Removal of warts with iodine: how to burn the formation of skin?

Удаление кондилом йодом: как правильно прижигать образования на коже?Good day, dear readers! Today we will talk about the treatment of genital warts, including in the home.

Is it possible to self-medicate, what this means, and what tools are recommended for this, how dangerous the removal of warts with iodine.

But in the beginning of this article I want to recommend to you a wonderful book «the Treatment of warts folk methods.»

The author who wrote this book himself long suffered from growths on the body, tried all possible medicines but it did not help.

As you know, to get rid of warts, you need to carry out therapy at the intracellular level, cleanse your body of toxins and boost your immune system.

And any medicines or pills will not help you completely get rid of the disease, 95% will relapse with more intensity.

In the book you will find a proven way to get rid of the warts using folk remedies, and improve the condition you will notice in 2-3 weeks.

What kind of virus?

Удаление кондилом йодом: как правильно прижигать образования на коже?Perhaps one of the most common pathogens of infectious diseases. Occurs on average 80% of people, but manifestations observed not everyone that depends on many factors.

The human papillomavirus affects the surface epithelium, and genital warts in the anogenital tract are caused by more than 40 types of the virus.

More dangerous is the virus for the female body, as proved by his role in the development of cervical cancer.

The infection usually is sexually transmitted, symptoms do not appear immediately. The incubation period is very different: from 3 weeks to several years, but on average 2-3 months.

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Together with the emergence of outgrowths on the skin in patients with itching, burning, scratching, bleeding.

Externally, genital warts can be very different, ranging from minor, barely noticeable, to large, resembling a cauliflower.

The growths often appear in the plural, rare to find single items. Warts appear only on the skin and mucous membranes of the external genitalia, but also in the rectum, vagina, on the cervix, the opening of the urethra.

Удаление кондилом йодом: как правильно прижигать образования на коже?Genital warts tend to grow and merge with each other, forming sometimes large and even giant growths, which are not only difficult life, the act of defecation, but and cause pain, bleeding, bacterial infections.

Women have large genital warts can hinder a natural birth, cause-to-child transmission of the virus, as well as a harbinger of a malignant tumor. In men, they cause the formation of malignant tumors.

In many patients the disease goes into the running phase as they are during do not seek medical help.

Usually during this period of time they self-medicate, using mainly national funds.

In order to begin self-treatment, you should still consult a doctor. After all, you can’t be confident in the purity of the process and in the safety of your chosen method.

What to use at home?

Удаление кондилом йодом: как правильно прижигать образования на коже?What you can cauterize warts at home? For this approach as an herbal remedy, and familiar to all pharmaceutical preparations like tinctures of iodine, calendula.

Often you can find positive feedback after application of the plant, propolis, iodine. These funds dried growths, which after a time disappear.

Iodine effectively burns the growths, only when its use is necessary to comply with the rules.

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First, you can not affect the surrounding healthy skin, it will cause a burn, sloughing of the epithelium.

Secondly, iodine is necessary to cauterize often, several times a day, otherwise the result will not come soon. Tincture of iodine will not help the larger size of warts.

Many patients sustained treatment with iodine, the reviews are mostly positive. Managed to get rid of growths, located on the delicate mucous membrane.

Удаление кондилом йодом: как правильно прижигать образования на коже?But there are instances when after cauterization by this means a number of warts only increased, which again suggests the need for consultation with a specialist.

Another advantage of this treatment is the price of the drug. Compared to cosmetic procedures to remove growths in the cabin cauterization of the iodine will be almost free.

Of the disadvantages include pain during moxibustion, and so the method may not be suitable for those with low pain threshold.

Similar action is propolis tincture and celandine. They also burn the growths cause necrosis of condylomas, then her defection.

All the funds intended for burning of warts, including of plant origin, are quite aggressive, therefore the result of the wrong treatment can become scars that will have to be withdrawn in cosmetic procedures.

Using folk methods, you can influence the condition of the body from the inside. Fits juniper berries, which are fresh chew and swallow.

Удаление кондилом йодом: как правильно прижигать образования на коже?The second and equally effective remedy is a mixture of several components: the cranberries, walnuts and green apples.

Half of a kilogram of cranberries, take a Cup chopped nuts, add diced Apple slices, put on a slow fire.

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To the mixture add 2 cups of sugar and 100 ml water. stand up to boiling, the cooled mixture take 2 tablespoons twice a day.

Treatment of papilloma virus infection is a long process. The use of local funds, such as iodine, tincture of celandine or propolis will not rid you of the pathogen.

So often physicians are faced with a relapse of infection that is more severe, is characterized by a large number of lesions.

Today getting rid of the pathogen is made by three components of treatment:

  • To destroy the foci of infection (papillomas or warts);
  • In the framework of immune therapy is the appointment of stimulants of the immune system to ensure the body an adequate immune response;
  • General principles: the improvement of the body, vitamins, a healthy diet and lifestyle.

To restore the immune status used interferon (Alfaferone), Neovir, as a stimulator of the synthesis of interferons and Cycloferon (also stimulates the synthesis of interferon).

Heal properly and follow our tips! Up to new meetings!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)