Propolis from the fungus: the most effective methods of application

Прополис от грибка: самые эффективные методы примененияDear readers, welcome to the website of the health and beauty of your skin! The fungus may attack not only the skin but also the nails, which is especially frustrating as this significantly deteriorates their appearance.

An excellent remedy is the fungus propolis — powerful natural remedy, which is prepared the alcoholic tincture. You can buy it for pennies at your local pharmacy. In addition, propolis tincture can be made independently, that is absolutely a snap.

Are you curious about how to use this drug? If the answer is positive then you came to the right place because the article will tell you about it.

The miraculous recipe of tincture of propolis

To prepare this medication at home very easily. The recipe is as follows:

  • propolis 20 g;
  • medical alcohol 80 ml.

Propolis should be carefully grind, which is easier to use a grater or knife. Crushed main ingredient you need to pour in a dark glass container and fill with medical alcohol.

Means insist until ready for two weeks. Before use, shake the vial of tincture, so as the propolis can be precipitated.

Why tincture is effective against fungus?

Прополис от грибка: самые эффективные методы примененияPropolis is a powerful natural antiseptic. It has antimicrobial, antifungal and wound healing effects. It is added to traditional anti-inflammatory drugs.

Once this substance gets on the epidermis, it forms a resistant film which serves as protection and cure.

How to use alcohol-based tincture?

Treatment of fungus propolis is absolutely safe and not difficult. In solution wetted cotton or gauze, then applied to the affected nails and skin. Keep this compress is better to dry (the longer the better).

Due to alcohol you may feel a slight burning sensation, but it passes quickly. In General, wear a compress of propolis tincture not uncomfortable, so you can leave it on all day.

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The second option is the application of propolis antifungal purposes — baths

Прополис от грибка: самые эффективные методы примененияIf you don’t like the packs, you can use infusion: a teaspoon of solution, pour into a bowl of hot water, dip your feet in a basin and asprivate 10 minutes.

After steaming you can clean the Horny epidermis and to cut the patients nails. At the end of the procedure, wear warm socks and relax.

After the baths it is impossible to SuperCool and to overtax the legs, the better to carry out the procedure before bedtime. During the night the epidermis is partially restored, the medicine is completely absorbed.

The effect of the above procedure will become visible in 2-3 weeks. If the fungus does not run and treated in time, then get rid of him will be faster.

Propolisnoe oil is another highly effective anti-fungal agent

Propolis tincture on alcohol, you can add any antiseptic essential oil such as tea tree oil.

Mix the ingredients in equal quantities and apply the mixture to the affected skin, while carefully handling the nails. Repeat the procedure is recommended daily.

Agree that propolis is a universal tool. Everyone will be able to find the perfect option of its use against the fungus.

Can be contraindications for this treatment?

Прополис от грибка: самые эффективные методы примененияAny natural substance, especially such powerful as propolis may cause an allergic reaction. Before using the recipes for tincture against nail fungus and athlete’s foot need to be tested for the presence of hypersensitivity.

To do this, apply a small amount of tincture to the area with sensitive epidermis, for example, at the elbow. If not there will be irritation, so you normally carry medication and they can safely use.

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Basic rules for the treatment of nail mycosis and stop

  • Keep the feet, as the fungus has the ability to reproduce quickly, to recover and be transmitted to others.
  • Change your socks often, wash them with strong detergents and iron, as only the high temperature kills all the bacteria full.
  • Don’t go in public places barefoot. The list of the most dangerous public places include pools, beaches, saunas, changing rooms in sports complexes.
  • Treat athlete’s foot is not one tool, but multiple, combining them correctly. For example, propolis tincture can be combined with oral antifungal medications.
  • Ill live if not himself, then he must have personal things that only he enjoys. This is especially true of shoes.
  • After recovery, if possible, change shoes, because it can be a fungi.
  • In the course of treatment to treat not only the affected area, but also shoes.
  • Reviews about propolis from fungus

    Surely you are curious what the reviews about propolis treatment leave the people who have tried it. Some of the most common comments left by our patients.

    The Opinion Of Alexei:

    Прополис от грибка: самые эффективные методы примененияI liked this treatment, as the tincture are affordable and really effective. Struggled with athlete’s foot a month, alternating the tincture with special ointments. I can safely say that propolis really does help.

    The View Of The Marina:

    Прополис от грибка: самые эффективные методы примененияThe only thing I didn’t like this specific smell. Prepared alcohol solution at home. Might purchase smells nice, but home is somehow safer.


    Cut nails on the legs more than a month. During this time not only got rid of the fungus, but also to restore the appearance of the nail plate. Thanks to the propolis I was able to cure a serious problem that prevented me to live.

    Opinion Of Catherine:

    Прополис от грибка: самые эффективные методы примененияThe skin after infusion a little dry, but that’s okay because it has alcohol. Any uncomfortable feelings I wasn’t watching. Made packs at night daily. Two weeks later, the fungus has receded. To this day, my legs healthy and attractive.

    Now you know about the treatment of fungus by propolis everything. Be sure to share the read with your friends in the social. networks that may also need help. Subscribe to site updates and visit us often. Up to new meetings!

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)