Ringworm children: how to help your child get rid of the disease?

Детский лишай: как помочь своему ребенку избавиться от болезни?Good afternoon, our dear readers! Children bring joy to the kids, however, their visit is always accompanied by the risk of infectious diseases.

Also happens with ringworm. Seeing the child on the body of the original spot, the mother may be right to say, shocked.

But there is nothing terrible. We are going to tell you how does the disease than to treat it and what forms of lichen is possible in childhood.

Ringworm is a group of dermatoses. Despite the same name, the diseases are fundamentally different from each other as the causative agent, and symptoms.

Forms of the disease can be quite different, but under the age of 14 years, there are only two kinds: pink and cutting.

In this article, we are not affected by such serious diseases as eczema and psoriasis, which are also types of lichen, they can be read separately. What forms of this disease are in General and what kids get sick of them:

  • Pityriasis rosea or ringworm Gibert – may appear in a child, this disease, by contrast, rarely get sick in adulthood.
  • Ringworm – he was obedient to all ages, because it is a contagious fungal infection.
  • Pityriasis versicolor is also called pityriasis, sun and beach, appears on a background of parallel processes and usually only happens in adults.
  • Red flat – appears in the background of heavy immunosuppressive processes only after 40 years.
  • Shingles – a variation of Herpes, can also occur due to internal problems of the body and occurs after age 60.
  • Детский лишай: как помочь своему ребенку избавиться от болезни?It should be noted that pityriasis rosea is characterized by multiple plaques located all over the body arbitrarily.

    For starters, look at the photos, we have presented the classical manifestations of depriving the kids.

    They can be a little flaky and itchy. By and large, no discomfort they bring, and appearing suddenly may also themselves and disappear.

    Once the doctor is satisfied that all body systems of the child in the order, treatment may not be administered.

    With ringworm, everything is a bit more complicated. It is an infectious disease which is very easy to pick up in kindergarten from a sick child, a homeless animal or from an infected adult.


    Pathology can occur anywhere on the body, but most often, it happens on the head under the hair. Looks like a disease, like a spot with well-scribed contour, redness or peeling on the inside.

    Also the spot can be moist or Vice versa, covered with a dark crust. The main manifestation of this form is broken almost to the root hairs.

    How is the pathology?

    Детский лишай: как помочь своему ребенку избавиться от болезни?Ringworm is a fungal disease caused by pathogenic flora from one or more species of fungi.

    They begin to multiply in the body and feed the hair follicle, causing the hair and break off. The follicle incapable of the normal processes and does not provide sufficient nutrition to the hair.

    It is important at detection of similar plaques on his body or head immediately to see a specialist, as the disease tends to progress quickly.


    For accurate determination of the agent, except for the external inspection should be carried out microscopic analysis of the scales and perhaps the seeding of the fungus.

    When the dermatologist knows what kind of fungus takes place in this case, it is possible to accurately choose a drug that suppresses specific pathogens.


    Детский лишай: как помочь своему ребенку избавиться от болезни?As a rule, in order to get rid of ringworm the doctor recommends a simple scheme, which consists of the following items:

    • mandatory removal of hair on areas of the spots;
    • in the morning the wound smeared with iodine solution;
    • night spot shall be treated with ointments.

    Ointment for kids chosen special, as all anti-fungal drugs have many contraindications and limitations to use. In this article, we just did a review of tools to treat this type of disease.

    Well, if the disease is not running, then it is possible to cure with sulfur ointment or drugs with a tar component.

    In difficult situations appointed toxic drugs, which require particular care.

    Children’s groups during therapy enough to visit prohibited, because the infection can spread throughout the period until its disappearance.

    Детский лишай: как помочь своему ребенку избавиться от болезни?While walking the child is required to wear a cap, it prevents the spread of the pathogen.

    As you recover, the doctor prescribes more tests to confirm positive dynamics.

    After the stain is completely gone, you can not stop to apply to the skin ointment, as the external healing of the plaques still does not mean that the fungus is completely defeated.

    The result of the scraping of the scales should show a negative result. Only after the doctor reduces the dose of medication that should be applied approximately two weeks.

    Folk remedies

    Today very common and are very popular treatment techniques of the lesion:

    • cut raisins;
    • soot from burned-out notebook sheet;
    • condensation from sweating Windows;
    • a decoction of celandine;
    • Apple cider vinegar;
    • the mixture of garlic with sunflower oil and others.

    Whatever you method of home treatment choose for your child, you should not use it without prior consultation with the dermatologist.

    Good help in the fight against herpes physiotherapy methods, namely ultraviolet irradiation, photophoresis, electrophoresis. Prescribed, usually around ten sessions, that one can not miss.

    If one was ill of a family member

    Детский лишай: как помочь своему ребенку избавиться от болезни?It is important not to pick up the infection from home, and not to deprive distribution. For this you need to observe the rules of hygiene, wash hands, take a shower daily.

    The patient have to be your towel, clothes, Slippers, comb, bedding. The fungus easily goes for household items: pens, dishes, remote controls and others, so you need to regularly wipe them with a disinfectant solution.

    It is important not to neglect these rules, even after the doctor confirms a full recovery.

    Because ringworm is the most contagious, what precautions we prefer to miss.

    Recommendations to parents

    Детский лишай: как помочь своему ребенку избавиться от болезни?When it detects the slightest obscure spot should go to the doctor, to hand over the scrapings and accurately determine the cause of the disease.

    If infected with any group of children, you should explore your baby’s skin every night to detect stains.

    Also, be sure to teach children not to touch stray cats and dogs as shingles, obtained from the animal responds to treatment much more difficult.

    During the treatment care should be taken for a walk and visit children’s groups, so as not to infect other children.

    If you decide to fight the fungus folk remedies, your chosen therapy needs to approve the doctor. Be attentive to your children, take care of them!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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