Protective cream for dermatitis: the best treatment for

Бепантен при дерматите: лучшее средство для леченияWe are glad to see you on our website devoted to skin diseases! Today pharmacy shelves are so stocked with different drugs is needed, sometimes puts a person in a dead end.

And to have helped and everything, as usual thinks the average visitor to the supermarket drugs — just the ultimate dream.

We have prepared for you interesting information about such a reliable tool.

Bepanten ointment is broad-spectrum, the main ingredient is dexpanthenol. This component has such magical properties in the effect on the skin.

Dexpanthenol is involved in fat and carbohydrate metabolism of the skin, in the synthesis of steroids, stimulates regeneration processes, normalizes metabolism at the cellular level and strengthens collagen fibers.

When using the tool?

This external remedy is appointed for almost any skin damage:

  • scratches;
  • simple burns;
  • the sores;
  • ulcers;
  • irritation;
  • erosion of the cervix;
  • cracked nipples;
  • cracks in the anus;
  • dermatitis of various nature;
  • and during transplantation of skin.

The list of diseases goes on and on, but I think you understand how a large number of different ailments treatable with the help of Bepanthen.

Atopic dermatitis ointment is prescribed for rapid healing of redness and relieve the acute condition. A particularly good drug for the treatment of diseases in areas where the skin is very delicate:

  • groin area;
  • ever;
  • neck.

Not every cream is suitable for thin skin, and many are contraindicated for mucous membranes. Bepanten – on the contrary, it is safe to apply near mucous membranes, even more than that, it perfectly recovers its damage, too.

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Diaper dermatitis, the risk of which is almost every kid is allowed to not only heal from birth, and recommended to treat the area under the diaper of the baby to prevent diaper rash and redness.

Method of application

Бепантен при дерматите: лучшее средство для леченияNewborns it is best to apply a thin layer of ointment after each diaper change and pre-wash.

For healing the nipples of nursing mothers with cracked and injuries the product is used immediately after a feeding.

Before the next time to give the baby the breast, you should not forget to rinse from the drug. When getting rid of wounds to the mucosa is enough to apply the medicine twice a day.

When it comes to wounds on the epidermis and dermatitis, then you can safely put it to the damaged area several times a day.

The positive momentum you will notice the next day. Peeling or any other inflammation takes place in the shortest possible time.

Ointment Bepanten Plus a little changed the composition. Added antibacterial component, whereby it treatment be even sores.

In General, the improved tool is a great cure for dermatitis, eczema and even with their repeated occurrence or recurrence.

Please note that Bepanten Plus, which added antiseptic, is shown to children only after one year.

After reading all the reviews available online, with full confidence we can say that the ointment is effective and copes with any skin problems.

Atopic dermatitis responds to treatment within one to two weeks, and weeping – for three.

Also a lot of positive feedback from people who used the drug from nappy rash in babies.

As a conclusion I must say that Bepanthen for dermatitis is almost indispensable. The rather quickly smoothes skin tone and reduces redness.

Weeping wounds are dried in a day, and pimples and sores disappear right before your eyes. Bepanten plus able to deal with more complex skin diseases by adding to it the antiseptic component.

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The ointment has virtually no contraindications, and cases overdose unknown. Drops very gently cares about your skin and the skin of your baby.

At the end of the article suggest to see an interesting video where the woman share of their budgets to care for the skin: