Propolis tincture when warts: how to use it?

Настойка прополиса при кондиломах: как правильно ее использовать?Good afternoon our readers. We will continue to talk about skin diseases. In this article You will learn whether propolis in the treatment of such a nice little formations on the body as the human papilloma virus (HPV).

But in the beginning of this article I want to recommend a book «the Treatment of warts folk methods.» The book describes the complete course of treatment of the tumors, following which you can get rid of the disease for several months.

HPV, like warts, are used as names for the growths are flesh-colored, which is formed around and on the genitals and sometimes in the folds of skin with constant moisture content (e.g., obese people).

The incubation period of the disease is from 3 to 5 months before You will see education. Therefore, to determine the source of infection is almost impossible.

Finding growths viral infection of the body, you first need to consult with your doctor.

Self-treatment must be made with caution, as there is a big risk to complicate the situation. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you contact qualified professionals for help.

Настойка прополиса при кондиломах: как правильно ее использовать?There are many treatment options of this problem, and they must each be selected individually.

The most important thing to determine whether benign warts – otherwise You will hurt your body and will make it worse.

The use of folk remedies propolis against diseases is very popular.

The fact that the tincture of propolis has properties to dry up the tumor directly inside. At the same time when applying the tincture be prepared that the last stage will be painful.

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The tool itself propolis is a very strong product with beekeepers. A large number of useful properties contained in it helps against many diseases.

It includes wax 7,8 -36%, balms 3-30% of plant and resin of 30-60%, and all together in propolis contain more than 50 components.

Overall this is a sticky substance bees collect from buds in the spring connected with enzymes of bees.

The use of tincture of propolis with the warts is the safest method. What is the essence of his work?

Настойка прополиса при кондиломах: как правильно ее использовать?The trick is that this bee glue, the properties of which have long been known to medicine, namely the normalization of the development of tissues, restoration of healthy tissues and that is very important to suppress the formation of tumors.

So, how to use propolis or bee glue has antibacterial components against disease?

Buy propolis tincture, cotton balls and band-AIDS. Lubricate a cotton swab with tincture and apply on the affected areas of skin 2 times a day. For better fixing use the patch.

It is very important to leave the warts is not damaged, and to avoid the appearance of malignant cells, and not damage the surrounding tissue papilloma.

Treatment with tincture of propolis, like moxibustion. It is the outgrowth dries. Then there is a natural separation of the warts from the body.

The use of a mixture of propolis

Настойка прополиса при кондиломах: как правильно ее использовать?As You know, the propolis acts on the body with painful effects, so use a mixture to prevent this.

Take 80 grams of natural propolis mixed with 300 grams pork fat (melted). So something like a lightweight cream.

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It will not irritate the damage and it is much better to work against the growths. However, the strength of its effect on warts is so great that it is difficult to continue to apply the procedure to the end of the launch.

This effect makes even worse results. Growth can increase even more.

Another way to use propolis against disease consists in chewing a small piece until tender scones.

It is conveniently positioned on the tumors by attaching with a bandage or plaster. Use the pellet for about 4 days, but change raw materials every day in a sling.

Continue the procedure until the complete destruction that can take up to several months.

However, burning this tool does not solve all problems, because the virus inside the body is not cured.

Warts can recur subsequently, after getting rid of the virus to the body cannot. All that is in our power is to control it!

To prevent the recurrence You need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Maintain and strengthen the immune system.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Be very careful in sex.
  • Настойка прополиса при кондиломах: как правильно ее использовать?What to do if a relapse occurred, and again you are the owner of nasty grown papilloma?

    In this case, do not delay the treatment, you should immediately contact a doctor to doctors. A competent specialist will help to begin the healing process.

    Thus, You prevent the spread of disease in the body. The doctor will recommend You proper treatment after diagnosis

    In practice there are different ways of removing growths: cryosurgery, laser therapy, electrocoagulation.

    Usually in cases of early stage disease and are not common tumors, the specialists remove them by burning a variety of drugs that also prevent sprawl. Various tools are available as a spray, ointment, tablet.

    On top of that in addition to eliminating local tumors, doctors prescribe additional immunostimulating treatment.

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    Using folk remedies to treat warts a viral nature, you can apply immunostimulation herbs like ginseng, licorice root, Siberian ginseng and Echinacea.

    To prevent the disease recurred most importantly do not be nervous, as well as to establish a healthy diet.

    Be healthy!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)