Removing warts radiowave method: effective or not?

Удаление бородавок радиоволновым методом: эффективен или нет?Hello, dear readers. As you probably know, warts and other skin lesions on the body require surgery.

Some prefer to do it on their own, others turn to doctors.

Now medical institutions offer you several methods of removal of tumors with liquid nitrogen, laser and radio waves.

In today’s article we will explain in detail how the removing warts radiowave method, will talk about the pros and cons of this procedure.

So, what is the essence of this method?

Удаление бородавок радиоволновым методом: эффективен или нет?Radiowave method involves cutting tissue growth by exposure to high-frequency waves. If the procedure is successful, at the site of the wart forms a small black spot, which will disappear after some time. While warts are not subject to any pressure.

Often in modern clinics the removal procedure is carried out on the unit Surgitron, which generates waves of high frequency, length 3.8 to 4 MHz.

The duration and depth of impact is regulated by the doctor so that you can be sure that healthy tissue will not be damaged, and the wart will be removed together with the root, no matter how deep they are. In the below photo you can see how cut off the tumor.

When doctors use the radio wave method?

This method can successfully remove both from single growths, and from the group of rash. During the operation the nerve endings not stimulated, no scars.

As a consequence, the procedure can be performed for cleansing the skin on any area of the body – the armpits, neck, feet, hands, face.

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Contraindications to this therapy

Удаление бородавок радиоволновым методом: эффективен или нет?As you know, even the most effective remedy in case of improper application turns into poison. So the wart by using radio waves does not suit all people. The list includes:

  • Those who suffer from oncological diseases;
  • Patients with skin inflammation;
  • Women during pregnancy and during menstrual cycle;
  • If there is aggravation of any disease.

How to prepare for the procedure?

Удаление бородавок радиоволновым методом: эффективен или нет?All your preliminary manipulations are reduced to a visit to the dermatologist’s office. Don’t worry, a deep examination is not required.

The doctor will conduct a visual inspection and will inform you about contraindications. Immediately after the consultation will be carried out removal of skin formations.

Removing warts with this method is still a surgery, so the patient should lie.

Once you get settled on the couch, the site of the lesion anaesthetize necessarily. Thus, the following options:

  • Irrigation wart with a special spray;
  • Anestesiada injection under the base of the growth;
  • Cream with anesthetic action.

The whole procedure takes no more than 20 minutes. After the anaesthesia takes effect, the electrode device is heated by means of electric discharge, and the wart is cut in one motion.

If the growth is large, it may take several such manipulations. Due to the high temperature the location of the warts prizhivaetsya that prevents the risk of infection and bleeding.

After the excision of the wart, tissues will be sent for histological examination.

The attached video, which shows the removal of skin growths radiowave method:

What to do after the procedure?

Удаление бородавок радиоволновым методом: эффективен или нет?Thus, the operation is finished, the wart is cut and you are happy, go home. Now your task is to care for the wound so it healed faster and left no scar.

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Most importantly, follow the simple rules:

  • Gently clean the site of the former built-up warm water;
  • In the first week, refrain from cosmetic products, prolonged contact with water;
  • Is required twice a day dressing changes and use for the treatment of wounds with an antibiotic ointment (prescribed by her doctor);
  • Limit time in the sun and in tanning salons before, until the wound heals.

If you’re doing the right thing, then a few days later, the wound is overgrown by a thin crust. A week later, the crust will disappear and will appear pinkish skin. After a couple months it will become normal color and nothing will remind you of the former wart.

The advantages of radio-wave methods:

  • quick procedure;
  • the ease of dissection of the skin;
  • high precision of cut;
  • the procedure is performed without any bleeding;
  • tissue is not burned and are not injured;
  • during the surgery, sterilization is achieved tissues;
  • after the session, no swelling;
  • complete painless removal;
  • an accelerated rehabilitation period;
  • on the former site of the wart will be no scar;
  • the absence of postoperative complications;
  • tissue after removal can be subjected to histological analysis;
  • the exclusion of relapses.

Удаление бородавок радиоволновым методом: эффективен или нет?This procedure has gained popularity among patients. After a full recovery they leave only positive feedback and share experiences with others.

Of course, many people are afraid of doctors, but after surgery, they claim that their fears were unfounded, as the removal of growths was successful and painless.

Of the minuses can be noted:

  • Minimal pain after the procedure (related to the process of healing of the wound);
  • The need to perform postoperative manipulation (to change the dressing, use a cream, etc.);
  • The presence of contraindications;
  • A fairly high price. For example, in Moscow and St. Petersburg removal 1 warts will cost 1 thousand rubles. In other cities of Russia, of course, the cost of the procedure below.
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Of course, if you do not follow the recommendations of the doctor, the consequences could be disastrous: the wound may begin to fester, will be sore to the touch, long lasting and in the end, may be left with a scar.

That is why you should not ignore the doctor’s advice, because at stake – your health and beauty. Be healthy!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)