Protopic in vitiligo: what is this ointment and how to use it?

Протопик при витилиго: что это за мазь и как ей пользоваться?Welcome, dear friends, the website of the dermatology! The Internet is a common information that Protopic ointment in vitiligo helps to get rid of spots in a short period of time. This is true, but only if used correctly.

By itself, the ointment will not affect the vitiligo, but if combined in one instrument, the effect really appears, and quickly enough. This article will reveal you all the secrets of treatment of depigmentation of skin ointment Protopic.

Useful properties Protopic

Ointment is commonly used to treat a variety of dermatoses. In its composition the main active substance is tacrolimus. Medication is prescribed to children and adults, and for children older than 3 years recommended 0,03% Protopic, and for adults is 0.1%.

The drug accelerates the regeneration, has a positive effect on metabolic processes in the skin, prevents infection. It is used in atopic dermatitis of moderate severity and severe.

In addition, Protopic prescribed, if other conventional methods of treatment do not apply. That’s why it was used for the treatment of vitiligo.


Протопик при витилиго: что это за мазь и как ей пользоваться?

Protopic should not be used:

  • pregnant or nursing;
  • children under 3 years;
  • people with individual intolerance;
  • with a weakened immunity;
  • people taking immunosuppressive drugs.

Reviews dermatologists on Protopic ointment in vitiligo were divided into two groups: some argue that the drug is useless, as it was originally designed for other purposes, and the second suggests that it is effective. What is the effectiveness of the drug for depigmentation of the skin?

Secrets of efficiency of Protopic

The experts involved in the study of the disease vitiligo, say that the above medication inhibits the protective functions of the immune system in those parts of the skin that is applied.

Протопик при витилиго: что это за мазь и как ей пользоваться?Due to this, the pigment cells begin to actively produce the coloring pigment — melanin, because the immune system ceases to suppress them. Melanin covers depigmented patches in the natural color of the skin.

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This ability Protopic not officially confirmed. Therefore, this method of treatment is considered non-traditional or traditional. By itself, the salve can’t cure the disease. It should be combined with escopetarras phototherapy.

What is phototherapy?

Is called phototherapy treatment in which the patient is exposed to sunlight or bright artificial light from a source. For the treatment of vitiligo are used artificial sources of ultraviolet light.

Protopic with lamp: what is the secret of success of this treatment of vitiligo?

The above drug in combination with a lamp for phototherapy affects depigmented skin in a very interesting way. Ointment increases the sensitivity of the epidermis to the sun or bright light.

Because of this, the epidermis begins to actively produce melanin under the influence of such light. Simply put, the treated skin starts to tan faster and more intensely than normal, not treated with ointment.

Протопик при витилиго: что это за мазь и как ей пользоваться?

What are miracle bulbs are used with Protopic? There are 2 most popular lights, which ought to be used together with Protopic:

  • Provit — used for home exposure dermatological diseases. This lamp is a simple design, has a convenient form. Before use, it is recommended to read the instructions and follow all the safety measures. Duration with such a lamp depends on the skin type (the number of types is equal to 4). The manuals detail the methods of application for different types of epidermis.
  • Dermalight — this instrument enjoys high popularity with its high quality. It produces Germany. The design is almost the same as the previous apparatus. Length of ultraviolet rays from both lamps at 311 nm.
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    The above-described lamp in combination with the drug Protopic helped to get rid of vitiligo 80% of the people who used them. Maximum efficiency (full deliverance from depigmented spots) were observed on the face, hands and other exposed parts of the body.

    The method of treatment of vitiligo lamp 311 nm and Protopic

    Протопик при витилиго: что это за мазь и как ей пользоваться?

    How to apply ointment to the apparatus for irradiation at home? It’s very simple:

    • Protopic treat the spots 1-2 times a day, every day;
    • apparatus influences on the skin blemishes through the day;
    • the duration of exposure begins with 1 minutes;
    • with each subsequent session the duration increases to 20 seconds (if processed spots on the body) and for 5 seconds (if processed spots on the face);
    • the course of treatment lasts as long as the exposure lamp to increase to 7 minutes (the number of procedures in this case varies from 30 to 45);
    • the duration of treatment 3-4 months, and then need to take 3-month break, then repeat the same circuit.

    During the procedure depigmented spots begin to blush. Do not be alarmed as this is normal. Noticeable result will occur only after 20 to 24 treatments. So do not expect instant getting rid of stains.

    The main advantage of this method of treatment of vitiligo is the longevity of the result. Reviews had recovered from disturbed pigmentation thus argue that the effect persists for a lifetime.


    To evaluate the benefits of treatment vitiligo by using Protopic and tube with length of rays of 311 nm, read reviews.

    Andrew writes:

    Протопик при витилиго: что это за мазь и как ей пользоваться?This miraculous method! I never thought that I will be able to get rid of stains, as they were present on my body most of my life. I tried various popular recipes from vitiligo, were treated by professional specialists, but nothing helped.


    Ointment in combination with ultraviolet lamp my friend advised dermatologist. The effect is stunning — a couple of months after the first procedure, the spots were almost invisible. At the moment, my skin color is absolutely uniform and all thanks to this method.

    Victoria writes:

    Протопик при витилиго: что это за мазь и как ей пользоваться?My sister is living with vitiligo for over 5 years. Recently purchased a Dermalight lamp and began a course of treatment. At first I used just the lamp, and then tried to combine the radiation with Protopic.


    No drug effect almost was not, he immediately felt the change in a positive way. The spots do change, getting darker with each session.

    That’s about it. Now you know all the secrets of the successful treatment of vitiligo. Read can share with friends on social networks. Subscribe to website updates, if you stay here you like. Up to new meetings!

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)