Ringworm on leg: for treatment of the disease it is important to observe rules of personal hygiene

Лишай на ноге: для лечения заболевания важно соблюдать правила личной гигиеныDear readers, welcome to our website, dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. In this article I will continue the topic denying.

Ringworm is a group of skin diseases that are similar according to certain characteristics, but mainly are different in nature and prognosis.

Pityriasis rosea

Disease infectious-allergic nature. In humans, the course is always chronic, with periods of exacerbation and most often in autumn and spring.

Ringworm on the foot looks like a small round spot that grows on the periphery, reaching 1-2 cm in diameter.

Лишай на ноге: для лечения заболевания важно соблюдать правила личной гигиеныHalf of the patients the disease begins with the formation of one plaque, the so-called parent, it is larger than the other, reaches 5 cm, bright pink.

There it is 7-10 days, after which it is subject to the screenings. In a few days the skin becomes the center of the spots yellowish, wrinkled, cracked to form small scales.

They gradually sloughed off, and around the spot remains a halo of small scales. The spots are pink in color, so resemble medallions.

Healing takes place with the formation of the spots with Hypo or hyperpigmentation. In the future, they pass without a trace.

Rarely because of the peculiarities of the immune system of the patient may appear not only stains, but also nodules and blisters.

Localization: chest, abdomen, groin, shoulders, hips, neck.

Rarely the disease is accompanied by itching.

How to treat?

Лишай на ноге: для лечения заболевания важно соблюдать правила личной гигиеныPityriasis rosea, a common opinion of most experts, does not require specific therapy. The disease takes its toll.

The main thing — to observe the regime. First of all it concerns nutrition: avoid foods that can cause allergies. It’s spicy, sweet, pickles, smoked meat, pickles, citrus fruits.

Apply process when bathing, so it is recommended during the period of sickness to abandon water treatment. This is especially true for fans of public baths, saunas, swimming pools.

Refuse synthetic underwear, tight washcloths and towels.

If the lesions pink lichen grow in size as prophylaxis, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics and antihistamines.

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Applied topically can mash, creams, ointments with anti-inflammatory effect, as well as those that contain the hormones of the adrenal cortex.

The prognosis is favorable, but may vary if there is secondary infection of the lesions.


Лишай на ноге: для лечения заболевания важно соблюдать правила личной гигиеныDisease with secondary endogenous nature, that is, develops in people who have had chickenpox in the latent or severe clinical form.

The pathogen remains in the nerve nodes, and under unfavorable conditions, the disease recurs. Most often in the elderly, immunocompromised individuals.

The initial phase of illness accompanied by fever and other General symptoms: headache, dyspepsia, malaise. In the field of future eruptions, that is, in the course of nerve trunks, there is paresthesia, burning, or itching.

The rash starts with exanthema. She reaches 2-5 mm., and then on its background appear small vesicles closely located, inside contain serous fluid.

Elements located on the red edematous background. The child may be inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. In addition, it is possible to palpate enlarged regional lymph nodes.

Herpes zoster has a specific location: between ribs (along the intercostal nerves), in the course of the facial or trigeminal nerve, at least in the region of the genitals (photo).

The treatment of this disease is more symptomatic in nature. Mandatory specific antiviral drugs are: acyclovir, famciclovir and valacyclovir.

These drugs are advised to take in the first 72 hours, then the therapeutic effect will be maximal:

  • Decreases the intensity of the pain;
  • Reduce the period of lesions;
  • Antiviral drugs contribute to the rapid fading of the rash;
  • Prevent the spread to other areas of the body and the dissemination of the virus.
  • In mild antiviral prescribed in pill form, and topically applied ointments with the same components (acyclovir ointment).

    The course is usually 5 days, and if you want to appoint a short course of corticosteroids, but under the guise of acyclovir.

    Symptomatic treatment is to eliminate pain syndrome. For this prescribed analgesics, narcotic sometimes (for example, severe pain when inflammation of the trigeminal nerve). Also use topical preparations, lidocaine blockade.

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    Change the contents of the bubbles on suppurative tells about the accession of a bacterial infection. In such cases, therapy add antibiotics.

    Lichen planus

    Лишай на ноге: для лечения заболевания важно соблюдать правила личной гигиеныLichen planus is characterized by the same type, the same rash. Papules can occur not only in skin but also in mucous membranes of the mouth and border of the lips.

    Looks like ringworm? Elements of the rash are the same: flat elements with a shiny surface, color pink-purple or crimson-red, in the center of the retraction.

    Sizes small — up to 2-3 mm. Localization: on the extensor surfaces of the hands, the rash may appear on the foot, especially on the inner thighs, in the inguinal and axillary areas.

    How to get rid of lichen? Treatment need to focus on the distribution process, condition of the patient, localization of the lesions.

    In the first place is a diet with the exception of allergenic foods.

    The patient is prescribed a sedative, sometimes even tranquilizers, physiotherapy recommended electric.

    Pronounced prevalence of the process leads to the appointment of antiviral and antibacterial agents. Also prescribe a complex vitamins.

    Long for cropped corticosteroid, prescribed electrophoresis, diathermy, UHF, diadynamic currents.

    A good effect is achieved by the use of local applications with paraffin and ozocerite, mud therapy. Pockets of grease corticosteroid ointments, chloral hydrate and resorcinol.


    Лишай на ноге: для лечения заболевания важно соблюдать правила личной гигиеныThe disease has a purely fungal in nature, carriers of the pathogen are mainly children and animals.

    Characteristic rash: inflammatory foci of round shape, red color, in the center of the stain peeling.

    The periphery is characterized by a swelling and the presence of scales. The lesions will spread, increase in size at the periphery, forming bizarre shapes.

    If the affected scalp, the lesions appear as circular spots, erythema and peeling is not very pronounced. On a level of 1-2 mm. is breaking of hair.

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    There is a chronic form of ringworm. She is accompanied by the appearance in the neck and temples bare patches, broken hairs at the skin level, which look like black dots.

    The skin over knee joints, you may notice bluish spots, minor flaking, fungal infection of nails. Such forms are observed in individuals with pathology of endocrine and sexual glands.

    Treatment consists in the appointment of antifungal drugs. Long-term therapy — up to 4-6 weeks.

    Often drugs are prescribed in the form of ointments, sometimes in the form of oral forms. The treatment gives quick effect while respecting diet and hygiene.

    Sometimes the physician can be applied corticosteroid creams for local purposes.

    Local medicines ointments are preferred since they have a firmer texture, longer to be absorbed, providing a therapeutic effect.

    Chronic form of ringworm is treated with immune drugs, shock doses of vitamins b and C.

    Delayed treatment leads to chronicity of the process, so it is important to seek medical assistance when the first symptoms of the disease.

    I recommend to spend 3 minutes of your time to view this video which describes in detail all the types of lichen:

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