Ringworm in infants: how to cure the disease without harming the health of the baby?

Лишай у грудничка: как лечить болезнь без вреда здоровью малыша?Hello, dear readers! If suddenly on the body of your baby developed pink stain, it should be alerted.

When the doctor sees the individual plaques on the skin in the first place, he has a suspected ringworm.

Stains bring out the child discomfort and itching. If time does not take measures, ringworm in infants can rapidly spread to the whole body.

Principal of this disease are the following:

  • lichen planus;
  • pityriasis rosea or ringworm Gibert;
  • ringworm;
  • tinea versicolor or pityriasis versicolor.

However, an infant can get sick just mowing. It is considered the most easy distributed of all the varieties listed above.

To catch the child as a pet and adults living with him in the same apartment. Ringworm also can be transmitted through toys, household items and hygiene.


Лишай у грудничка: как лечить болезнь без вреда здоровью малыша?As we have already realized, the first manifestation of ringworm spots are rounded. Halo has a small swelling, and the color in the middle might initially be unchanged.

Over the disease spot can be changed: to wet, to dry, to form flaky scales.

Most often, ringworm starts with place covered with hair. This is because fungal microflora of the disease is closely associated with hair follicles.

So the hair at the site of inflammation break off almost at the root. The photo on the right shows the classic manifestation of ringworm in children.

Diagnosis of the disease

Лишай у грудничка: как лечить болезнь без вреда здоровью малыша?First and foremost, discovering a strange rash on body baby, must make an appointment with a dermatologist.

The doctor will examine the lesion, I will take a scraping for analysis of scales, and make other necessary tests.

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Also plaques of translucent ultraviolet glow: if the color of the scales under the UV lamp will change to green, then the diagnosis of ringworm is confirmed. The blood test checks the antibodies and the ability of the organism to successfully combat the pathogen.


The standard scheme of the therapy lesions consists of simple manipulations:

  • all the hair in plaque removed from the root;
  • every morning apply fukortsin or iodine;
  • in the evenings, the spot smeared antifungal ointment.

Лишай у грудничка: как лечить болезнь без вреда здоровью малыша?Antifungal ointment or cream is selected based on age category. With very complicated and advanced cases is added, the pills that kill the fungus from the inside. But fortunately, if the time to begin treatment, this can be avoided.

Weekly state of the sick child should be monitored by the doctor at each visit the doctor must repeat the tests for the presence of fungus on the skin.

From the moment that test shows a negative result, you need to count another two weeks to continue to process licinia spots. This must be done even if you notice persistent remission and the skin was completely smooth.

I recommend you see an interesting video of Dr. Komarovsky on fungal diseases:

Traditional treatments

There are several effective methods which is good because they have no age restrictions and they are suitable even for the youngest children:

  • rubbing the affected area with the pulp of the raisins;
  • the application of sludge from the newspaper or notebook sheet to the affected area;
  • a decoction of celandine to wipe several times a day.
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Лишай у грудничка: как лечить болезнь без вреда здоровью малыша?Methods of home treatment without using pharmaceutical drugs, there are many, you just have to find the most convenient and effective for your baby.

But be careful and do not neglect the weekly supervision of medical personnel to avoid a recurrence or worsening of the situation.

It is important to note that with detection and subsequent treatment of lichen the child can not attend children’s groups and to socialize with other children. Ringworm is very contagious and spreads quickly to other people and children.


Лишай у грудничка: как лечить болезнь без вреда здоровью малыша?As such, preventive methods from this disease does not exist, so how to protect yourself from it.

But the basic rules we now enumerate, will serve to prevent not only ringworm, but also of a number of diseases of «dirty hands»:

  • strengthen your immune system of the child through proper nutrition and day regimen, you can also apply vitamin complexes according to the age;
  • after contact with animals need to wash their hands, no matter it is your pet or you met him on the street;
  • hygiene of children is also necessary to wash and wash, for example, a comb must be washed with soap about once a week; when we are talking about babies – there is added disinfection by scalding with boiling water.

Important factors

Лишай у грудничка: как лечить болезнь без вреда здоровью малыша?During therapy you still have to follow a few simple rules of behavior:

  • do not expose stain to direct sunlight;
  • wear baby clothes only from natural fabrics;
  • in any case it is impossible to comb the affected areas;
  • no need to take a bath until complete recovery, only shower;
  • at the time of treatment should be excluded from the diet foods with allergens.
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Treatment of zoster in children may be delayed for a month or longer, but keeping all the necessary guidance, it is sure to be successful! Take care of your kids!