Ringworm in the groin: whether to treat the disease or she will be?

Лишай в паху: нужно ли лечить болезнь или она сама пройдет?Hello, dear readers! It is interesting that the herpes affects people living in tropical countries and northerners.

Only one form of lichen is striking with hypothermia, and disease, which propagated in the heat is a different kind lichinga dermatitis. Today we will tell you about the types of diseases that appear in the groin area.

Ringworm – this is a designation for a group of skin pathologies which are manifested in a rash spots and plaques.

There are several forms of this disease and they are only similar symptoms. They arise and are treated in completely different ways.

The manifestation of the disease

Лишай в паху: нужно ли лечить болезнь или она сама пройдет?The first manifestations of the disease are the pink spots with a distinct border. Of all the types of ringworm in the groin can be pink or scaly.

Pityriasis rosea occurs most often in children and adolescents, and it starts with one spot on the chest or back. Often, the disease is accompanied by dizziness and even fever.

After a few days the condition returned to normal, and the spots appear throughout the body, including in the groin. It still bears the name ringworm Gibert, after the name of discoverer of pathology.

Pityriasis versicolor is characterized as fungal disease, it is called multicolored because of plaques that develop on the body can be both light and dark. Over time, the plaque together and can cover a large area on the body.

In the photo you can see symptoms of both forms of this disease.

The causes of disease

Лишай в паху: нужно ли лечить болезнь или она сама пройдет?As we all remember, the nature of pathology is perfect different. Let’s separately consider the one and the other is the case of lesions of the groin area.

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The preconditions that lead to the emergence of pink lichen to the end is unknown, despite ongoing research. Below we give several versions, has the right to exist:

  • The infectious nature of the disease. In its favor are such factors as the simultaneous infection of all family members, the presence of maternal platelet and that the antibiotic treatment can get rid of the disease.
  • Insect bites, which are a carrier of the virus. Maternal spot, according to scientists, develops at the bite site.
  • Hypothermia, the result of stress, acute respiratory illness.

All these versions have a place today, but for the successful treatment of disease it is necessary to consult a doctor.

With colorful also deprive all clear. It is caused by a fungal microflora, which is successfully developing in the human epidermis and feeds on keratin.

And the fact that a fungus has taken root on the skin has a direct relationship to lowered immunity. It is known that tinea versicolor is manifested primarily in skin folds and is more prone to it people with excessive sweating.


Лишай в паху: нужно ли лечить болезнь или она сама пройдет?Let’s start with the treatment of tinea versicolor. Since the spots have a distinct rough surface, in addition to antifungal drugs for oral administration, appointed by antihistamines, which relieve itching.

The treatment is accompanied by weekly test of scraping scales, and from the time when the fungus in these the face is not detected, the scheme is slightly different.

Antifungal ointment and cream continue to be applied at a lower dose for two to three weeks. Inguinal herpes in men has great chances the appearance, it is, as you know due to the fact that the male body produces much more sweat.

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Although women from becoming infected, they too are not immune.

Pityriasis rosea and get rid of it is also contradictory as the reasons for its appearance. Let’s start with the fact that the appearance of the first spots it is imperative to make an appointment with a dermatologist.

After several tests, he will be able to accurately determine the cause and type of illness. Pityriasis rosea, whatever it was called, it is recommended not to treat and just wait it out.

Within six to eight weeks he is alone. Moreover, a self-administered ointment, or those who helped a neighbor or other person in the network, in any case can not be used without a doctor’s prescription.

This is such a strange disease most likely to worsen from most of the ointments and patches.

They can also increase in size, merge and become moist, which complicates further treatment.

Of additional methods can be assigned antihistamines to relieve itching and alcohol tincture in order to dry the affected area.

As a conclusion, we can say that ringworm in the groin is more likely to appear in children, adolescents, and men.

I recommend to watch an interesting video about the redness in your groin men:

In women the probability of disease in this area a little less. The nature of the appearance of this disease may be quite different.

It is important at the first questionable manifestations on the skin immediately consult a physician.

After conducting a few tests he will be able to determine the nature of the disease. And then will be assigned a treatment plan and support arrangements.

You need to clearly understand the similarity of all the types of pathologies that they appear on the background of lowering the body’s resistance in the first place it is necessary to strengthen the immune system and try to maintain it at a high level.

Also in the treatment of lichen it is necessary to observe simple rules of hygiene, do not share anyone’s personal items and to avoid stressful situations and nervous tension.

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Recommended for a while to remove allergenic foods from your diet, and give preference to proteins, wholesome carbohydrates, and fresh vegetables. Take care of yourself!