Removal of warts with liquid nitrogen: the procedure and the testimonials of people

Hello, our dear readers. Nowadays there are many ways of wart removal. One of these methods is cryotherapy (with liquid nitrogen cauterization).

Whether to resort to this kind of treatment? Does this procedure in the fight against skin formations? The answers to these and many other questions you will learn from today’s article.

What is cryotherapy?

Удаление бородавок жидким азотом: проведение процедуры и отзывы людейThe basis for this procedure is liquid nitrogen, which is a transparent liquid without color and smell. The boiling point of this liquid at -196 degrees.

Through this «cold» effect the wart tissue is destroyed due to low temperatures that occur during the evaporation of the nitrogen.

The result is a spasm of the capillaries, interstitial fluid inside the cells and ice crystals are formed.

This leads to cessation of blood circulation, admission to the tissues of the wart with nutrients and oxygen. As the cells to stop all metabolic processes, is the destruction and death of the wart.

Contraindications to cryotherapy

Wart liquid nitrogen has a number of contraindications, in spite of their sparing effect:

  • During pregnancy;
  • In the period of acute infectious diseases;
  • If you have individual intolerance and allergic reaction to cold;
  • In acute inflammatory processes and herpetic lesions, located near the site of exposure;
  • If the patient has high blood pressure;
  • When emotional imbalance and epilepsy.
  • Procedure is not recommended for children under 4 years.

Technique procedure

Удаление бородавок жидким азотом: проведение процедуры и отзывы людейCryotherapy is done by:

Special cryoapplicator, which is a reservoir filled with liquid (500 ml or 300 ml). It has interchangeable tips of different diameter and configuration.

Can be used petrosaviaceae spray or a simple applicator having the form of wooden sticks with cotton wool on the end that is moistened with a freezing liquid.

So, how is burning of warts?

The tip slightly pressed into the damper. Continues exposure for 5-30 seconds. The duration of treatment is affected by the volume expansion, localization and other factors.

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Especially long exposures are plantar of education, whereas the genital warts or warts located on the face are removed through a shorter treatment.

If necessary (when vaporized liquid nitrogen), the applicator is moistened again. That is why it is more convenient to carry out the procedure from the tank. Note that the best results are achieved after repeated exposure after 3-4 weeks.

The tip is selected so as to capture the healthy tissue around the tumors by about 1 – 1.5 mm. This is necessary in order to confidently capture the roots of warts, which can grow under the skin.

On this page you can watch a video of how the procedure of freezing warts.

Looks like a wart after exposure to liquid nitrogen?

Удаление бородавок жидким азотом: проведение процедуры и отзывы людейInitially, the growth is pale. This happens due to spasm of small blood vessels. After the wart would become white and gain a high density. Around will see a white ring on which it will be understood that it is time to stop the freezing.

Does it hurt during the procedure? The procedure of burning is accompanied by short light pain, tingling and a burning sensation.

You will feel what I felt during contact with a metal object in the bitter cold. The severity of these phenomena depends on the number of items and their location.

A minute after freezing appears swelling and redness on the affected area. Don’t worry if it persists for a long time. The redness will go down within 10 minutes to 6 hours.

Удаление бородавок жидким азотом: проведение процедуры и отзывы людейThen you will notice that the skin formed a bubble, which accumulates serous-hemorrhagic or serous fluid. This bubble will remain on the skin for a week.

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What to do next with this bubble? Note, in any case it is impossible to pierce. The liquids can get into the healthy tissue, which will cause the recurrence of tumors.

After the bubble disappears, in the place of necrotic tissue will form a thick crust which will disappear by itself in about 10-12 days, and it will be replaced by healthy skin.

Full restoration of the skin may take from 3 months to a year.

Post care and the consequences of the procedure

After cauterization of the wart may cause swelling, pain, irritation. To avoid this, your doctor will prescribe you medicines and also the treatment of the wound with a special solution.

If you notice that there was an unpleasant yellow discharge, odor, bleeding or pain (especially after the removal of genital growths) should immediately contact the doctor.

Special discomfort bring plantar growths, especially after cauterization with liquid nitrogen. Try to go a couple of days, so as not to cause pressure on the affected area.

The benefits of cryotherapy

  • Удаление бородавок жидким азотом: проведение процедуры и отзывы людейSimplicity, brevity, effectiveness of the procedure;
  • Excellent cosmetic result with minimal risk of scarring;
  • The absence of special training;
  • When performing moxibustion is no bleeding;
  • Available treatment price (from 100 rubles per 1 mm of tissue).

The shortcomings of the procedure

A long recovery period.

Hard a controlled depth during burning warts, which may need to be repeated session.

The impossibility of histological examination after removal.

Slightly severe pain when exposed to cold. Also, pain may occur during the rehabilitation period, especially after the treatment of plantar warts.

The discomfort of the patient during care after surgery, because of the need to constantly treat the affected area with an antiseptic solution.

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Are there any pharmaceutical preparations to ablate growths?

Удаление бородавок жидким азотом: проведение процедуры и отзывы людейYes, you can buy in a pharmacy such means as Kriofarma that has the same effect, and liquid nitrogen. Only the temperature effect is much lower.

Note that the cost of this medication is big – about 750 rubles per 35 ml spray. However, this price is justified, because according to the reviews of patients who used the Kriofarma at home, after the procedure, there is complete deliverance from the growths.

Despite all the shortcomings, wart presented the most preferable method in contrast to surgical intervention.

I want to note that even such an effective method of removing the growths will not be able to deliver you from the causes of warts – human papillomavirus.

To ensure that you’re appearing skin lesions, observe the elementary rules of hygiene and preventive measures and then to resort to cryotherapy, you’ll never. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)