Removal of condylomas solkodermom: patient testimonials

Удаление кондилом солкодермом: отзывы пациентовWhen you stand at a crossroads, it is difficult to choose the correct route. Especially when it comes to health, the treatment method should be well balanced. It is therefore important to thoroughly investigate the problem and its solution.

The fight against human papilloma virus has reached a large scale. Modern medicine offers different methods for the treatment of viral papillomas. The use of liquid nitrogen, laser, radio waves, as well as cryotherapy is showing very good results.

Chemical methods include the removal of condylomas solkodermom. It is affordable and simple method of treatment that virtually anyone can use. Whether or thus to get rid of the problem or not?

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Thorough examination — above all

There is no single correct solution to the problem. Every body is different. And not to be mistaken in correctness of the chosen method it is important to consider all the factors.

During a pelvic examination using extended colposcopy and assign additional study. The doctor gives a direction for blood tests to identify viruses. A biopsy can also be performed to study the structure of tumors, to exclude malignancy. If necessary, you can use the advice of other professionals. All this will allow to identify possible contraindications.

What action has the drug

Удаление кондилом солкодермом: отзывы пациентовIt is a medical drug which is a concentrated acid. They penetrate into the cells of papillomas, dehydrating them. Gradually the process of mummification, tissue nekrotizirutee and disappear. Externally, the skin becomes grayish-yellow color, then brown.

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The process of treatment of genital warts drug solkoderm reminiscent of moxibustion. There is no impact on the entire body, thanks to the local minimum doses. Toxic no effect.

The course and duration of treatment

Before the procedure, the area subjected to necessary processing ethyl alcohol. Then, using a special applicator drug applied to warts. Care must be taken to healthy skin areas were untouched.

The dosage is selected individually. First, use a small amount of money. After a few minutes, the skin should change color to gray or yellow tint. If not, you should repeat the treatment. It is necessary to consider that the pathological education absorbs a limited amount of acid. If the dosage is exaggerated, it threatens the development of scarring on the skin.

Most often solkodermom use to remove single papillomas are small in size. This gives the result after the first application. If necessary, the treatment of large papillary excrescences, make sure the surface of the affected skin. To completely get rid of tumors require multiple procedures with an interval of 4 weeks.

Distinctive features of the chemical method

The effect of active substances on the surface of the formation causes a slight pain. Therefore, the procedure is performed without anesthesia. The use of special expensive equipment is not required. Healing occurs quickly. If all the rules work, side effects not observed.

The choice of drug depends on the mechanism of action. The application of solkoderm or condyline leads to the destruction of the pathological formations in different ways. Acid cause a chemical burn. Extract of plants that is used in the second drug stops the process of cell division, causing necrosis.

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As tolerated treatment

Удаление кондилом солкодермом: отзывы пациентовThe procedure is available to any individual, but to produce it is under the supervision of a physician. This will help to avoid unwanted effects that will leave its mark for life.

Considering the reviews of people after treatment solkodermom, it can be noted its high efficiency. Due to the fact that the method is simple and intuitive to use, there is a positive psychological effect. The rehabilitation process takes place quickly and quietly.

Small or big «but»

Despite all the positive aspects, there are negative side. Often, condylomas reach large sizes, resembling in appearance of cauliflower. In such advanced cases, the use of chemical method is questioned because it requires a long course of treatment.

With great caution should be applied on the skin. Acid, in contact with healthy part or in cases of excessive doses, can cause irreversible changes. Burns and scars can impair the function of the urogenital system, causing discomfort.

When not to use the drug

There are direct contraindications to the use of the drug, for example:

  • If the evaluation were identified a malignant process.
  • In case of irritation of skin and mucous membranes.
  • There is an innate tendency to growth of connective tissue.
  • The presence of bleeding abrasions and cracks on the genitals.
  • Pregnancy or breast-feeding.
  • Individual intolerance of the drug.
  • Age up to 5 years.
  • For getting rid of papillomas, many of us enjoy solkodermom yourself. But we should not self-medicate. The method lives up to expectations in case of observance of all rules of a qualified health care provider.

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    In conclusion of this article I have collected a few reviews of his patients about this drug. As you can see opinions vary, someone solkoderm helped, and some don’t! Remember that there is no 100% solution to the problem, each person needs to choose their own drug or may relapse.

    Tried the drug for 2 weeks. The situation has only worsened. I had to go to the doctor and of papillomas of the laser.

    Victoria, 23 years old, Saransk.

    4 days after application of solcoderm warts are smaller, but still not completely gone. decided to remove papillomas with a laser.

    Anna, 37 years old, Moscow

    At first the cream did not help me. But probably I used it not long. I decided to take a strict month course and papillomas disappeared.

    Igor 22 years, Vitebsk

    Author: Anna Derbeneva, dermatologist.