Retinoid dermatitis: essential steps to skin care

Ретиноидный дерматит: необходимые меры по уходу за кожейGood afternoon, dear readers of our portal about skin! Our discussion today will be devoted to a very common lately the problem of retinoid dermatitis.

What are retinoids?

To fully understand the occurrence of skin reactions to this component, let’s understand what it is and what is used.

Retinoids is part of acne means a new generation. Components tend to slow down the maturation and growth of the sebaceous glands, which favorably affects acne and pimples.

This substance also prevents clogged pores and formation of comedones. Ointment with retinol is assigned to apply topically one to two times a day.

The duration of therapy from one to three months. Side effect of drugs on the basis of this component is very common, especially with prolonged use. These drugs dry skin and result of the treatment the acne often becomes the dermatitis.

Means retinoid in the composition, should give the patient only the doctor, and when drawing up the regimens should warn that there is the risk of developing this side effect.

What if retinoid dermatitis has evolved?

Ретиноидный дерматит: необходимые меры по уходу за кожейFirst of all you need to get back to the dermatologist who prescribed it to you. The aim is to adjust the existing treatment scheme.

You must either eliminate the drug or to reduce its quantity. Possible options for replacing it other drugs less toxic and more suitable for your face.


Especially for you we have tried to collect all possible responses to retinol:

  • thinning of the skin;
  • hypersensitivity and damage of the epidermis;
  • severe dryness;
  • soles and palms are prone to peeling;
  • redness of the face;
  • thinning and weakness of hair;
  • excessive sweating;
  • dryness and cracks on the lips;
  • dried mucous up to nosebleeds and hoarseness of voice.

In addition to skin reactions, this type of dermatitis affects the patient as a whole:

  • there is increased fatigue;
  • pain in the joints;
  • discomfort in the muscles;
  • migraine;
  • high sensitivity to UV light.

Ретиноидный дерматит: необходимые меры по уходу за кожейIf you study the instructions for such medications, may read some more rarer reflections retinoid dermatitis on your skin.

Many, after reading the side effects, refuse to use this tool, and ask the doctor to replace it with something else.

Performance analysis in this disease

A blood test is recommended by the doctor, generally before the treatment drugs, which includes retinoids.

After, the test is repeated almost every month. In a situation when dermatitis, as a reaction to the drug still observed, the results would offer the following deviations:

  • increases the level of triglycerides;
  • increases rate of cholesterol;
  • the rate increases urea acid;
  • liver enzymes are also above the norm;
  • the drop in the level of white blood cells;
  • the fall of hemoglobin.


Ретиноидный дерматит: необходимые меры по уходу за кожейThe first thing to note is the treatment of such dermatitis may last for a long time. Immediately upon the formulation of such a diagnosis, you need to decide what to do with the drug.

It is possible to reduce frequency of application or ingestion, but you can remove it for a while at all.

In particularly acute forms is assigned an ointment with a steroid component, for quick recovery of the skin.

Now let’s list all the measures you need to take to get rid of retinoid dermatitis:

  • Hygiene. Only wash with baby soap, no more than once a day. Gels and means of questionable quality should be removed.
  • For washing use only warm water, not hot and nemolodoy, it is best boiled or artesian. Chlorine is very harmful to the skin during the destruction.
  • Good to do several times a day irrigation thermal water. It moisturizes the skin, penetrating into deeper layers and restores the epidermis.
  • Lips several times a day to lubricate the balm or hygienic lipstick. Watch out that these funds were free of fragrances and toxic components.
  • All cosmetics from the category of cosmetics should be marked «for sensitive skin» and also contain only natural and proven ingredients.
  • On a period to renounce the use of contact lenses in favor of glasses. As we remember the mucous membrane during the reaction to retinol’s suffering too.
  • Not appear in the open sun, especially in afternoon hours.
  • Use sunscreen when going outside.
  • If that was the case in the winter to limit the ingress of rain, snow, cold and frost on the affected areas. Still need to be protected from the wind.
  • The use of makeup while getting rid of dermatitis is also to exclude.
  • Ретиноидный дерматит: необходимые меры по уходу за кожейIf thermal water lip balm buy in any pharmacy — not a problem, then the cream, we recommend Exfoliac or Great, and emulsion – Isaac.

    This is the most well established himself as the tool in thinning of the skin.

    How to prevent the occurrence of the disease?

    First thing you need to focus on the fact that all products with retinol in the composition have sufficient contraindications:

    • pregnancy and planning;
    • feeding the baby;
    • kidney failure;
    • problems with the liver;
    • elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood;
    • obesity;
    • increased intolerance.

    More contraindications you can read the instructions to the drug.

    As you can see, there is no clear recipe for how to avoid the emergence of resistant adverse reactions to retinoids, in addition, which does preclude its use.


    So, you figured out how for the patient undergoing therapy acne, can result in the use of means with retinol in its composition.

    The insidiousness of such drugs is that getting rid of acne, you can purchase a much larger problem, the treatment of which will take twice more time and effort than the selection of more gentle medicines, less toxic.

    If the dermatitis you have started, it is better to avoid this drug or replace it with similar which no such allergen.

    During treatment the retinoid dermatitis to the skin must be approached with special care and attention. Care to change to a natural, moisturize the lips and protect sore spots from the sun, wind and frost. About the choice of funds responsibly. Person you have one, the other will not. Take care of it.

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