Recurrent herpes: what you need to know everyone?

Рецидивирующий герпес: что важно знать каждому?Good day, my beloved readers! When dealing with patients, I often hear the complaint: «tortured recurrent herpes, appears at the wrong time».

And really, why it appears again? Don’t know? Then read this article where you will find the answers.

When people come to me often people with recurrent cold on the lips or on other parts of the body, the first thing they want to know why this is happening. To understand why, I propose to study the mechanism of recurrence of this infection.

The mechanism of recurrence: why does the disease come back?

If you have visited doctors due to herpes, then probably know that this infection is chronic. Consequently, it can not be cured completely and forever remains with the carrier.

Relapse is the return of symptoms some time after the first flash. Herpes, like other chronic diseases, can give relapses, very often, at least 5 times a year, on average.

After penetration of the viruses into the body occurs the first outbreak of the infection. The immune system begins to fight them, and often wins. But viruses do not disappear.

Weakened, they are deposited in the nerve endings and sleep until the right moment. When this moment happens, the virus aktiviziruyutsya again and start re-attack. All the symptoms that you just recently got rid of, back.

Now understand how the relapse? Why is it happening, you know? Let’s deal with it.

Why sore on the lips, return periodically?

Erisipela on the lips – the most common variant, which is caused by herpes virus of type 1. Except the lips, the virus can affect other areas of the face and sometimes the body as well as mucous membranes in the mouth and throat.

After the first cold on the lips you’re sure to encounter re. It will happen sooner or later, will depend on many factors. What are the causes of recurrence of such sores? Here is a list of the main:

  • the weakening of the protective properties of the immune system – the main reason because of which viruses Wake up again and begin to feel powerful;
  • dental infection – any infection affect the immune system, but more dental and pernicious as the others doing it;
  • stress and emotional tension – if you often feel nervous, then do not be surprised that the herpes comes back again and again;
  • intoxication – even banal food poisoning can remind you of what cold sore on lips;
  • excessive UV irradiation, overheating or overcooling – if you love to sunbathe, to bask in the sun or, conversely, to be out in the cold, then don’t be surprised that are often faced with repeated cold sores;
  • individual factors – each human body is special, so it may work on seemingly simple things too aggressively (e.g., severe fright some also provokes a relapse, and some people meet with relapse due to allergic reactions to foods).
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How to understand what a cold sore come back?

You will immediately understand, because the symptoms are the same as the first time. By the way, in children and in adults, they are the same. Recurrence develops in the following way:

  • it all starts with the initial symptoms – tingling in the affected area and slight discomfort;
  • then damaged by a virus, the place becomes inflamed – red, slightly swells, itchy, and sometimes sore;
  • in the damaged area appear the main symptoms – a rash of blisters, gradually mutneyuschee and bursting;
  • then comes the process of healing after 1-2 weeks of symptoms, not a trace remains.

Some people have repeated sore symptoms appears almost immediately jumps up a rash, which later heals quickly. Other symptoms are absent, so one thinks it doesn’t hurt.

This is not the only form of erisipela, giving the recurrence. There are other, for example, sex and shingles. Let them also consider.

Recurrence of penile herpes: what happens and why?

This form of the disease is transmitted mainly sexually transmitted and occurs in the genitals, therefore got this name. Her relapse can be different, so let’s examine all the possible options:

  • Diagnosed genital herpes infection – 20% of cases. In such situations, damaged by a virus, the first place starts to itch and hurt. Another possible abnormal discharge, both in women and men.
  • Atypical infection – 60% of cases. Such recurrence is difficult to diagnose because its symptoms resembles to various other ailments. For example, my friend constantly had cracks in the area of the entrance to the vagina. She was treated in various ways, but nothing worked until, while her gynecologist, «just in case» did not assign an analysis to the herpes. The analysis was positive and she was prescribed the correct drugs with which she quickly got rid of the unpleasant symptoms.
  • Menstrual erisipela – the most rare form. Most likely, you guessed it, that happens mostly in women. The symptoms of infection immediately after a month every time or over time. The reason is the excessive increase in progesterone that reduces the protective properties of the immune system.
  • So, you can get herpes and not know it. You now might ask: but if the disease is so subtle, she may not be dangerous at all?

    In fact, dangerous as it is in the period of exacerbation the person becomes an active distributor of viruses.

    Especially dangerous is getting infection for women in the position, but we’ll talk about this later, but for now let us consider the recurrence in the form of herpes zoster.

    Chickenpox and shingles: what’s common between them?

