Ringworm in children: do vegetable oils for treatment?

Стригущий лишай у детей: помогают ли растительные масла для лечения?Young patients with lesions of the skin, nails and scalp are very common in practice pediatrician. Therefore, our article reveals in detail the therapy and its specificity in ringworm in children.

About the disease

Microsporia, or fungal skin lesions in 65% of cases found among children. It is worth saying that even sick newborns.

The main source of the infection of stray cats, they in 80% of cases are the cause of the disease. These animals are easy to recognize on the skin, devoid of hair.

They can be on the muzzle, ears, tail, paws. In 5% of cases the source of infection be relatives, friends or neighbors.

This occurs when failure to observe basic rules of personal hygiene, the use of other care items (combs, towels, linen).

Стригущий лишай у детей: помогают ли растительные масла для лечения?

Upon detection of the disease in the patient, the doctor must immediately report to the SES.

What could be the source of infection:

  • Combs;
  • Strollers left in the entrance and the chosen cats;
  • Gloves, linen, bed patient;
  • Direct contact with a sick person.
  • The causative agent — the fungus epidermofiton, Microsporum and Trichophyton. Zoonotic microsporia most common disease of humans and animals, known everywhere.

    For fungus characteristic lesions of the scalp, skin of chin, mucous membrane of the upper lip, eyelashes, pubic hair, downy hair on the smooth skin.

    Increasing the incidence?

    Стригущий лишай у детей: помогают ли растительные масла для лечения?The incidence varies throughout the year. It depends on the appearance of cats and their offspring. Because of the fecundity of cats in a year, experts identify several periods of the outbreak: from may to June, September to October.

    This is due to the advent of the kittens, which are so fond of children, and with summer freedom of the children, exit to the garden, in the village camp.

    In autumn, the children returned and before going to the school is carefully examined by medical staff, therefore, revealed multiple cases of both acute and latent microsporia.

    Ringworm in children can be of three forms: chronic, scalp and superficial form, affecting smooth skin.

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    The incubation period after infection is from 5-7 days to 2 months. If the child undertreated form of lichen surface, it develops into chronic. Clinical manifestations differ, ringworm is small and large-focal.


    Стригущий лишай у детей: помогают ли растительные масла для лечения?Inflammatory spots with ringworm are round, the color red, and in the center peeling.

    The spot looks like a seal due to the presence of inflammatory roller, which can be flakes, blisters and nodules.

    All the lesions increase in size, so soon to merge with each other, forming a strange shape (shown in photo).

    Is the disease acute, if time does not begin treatment becomes chronic. May be accompanied by itching.

    If the affected scalp, the child are formed of different size lesions with fuzzy borders.

    The head is slightly marked swelling and redness. It is characteristic that there occurs breaking of hair at the level of 1-2 mm from the roots.

    What distinguishes chronic form of ringworm? It tends to develop in children of puberty, more often in girls.

    For boys in puberty is characterized by self-recovery, experts explain the change in the composition of sebum, which appears undecylenoyl acid, destructive acting on the fungus.

    Chronic shingles on volosistoj of the head leads to the appearance of bald spots. Hairs break off at the skin level and it looks like many small black dots.

    At the same time on the skin of the buttocks, torso and knee joints it is possible to notice stains bluish in color.

    They are slightly peel, can be fungal infection of the nails. These symptoms occur in children with disorders of gonadal function or endocrinopathy.

    How to save a child from disease?

    Стригущий лишай у детей: помогают ли растительные масла для лечения?The treatment of lichen is not only medical but also social problem. Children at this time can not attend kindergartens and schools, parents are obliged to interrupt the work.

    Rapid recovery is achieved by using combination therapy, which includes systemic and topical antifungal agents, they may be combined with drugs that affect the pathogenesis of the disease.

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    Systemic antimycotic treatment means is carried out using griseofulvin and lamizila.

    The causative agent of the disease needs maximum dosage of the drug, as it is highly resistant.

    Should indicate that antifungal agents are hepatotropic, i.e., to assign systemic medications need under the guise of medications, such as Kars, Liv-52, gepabene.

    In pediatric practice treatment microsporia it is important to start with a survey on helminth infections. The fact that the presence of worms significantly affects the absorbability of the drug, so even the maximum dose in this case will not have the desired therapeutic effect.

    Also shown reorganization of foci of chronic infection, as they can deteriorate and become places of screenings of fungal infection.

    Receiving systemic antifungal agents is long, up to 1.5-2 months. The first time the drug is taken daily until you get a double negative cultures for fungal flora.

    The drug of choice in pediatric practice becomes griseofulvin. It is prescribed for 6 weeks at a dose of 10 mg. per kilogram.

    The effect of treatment increased with concomitant administration of local and systemic drugs. Along with daily hair removal apply tincture of iodine 2%, which lubricates pockets morning.

    Стригущий лишай у детей: помогают ли растительные масла для лечения?In the evening outbreaks of Microsporum recommended to RUB the ointment: bifosin, sulfur, sulfur-tar, salicylic.

    If the disease moved to the infiltrative-suppurative form, shown compresses to the release of pus and crusts.

    They are made with ihtiola 10-20%, the mummy dimexide solution of licorice root 50%, lotion chlorhexidine, gives good results with irrigation with 0,5% solution using Ross.

    Topical therapy is based on the use of antimycotic drugs. Among them lamisil 1%, mikospor 1%, travogen 1%.

    All drugs are well tolerated, have the necessary anti-inflammatory properties.

    Not in all cases children are in need of systemic therapy. With limited outbreaks sufficiently local treatment with ointments or creams that are applied twice a day for 1 month.

    It is possible to treat zoster in children with herbal remedies if they are not allergic. For example, to antifungal oils include lavender and myrrh.

    They grease the pockets to 4 times a day. Fungi react differently to the application of certain oils, so it is recommended to mix the two oils, than to try and wait for the result from each.

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    If you choose a cream based on oils, remember that they must contain at least 5% oil.

    A feature of treatment with creams containing oil, they eliminate the peeling that happens even after the elimination of the pathogen.

    If the child was amazed at the scalp, after getting rid of the fungus replace the creams or ointments for rosemary oil, which stimulates hair growth. You can also use water with rosemary.

    If lavender oil or myrrh identified allergies, try to replace them with tea tree oil, known for its antiseptic properties.

    Make an interesting video, where the doctor — pediatrician talks about this zabolevanii:

    Isolation of the child

    Isolation of cases is not necessary in case of detection of zoofilia pathogens, for example, Microsporum Kanis (commonly identified in dogs).

    This is due to the fact that the transmission of the pathogen from atypical within the human population. If antropophilic identified the fungus, then the child is suspended from school attendance until full recovery.