an interesting video where a woman explains how you can strengthen your immune system natural remedies:


    Профилактика стригущего лишая: как не оставить болезни шансов на проявление?In fact, the prevention of ringworm is careful handling with your skin, observe basic hygiene and strengthening the immune system.

    If there is a patient who discovered the disease, it is best to completely eliminate contact with him.

    Should pay attention to domestic factors and individual things. Children should be taught not to touch stray street cats or dogs.

    Also for an accurate understanding of how does ringworm in animals is necessary to understand that the fallen pieces of wool – the main symptom of the disease.

    But the most important is how to protect yourself from ringworm infection is the ability of an organism to resist disease, so try to change your lifestyle so that there is no infection and the disease you didn’t care. Take care of yourself and your children!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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