    Chicken pox – children’s sore, which is necessary to recover as early as possible. It’s not a myth, as in adults, it really develops into a more severe form. Chicken pox is also herpes sore! Surprised?

    Рецидивирующий герпес: что важно знать каждому?If your child has had this problem, after recovery, he never have contact with her face. It says so all information sources.

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    In fact, chickenpox is also extremely rare and, fortunately, the only recurrence – shingles.

    The above relapse only happens in people with immunodeficiency (including in children), and in the elderly whose immunity is weakened by natural causes of aging.

    If you had chickenpox in adulthood, are likely to believe that nothing worse can not be. Here you can!

    Recurrence of smallpox begins brightly with a strong neuralgia. Nerves, inhabited by viruses (often the intercostal nerves) is very inflamed and start to hurt badly. The pain may appear in a month or two before the main symptoms will remain for a long time.

    Even after recovery, people continue to feel it. One of my patients complained of pain after recovery throughout the year! Can you imagine what he had to endure?

    Why relapse is called zoster? The fact that he had an unusual outer shape of – a rash of small, tight, you’ll strip or belt. She looks nothing like a rash from chickenpox, although triggered by the same virus.

    It is more like a standard herpes in the discomfort that give its owner.

    Remember, we talked earlier about the danger of recurrent herpes for pregnant women? By the way, normal people with normal immunity can not be afraid of repetition of this disease, as they have to be mild or asymptomatic, or quickly passing.

    But the girls in the position should treat herpes with extreme caution.

    The risk of recurrence of girisindeki: why pregnant women should be scared of herpes?

    In pregnancy, the recurrence threat is not so much for the expectant mom, like her baby. He can develop different types of intrauterine pathology physical development. The baby may be born with:

    • cerebral palsy;
    • mental retardation;
    • delayed physical development;
    • meningoencephalitis;
    • hydrocephalus;
    • congenital blindness.

    That’s not the whole list of complications so be careful and take care of yourself, dear women! How do you know if the infection in each individual case?

    For this you, future mothers should be referred for special tests, and it happens if:

    • the girl never had girisindeki or she doesn’t know hurt before (in this case, the analyses are done for reassurance);
    • had a relapse with full symptoms, and therefore, the immune system can not cope with their functions (in such situations you can assign special treatment to maintain pregnancy).

    How is the diagnosis?

    At the present time we have available high-precision tests that can quickly determine the presence of infections and even prescription infection. Such methods of diagnosis include:

    • test ELISA designed to detect antibodies;
    • culture methods – cultivation culture in a special medium for a detailed study;
    • PCR is the most informative method of diagnostics, allowing to identify even early herpes.

    After the tests your doctor will tell you if treatment is needed. But what it will be, if required? Let’s find out.

    Struggle with frequent relapses of girisindeki: what is it?

    If the sore is often repeated, then the reason is too weak immunity. Thus it is necessary to strengthen it by all available means. For this purpose, preparations based on interferon – a human protein responsible for the protective functions of the immune system.

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    Рецидивирующий герпес: что важно знать каждому?In parallel, the assigned antiviral therapy with drugs such as Acyclovir (Zovirax), Valacyclovir (he needs therapy with valtrex) and the like.

    Drugs in tablets are taken one tablet 5 (first) or 3 (two) times a day during the week.

    The rash can be treated with antiseptic ointments and also gel Panavir.

    External preparations are applied only cosmetic sticks or cotton pad, because the contents of the rash is highly contagious, so fingers you will spread to other parts of the body and trigger cold sores on them.

    Treatment for girls and women in the position is chosen only as an individual. For people and immunodeficiency and children dosages of the above drugs can change.

    Frankly, antiviral drugs are very toxic, so if possible, I would recommend to do without them.

    You can just strengthen the immune system and it will be the best prevention of recurrence. To strengthen use anything like that, just pick up these tools properly.

    For example, I strengthen the immune system rosehip tea, which is drunk instead of tea, and take vitamins and are hardened. What other preventive methods will help prevent frequent recurrences?

    Prevention of recurrence of girisindeki: what to do?

    Follow my advice and forget about the infection:

    • if there was a rash, then thoroughly wash your hands after each contact with them and get your personal belongings and do not give them to anyone;
    • to faster the rash is gone, do not be lazy to treat it with antiseptics;
    • refrain from bad habits if you have them, especially from Smoking;
    • exercise, at least do exercises in the morning, and the best cardio exercise;
    • often outdoors;
    • eat right, include in your menu fruits and vegetables, eat healthy food daily.

    That’s all, dear friends! Try to comply with preventive maintenance at least a month, and you’ll notice how it improves your health, and with it the mood.

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