Psoriasis: proper skin care will accelerate the healing process

Чешуйчатый лишай: правильный уход за кожей ускорит процесс выздоровленияWelcome to our website! The term lichen was known in the time of Hippocrates. It combines a number of skin diseases, a characteristic of which – colored spots and rashes on the epidermis. Our today’s article is devoted to the scaly strip.

Psoriasis is a pathology that occurs seemingly out of nowhere, and difficult to treat.

Despite the term «ringworm», the disease is not contagious, and psoriasis, is his middle name – comes from the Greek word psora, meaning itch.

This pathology is known since the last century, and is today considered one of the most common skin problems worldwide.


Чешуйчатый лишай: правильный уход за кожей ускорит процесс выздоровленияThe most well-known cause of scaly dry rash on the human body is a genetic factor.

But in itself, this disease never appears, it is usually preceded by the following factors:

  • stress and nervous strain;
  • injury;
  • infectious diseases;

In metabolic processes of the epidermis develops a cascade of violations of the reactions, including the immune, which are expressed by modifications of the skin.


Чешуйчатый лишай: правильный уход за кожей ускорит процесс выздоровленияPsoriasis can develop different symptoms, but the first signs of the disease are the most characteristic factors:

  • change colour of individual sections of the red;
  • inflamed with formation fluid within;
  • cracked and bleeding from them;
  • severe itching.

What’s going on? The epidermis of the person is updated about once a month. This is a natural process: by dividing to form new cells as old die off at the same time by peeling.

In this disease, new cells every 3-4 days. While still not ripe, they tend to the upper layers of cover and immediately die.

The result of the above, we have the thickening of the epidermis, and severe flaking – this is a massive death of immature particles.

In addition to aesthetic problems, psoriasis negates the protective function of the skin and any infection that appears on the affected areas poses a threat of infection and contact with blood.

Stages of psoriasis

Чешуйчатый лишай: правильный уход за кожей ускорит процесс выздоровленияToday science identifies three stages:

  • progressive – has the typical symptoms, every day there are new seats, which are accompanied by severe itching;
  • stationary – the rash and itching subside and a bit of new inflammation does not appear;
  • regressing – in the center of the affected area there are areas of clear skin in the place of healed spots observed pigmentation.
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Forms of the disease

Medicine divides the symptoms of this disease for a few slightly distinguished from each other forms:

  • Plaque. The most common form of looks like papules red, with a clearly delimited border, slightly raised above the surface of the epidermis. During advanced stages the spots coalesce and form a scaly plot. This rash is localized primarily in the folds of the joints (knees and elbows), in the lumbar region and on the scalp.
  • Teardrop. It also affects children in adolescence. The body is covered with numerous stains completely and suddenly. This form occurs on the background of streptococcal infection.
  • Pustular. It is characterized by pimples on the palms and soles, they are very painful.
  • Intertriginous. It affects all the skin folds, including the groin and under the Breasts.
  • Generalized. Very severe cases when all body is covered with lesions inflammation, increased body temperature and General overall health of the patient.
  • Erythroderma. Also a very difficult form of psoriasis, it is accompanied by redness of the whole body, fever, chills and requires urgent intervention of doctors.
  • We have prepared several pictures, which depict various forms of psoriasis on different parts of the body.


    Чешуйчатый лишай: правильный уход за кожей ускорит процесс выздоровленияTo determine the exact disease specialist conducts a series of tests:

    • stearic spot, when the scraping of the inflammation become a bright color;
    • psoriatic film, this test is still referred to as the «terminal film» — removing scales on the surface of the skin red and shiny;
    • the phenomenon of «blood dew» point or bleeding after the first two samples appear petechial bleeding.

    After, with the help of simple manipulations, the doctor also determines what stage of the disease the patient.


    Чешуйчатый лишай: правильный уход за кожей ускорит процесс выздоровленияClassical scheme of treatment primarily involves the local treatment of wounds. To apply this ointment on the basis of tar, steroid creams, magmas from the prescription Department of pharmacy.

    Well help physiotherapy. As a rule, phototherapy and ultraviolet radiation.

    Traditional methods you can also get rid of the disease for a short time, though that the therapy will consist entirely of natural components.

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    Very important during treatment, proper care of the skin. By this we mean the following simple rules:

    • to ensure that it does not dry up and monitor continuous moisturizing;
    • softening the cover, very carefully separate the crust that is loosely attached to the wound, this will enhance the effects of creams and moisturizers;
    • strictly follow the instructions of the chosen product;
    • to select the optimal treatment will take time trial and error to understand what means it acts on your body the most favorable;
    • not to deviate from the schedule of designated physiotherapy procedures;
    • interested in new methods and discoveries in the field of research this disease, visit the doctor and participate in the «club» in order not to miss the novelties of medicine;
    • it is important to protect your skin and prevent the ingress of pathogens of various infections, dust and dirt on the affected areas;
    • if you experience inflammation caused by pathogens, the treatment should start without delay;
    • a balanced diet will facilitate the progress of the disease and speed up the recovery;
    • from time to time should take a sun bath, but don’t overdo it with them.
    • beware of stress and nervous tension at the slightest shocks you can observe the worsening of the skin condition;
    • it is good to purchase a humidifier, which is increasing the humidity in the apartment will have a positive impact on the condition of the epidermis.

    Чешуйчатый лишай: правильный уход за кожей ускорит процесс выздоровленияThe scalp, being exposed to sickness, suffering doubly: because of sweating under the hat and under the Panama in summer.

    Sweat is also a very negative effect on the affected area and can cause outbreaks. So on the head we don’t treat hair and skin:

    • you will need a special shampoo made of tar, carefully cleaning the cover without causing inflammation and providing antibacterial action;
    • it is necessary to exclude scratching, scratching and constant feeling ill;
    • by using special oils that are applied under the hood at night, you need very gently to detach the formed scales;
    • special shampoo leave on the head for up to 10 minutes;
    • no need to dry the hair after all treatments, let them dry naturally.
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    Proper nail care

    Чешуйчатый лишай: правильный уход за кожей ускорит процесс выздоровленияThis is a very important point of our article, because manicured neat nails – reduce the risk of accidental injury cover. How to properly care for nails with psoriasis:

    • you only need to cut the steamed nails previously holding them in soapy water for 15 minutes;
    • cut them a short time, controlling to the edge of the plate was semicircular;
    • not worth it hard to clean the area under the nail, as it may contain scales;
    • do not cut or bite cuticles;
    • in order to protect the nails from infection coat of colorless varnish.

    Of course, the easiest way to use the services of professionals who will carefully handle the nail, soften the cuticles and cover them with varnish.

    The sun

    Чешуйчатый лишай: правильный уход за кожей ускорит процесс выздоровленияIn the treatment of psoriasis is recommended for a short stay in the sun. But very need to carefully follow in order not to burn.

    In this case, the inflammation can become more than it was before UV exposure.


    Psoriasis can appear quite suddenly, and you need to immediately consult the doctor.

    After accurate diagnosis, you should immediately begin treatment. In addition to the prescribed medicines you should not forget about moisturizing and physiotherapy.

    Try to lead a healthy life: follow the rules of nutrition and to take vitamin complexes, which will allow your doctor.

    In conclusion, I enclose an interesting video about the disease:

    Treat your skin with love, care and recovery will not take long!