Removal of warts with vinegar: household product against diseases

Удаление бородавок уксусом: бытовой продукт против заболеванияHello, dear readers. To date, warts are considered the most widespread skin problem.

They can occur throughout the body: the hands and feet, face, abdomen and back. The form of manifestation they have different – can pop up one by one or in bulk.

Such growths take an unpleasant feeling of disgust of others, as well as psychological discomfort in their host.

Furthermore, warts often interfere with and become inflamed due to constant friction of clothes and shoes. That is why doctors recommend starting treatment immediately upon detection of the first symptoms of their manifestation.

Of course, now there are many methods to remove warts. Many people prefer clinical treatments such as cryotherapy (burning with liquid nitrogen), laser photocoagulation and radiowave therapy.

All these manipulations are not cheap, consequently not every person with average income can afford such methods.

Here come to the aid of folk remedies, which are quite well proven in the fight against warts. One of the most popular ways is to remove warts vinegar.

The benefits of this treatment

Удаление бородавок уксусом: бытовой продукт против заболеванияVinegar is a home remedy that is mainly used for cooking. Also it helps to cope with the pollution, disinfects and disinfects a variety of surfaces.

In the treatment of skin lesions acetic acid gets into the inner layers of the epidermis, thereby burning out warts from the inside out. Moreover, this product is natural, what for many people is an important factor.

This method will please those who do not have sufficient amount of money on expensive medications, since acetic acid is very cheap and is sold in every store.

Treatment procedure vinegar is just a couple of days. This is the fastest and effective way to eliminate warts.

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What you need to do this procedure?

Удаление бородавок уксусом: бытовой продукт против заболеванияSo, before you start treatment, you need to stock up on the necessary tools:

  • Apple cider vinegar;
  • Cotton pads or balls;
  • Vaseline or fat cream.

The process of removing warts

How to withdraw warts, after all, vinegar is an acid, as it can cause burns and other unpleasant consequences? The main thing here is clearly to follow the recommendations and do not overdo it.

  • First you need to wash the affected area. For this it is better to use antibacterial soap.
  • Then be sure to apply vaseline or oily cream on the skin around the wart. This is necessary in order that the acid did not burn healthy skin.
  • Soak a cotton pad in vinegar. Remember, the disk must be fully saturated with vinegar because it promotes more effective get rid of warts. The more growth, the greater the amount of acid you need to apply.
  • The disk is put on the warts, firmly press it, so he couldn’t move. Better to fix it with duct tape or band-aid.
  • Leave this compress on the night.
  • And this video is interesting and gives details on the beneficial properties of the vinegar, which help to get rid of warts:

    To repeat all the manipulations you need to until the wart disappears. Don’t panic if during treatment, the wart turned black.

    This means that vinegar really works and you are on your way to recovery.

    Acetic acid will help to not only get rid of small growths, but also from formations in areas where the skin is rough and thick. It is the ideal remedy for plantar warts and in genital warts.

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    Cautions to avoid all sorts of problems

    Удаление бородавок уксусом: бытовой продукт против заболеванияRemember. If you have warts in your private area, it should be with great care to hold them burning the vinegar.

    This is due to the fact that the skin in this area is very sensitive compared to other parts of the body. During the procedure, you might feel unpleasant burning.

    This means that vinegar works, but if you can’t tolerate, then such treatment should be abandoned. To cope with the pain helps lower the concentration of vinegar (dilute it with water).

    How to increase the effect of acetic acid?

    Удаление бородавок уксусом: бытовой продукт против заболеванияThere are several proven popular recipes on the basis of this acid, which will allow for a few days to eliminate warts.

    Onions with vinegar. A piece of onion soaked in vinegar for a few hours. Then the bow is placed on the wart and secured with adhesive plaster or bandage. A compress is done in the evening and left until morning.

    Vinegar with garlic. For the procedure you need to prepare garlic bread. Take a clove of garlic, grind them, mix with vinegar solution, add the flour and form a small pellet. Anchoring it to the wart and hold for 3 days.

    After this period of time the wart should fall off, and in its place formed a small recess. To get rid of it, you should smear the scar with ointment Vishnevskogo or applying a swab soaked in sea buckthorn oil.

    Contraindications to this method of therapy:

  • To make warts, use the product only externally.
  • It is not recommended to remove this method warts on the face, because after falling off can cause scarring, which is difficult to get rid of.
  • If you have too sensitive skin, then this method of healing is better not to use.
  • Caution must be exercised in the treatment of children up to 3 years, as a pair of acid can get inside the body or on the mucous membranes of the child.
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    Удаление бородавок уксусом: бытовой продукт против заболеванияMany people who suffer from unpleasant growths, sustained treatment with vinegar. It is worth noting that the reviews are very contradictory.

    Despite the fact that getting rid of warts occurs quickly enough after they leave the scars, which is a negative point, especially for the beautiful half of humanity.

    However, if you follow all the recommendations and do the procedure regularly, you can forget about such unpleasant and unsightly growths as warts.

    Share your methods of combating warts send photos to the disease and after. And most importantly, write did you acetic acid to rid skin formation and how long the treatment took place. Be healthy!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)