Ringworm on face: how dangerous is the disease?

Лишай на лице: чем опасно заболевание для человека?Good day, dear readers! Who of us in childhood did not bring home a kitten from the street or puppy?

And it happened that this good thing ended in trouble for the whole family. Today we’ll talk about ringworm and its appearance on the face.

Can a lesion in the neck and mouth to spread to another area? How to distinguish pityriasis rosea from simple more complicated and dangerous is ringworm?

We will try to accurately answer these and similar questions, outlining everything clearly and easy to understand especially for you.

What is the disease?

Лишай на лице: чем опасно заболевание для человека?Ringworm is a collective name that combines symptoms of different origin.

Usually caused by fungi, viruses, allergens, and other causes. Pathology can appear on any area of the body, and some of its species and on the mucous membranes.

A feature of the study is that appearing in one place, after a while it can occur elsewhere on the body.

Individual species are a serious danger for the organism, while others are perfectly safe.

In the selection of photos you can see the most common form of this disease.

Now we’ll look at the herpes, that can hit both the face and body in humans.

Pityriasis rosea

Лишай на лице: чем опасно заболевание для человека?In medicine it is considered the least dangerous, nevertheless finding him on the body, contact with others can carry the infection, as it is considered infectious.

If the disease appeared at the child, then children’s institutions to visit until full recovery is not necessary.

This form of the disease to be treated rather quickly at home with ointments, which the consultation you will be prescribed the doctor.

The first signs of pink lichen is a round scaly patches on the body of different size, having a reddish hue.

He is rarely on the face, but can affect the limbs, back, stomach, and other places on the body. More rarely, but also possible, pityriasis rosea – a consequence of allergies.

Treatment pink kind is to relieve the patient’s condition, not to comb the center and to observe all the rules of hygiene.

To relieve itching a doctor may prescribe antihistamines, and on the sore spot better than periodically applying cabbage leaf.

There are many methods of treatment of spots, but they usually go away on their own within eight weeks.

In their place are formed dark-brown marks, who also will do themselves in about a month.

Below are the key rules that their compliance will accelerate the positive momentum:

  • adoption of a bathtub, replace shower, and means for throttling – baby soap;
  • eliminate the need to stay in direct sunlight;
  • synthetic clothes and underwear – to be replaced with clothing from natural fabrics;
  • to prevent excessive sweating of the skin;
  • adjust menu so that clean products-allergens.
  • be sure to consult with your doctor.
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Pityriasis versicolor

Лишай на лице: чем опасно заболевание для человека?He still has the name colored, and characterized by a high level of sweating. It is localized in the armpits, back, stomach, neck and chest.

The disease is not considered a contagious disease and isolate the sick, there is no need, but if measures are not taken, the lesions of the skin will easily move to the head and face.

External signs of tinea versicolor – maroon scaly patches, which over the disease are white.

The causative agent in this case is yeast fungus. As a rule, colored deprive ill patients are predisposed to it.

As treatment using an antifungal ointment which is applied daily to the affected area. In more complex situations, resorted to similar products in tablets.

To prevent reinfection on hot days, be sure to wipe the skin acid solution or salicylic acid. Washing clothes at a high temperature and then iron iron.


Лишай на лице: чем опасно заболевание для человека?Caused by the causative agent of varicella. A refresher on her last being in a latent state in the nerve cells.

But in very rare cases, the agent can give a reaction on the skin in that area, which is responsible for a specific nerve.

It is expressed in small spots in a small area that hurt and itch. It should be treated to avoid complications that mainly concern the elderly, and can be quite serious.

Immediately after diagnosis, compulsory admission of antiviral drugs during the week. Sore spots is unnecessary to touch, scratch and RUB.

Applying any ointments contraindicated, as it can slow your recovery.

Herpes zoster dangerous and contagious only for people who have not had chicken pox previously.

Lichen planus

Лишай на лице: чем опасно заболевание для человека?It affects only adults after the age of 40, mostly women. Dark red nodular pimples, filled with watery clear liquid inside, bringing severe discomfort and itching.

Its causes are still unclear, but they are tracked diseases, against which it can appear:

  • cirrhosis of the liver;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • gastritis;
  • stomach ulcers and other problems of the digestive organs.

He observed not only on the body but also the nails and mucous membranes. Hitting the face, the disease is usually localized near the lips and on the chin.

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Therapy of lichen planus depend on where it location. For example, on the skin – is assigned an antifungal cream which also relieves itching and treat wounds.

If localization of the lesion in the mouth – apply laser and other methods of physiotherapy. On the genitals – use of hormonal ointment and antifungal candles, and hair covering – based ointment corticosteroids.

It is important that if you do not treat this species in a timely manner, the hair may not be restored in this place for ever.


Лишай на лице: чем опасно заболевание для человека?Highly contagious disease is most common in children aged 5 to 14 years. The main way of infection is called everyday objects and animals:

  • contact with sick cats, dogs and other street animals;
  • clothes, towels, linen, combs;
  • direct contact with an infected person.

Contact with patients with this pathology should be excluded, since the probability of «catching» the problem is much higher than other similar pathologies.

The lesion of this disease is the following:

  • the folds on the body, mainly inguinal and axillary;
  • feet;
  • the nail plate of the hands and feet;
  • palms and hands;
  • face.

The occurrence of ringworm on scalp:

  • Formed flake circumference, which is almost identical in color, but there is a similarity with dandruff.
  • Barely noticeable thinning hair inside the circle.
  • Further, there is a slight redness and formation of small watery pimples.
  • Formed a yellowish brown, slight itching.
  • As the disease, the hair begins to break off, as if they exactly had her hair cut at this place.
  • The spot diameter may increase in size up to 10 inches in diameter.
  • When this disease appears on the smooth skin.

  • The main problem of the appearance of ringworm on the body is not to confuse it with the pink, they are virtually identical. The only difference is that the pink goes away in a couple months, and cutting — can be on the body over the years. Also pityriasis rosea on the face does not happen, whereas ringworm on the face and neck is a popular place after the head.
  • Another distinctive feature is a more pronounced pink circle, but light inside.
  • The progression of the disease necessarily gives rise to these circles.
  • It is usually accompanied by itching.
  • Лишай на лице: чем опасно заболевание для человека?Ringworm can be in the chronic form. As a rule, it occurs in women, and often it suggests that he was not treated in childhood.

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    The disease appears due to hormonal imbalance and reduced immunity. It is localized on the temples and the back of the head, hairy parts, on elbows and hands — smooth skin and nails, making them dull and gray.

    Deep ringworm, you can only get from animals. It is located on the head and all the already known symptoms add to the temperature and enlargement of lymph nodes.

    Treatment of ringworm directly depends on its variety and location. It can be anti-fungal shampoos and ointments.

    For processing in the morning is assigned to iodine, and at night sulphur ointment. But the basis of therapy rests take an internal drug that kills the fungus during weekly tests.

    Even when tests show the absence of the pathogen, continue to take medication for two weeks, reducing the dose.


    Лишай на лице: чем опасно заболевание для человека?We’ll examine the main types of such complex and at the same time different diseases such as ringworm. Not every kind of it appears on the face, but each emerged source of inflammation in its own threat and requires a certain therapy.

    Most important, perhaps, in the case of dermatosis is a clear diagnosis. It is recommended to make an appointment to the dermatologist and hand over all necessary analyses to determine what ringworm is.

    Treatment there are fundamentally different: what can and should be applied in one case is strictly prohibited in another.

    As prevention it is important hygiene and immune support are two important rules that can prevent such unpleasant disease.

    And I recommend everyone to watch an interesting video about the disease:

    Be always healthy!