Pseudoallergic urticaria: causes and cure

Hello, dear readers. If you have any disease, we prefer to refer to specialists for correct diagnosis. We all know that there is such a disease as urticaria.

It is caused by various factors and influences. But what is a pseudoallergic urticaria and how to treat this disease? Let us look at this issue.

What form is presented by the disease?

Псевдоаллергическая крапивница: причины и способы лечения болезниDoctors distinguish the 2 forms of hives:

Allergic (immune), the development of which involves the bodies immune system. She is accompanied by release of tissue histamine and antibodies.

It happens that this form of urticaria is combined with a pathological condition of the digestive system.

Non-immune or allergic krapivnitsa, that is, occurring without the participation of the human immune system. That is, during the disease patient is not observed elevated levels of antibodies.

It occurs because of the action of internal and external factors (bacterial infections, exercise, temperature), but the production of immunoglobulins does not occur.

Causes of

As a rule, the causes of the disease are as follows:

  • Hypersensitivity to various medical products;
  • Previously migrated intoxication, and severe (mushroom poisoning, dysentery, malaria, etc);
  • Infection with parasites (worms), for example, giardiasis, ascariasis.

Псевдоаллергическая крапивница: причины и способы лечения болезниDoctors there are several types of this disease:


Activator its development serves as a contact with external provocateurs that stimulate the appearance of the rash. As a rule, the causes of are contact with nettles, insect bites, burns, jellyfish and others.


This kind of reaction to an external physical stimulus. In turn, this type has its subtypes: mechanical, heat, cold, artificial.

That is, the signs of illness (rash, burning, itching) appear after exposure to cold, heat, after blow, stretching or squeezing.


Псевдоаллергическая крапивница: причины и способы лечения болезниIt is caused by nervous tension, stress, excitement, fear. The symptoms are the same as for other types of urticaria: initially, the skin begins to redden, then it blisters, usually flesh-colored, after which they begin to redden and itch.

There are also solar and marine urticaria, which is caused by respectively a sunlight and water. In addition, this disease can be chronic or acute with angioedema anaphylactic shock.

Note that pseudoallergic urticaria can occur in both adults and children. The main thing is to make the diagnosis, because the treatment of this disease other than allergic urticaria.

Proper treatment methods

If a person has recurrent allergic hives, it will be noted in his medical history. During the examination the doctor you should say that suffer from this disease.

Псевдоаллергическая крапивница: причины и способы лечения болезниThere are several tests and trials to determine whether or not different types of urticaria. Once the problem was diagnosed, the doctor will prescribe a treatment.

So, if if allergic urticaria antihistamines are nominated for elimination from the body of the allergen in allergic disease, such therapy is not required, since histamine is not produced.

Despite this, doctor will advise you to comply with hypoallergenic diet, as any allergen can aggravate the disease.

This does not mean that you should completely give up favorite foods. Simply eliminate from the diet of sweets, nuts, citrus fruits, red vegetables and fruits.

For removing the swelling and itching will be assigned to creams and gels. Among the most effective it is possible to allocate Fenistil, Rezulin, La Cree, and others.

Note, this is non-hormonal drugs, which can smear the baby’s skin, and pregnant and lactating mothers.

In acute course of the disease the most effective tools are considered to be hormonal creams such as Advantan, Elokom, Loridan S.

Псевдоаллергическая крапивница: причины и способы лечения болезниThey are composed of corticosteroids, which in a very short period of time to cope with the external symptoms of urticaria.

Their disadvantage is that they have many contraindications and side effects, so write them should only doctor. Self-use, especially in children prohibited.

In conjunction with these treatment interventions you can use decoctions of medicinal herbs such as chamomile, lemon balm, St. John’s wort, succession, and others.

These compresses will help to relieve itching, cool the skin and improve overall health. For children you can make the bath with the decoction.

If the disease has led to swelling Kwinke, you should immediately call an ambulance, and no matter the reaction of the affected child or adult.

When pseudoallergic urticaria such sign as dangerous as in the ordinary form of the disease.

Preventive measures

Псевдоаллергическая крапивница: причины и способы лечения болезниIf you know that any impact the response, it should avoid contact with this pathogen.

In cold urticaria always dress warmly, use a nourishing and oily creams to protect the exposed areas of the skin.

If you have a reaction to sunlight, try to stay out until 11 or after 16 hours, when solar activity is lower. Dress in clothes made from natural fabrics, preferably bright colors.

In marine form of the disease will reduce the shower to 2 minutes, and if there are signs of urticaria heat, water should not be more than 38 degrees. The bath is taken when it should not.

Try less nervous, more relax, get exercise, and strengthen the immune system. Remember, pseudoallergic urticaria can easily become chronic, with constant relapses.

To avoid this, follow all the above precautions. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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