Ringworm on the head: classical and more complex treatment regimens

Лишай на голове: классические и более сложные схемы леченияWelcome, dear readers of our portal about skin!

The epidermis of the head is different from the cover on the body, and when the hairy part felt itching and discomfort need to be especially careful.

These symptoms are easily confused with a rather unpleasant disease, which now will be discussed with ringworm.

How does he look?

It starts with explicit pink spots. It is surrounded by slightly swollen border reddish color.

For this circle there are small pimples, which you can see the yellowish liquid. Over time the swelling subsides and spot inside acquires a scaly appearance.

Hair thinning first, and then break off at a distance of 1-2 mm from the skin. Inside the ring, you may receive another ring, and if the disease is not treated, in dilapidated condition, it has a state of weeping.

It should also be noted that ringworm usually one hearth is complete and the inflammation may appear as a primary, first encountered by the spot, and in other parts of the body.

In the photo you can see how often looks like ringworm on his head.

The causes of disease

Лишай на голове: классические и более сложные схемы леченияThe culprit of the disease is a fungus that gets on the skin and feed on keratin. But you need to know that the child with a strong immune system, to multiply, he will not.

Thus, we see that as shingles in children and adults caused by the emergence of fungal microflora on the scalp, which begins to multiply there.

The infection occurs through contact with a sick person or animal. The fungus that provokes the development of ringworm propagated as a person, and on the skin of animals.

There are three groups of ringworm: superficial, deep and chronic. They are slightly different in appearance, and treatment regimen may also be different.

  • Surface. Appears on the smooth skin as pink curves and affects most often the face and neck. It starts with spots surrounded by a cushion on the perimeter, and with disease, and covered with small pimples along the edge, which then turn into scabs. If left untreated, the spots grow more in size, and their number increases.
  • Chronic. Is localized on any part of the body, including the scalp. But unlike other forms of ringworm, has no pronounced inflammatory process. Spots small, slightly pink color with a diameter of about a half centimeter, and sometimes can itch.
  • Deep. Located on the scalp and reaches the size up to ten inches in diameter. The spots have a bright red color and different purulent moist environment. After the start of treatment, after some time, the hearth is covered with dark brown crust and starts to dry out.
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    Treatment of ringworm

    Лишай на голове: классические и более сложные схемы леченияFirst, let’s focus on the fact that the treatment started in a timely manner, has all the chances of success and reduces the risk of relapse to a minimum.

    Therefore, the first suspicious signs on the skin should be a signal to refer to a dermatologist.

    Classical scheme of treatment of this disease is simple:

    • remove all hair from the affected area;
    • in the morning apply iodine;
    • in the evening apply the sulphur ointment.

    But when we are dealing with a more complex case or untimely beginning of treatment the doctor finds a more complex scheme, which consists of antifungal drugs inside and externally as an ointment.

    Compliance with important rules

    The appearance of lichen on the head to wash hair, must be treated carefully. It is not recommended to wash your hair more often than once a week.

    Dishwashing you need to find natural products without chemical preservatives and harmful fragrances. Best of all, if it is tar soap and tar shampoo.

    Лишай на голове: классические и более сложные схемы лечения

    As not to confuse ringworm with other types of

    All inflammation of the skin have similar symptoms but treatment for them is different. To do this, below we list the manifestations of other varieties of this illness:

  • Pityriasis versicolor. It starts with pink spots, which are located on the body, but after some time, stains tend to darken or become lighter. Pityriasis versicolor, as it is called, usually affects the folds on the body and on the head is quite rare. This colored disease rarely occurs in young people, more prone to it men and women age.
  • Lichen planus. He is still developing in people older than 40 years. The rash may affect the head and body and even mucous membranes. But unlike ringworm, red flat expressed separate red pimples which bring severe itching and discomfort.
  • Shingles. Also evident acne with liquid inside. But occurs in people older than 70 years and has a viral nature. Pimples localized, usually on the chest and back, although rarely may appear on other sites.
  • Pink zoster. Very similar to cutting pink scaly patches, but almost never on the head. Place of inflammation are usually found on the legs, stomach, back and arms.
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    Even understanding the differences between forms of the disease, with the appearance of suspicious skin changes should immediately make an appointment with a dermatologist.

    The peculiarities of disease in children

    In principle, the symptoms in children are similar to the classic manifestation of the disease except that the symptoms are less pronounced.

    Also children often adults exposed to infection from contact with animals and visiting teams. And as you know, ringworm is one of the most disseminated pathologies of the skin.

    Prevention of the disease

    Лишай на голове: классические и более сложные схемы леченияPreventive measures most important in order to avoid infection. It is important to remember that a sick man is not to have contact with healthy people and to visit public places for a while. Of preventive measures, we highlight the following:

    • hygiene is particularly important, namely, after visiting the streets and before eating need to wash hands with soap and water;
    • no need to use someone else’s clothing, footwear and headgear;
    • towels, combs and other items intended solely for personal and private use;
    • the high resistance of the organism.

    The last point is the most important factor, not only to prevent lichen, and for the state of the organism as a whole.

    The fact that the processes occurring in the body, arranged so that any bacteria never take hold in the skin, if a person has a strong immune system. A healthy body can defend itself against diseases.

    So, to maintain immunity you need to eat right, eliminate alcohol and nicotine, to stick to the drinking regime, avoiding dehydration at the cellular level and try to lead a healthy lifestyle in General.

    In day mode you need to include basic gymnastics and walks in the fresh air. Important healthy sleep is about eight hours per night. If possible – avoid stress and nervous tension.


    Any kind of lichen treated for a long time. Cutting – several months. Most important, the appearance of suspicious spots will be access to a doctor and depending on many factors and the character of manifestation of the disease doctor will prescribe the optimal treatment regimen.

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    The treatment is accompanied by weekly test of the scales from the affected area. Even after negative test results, therapy should be continued for some time to avoid re-infection.

    So in conclusion of the article offer to your attention an interesting video about the disease:

    Be healthy!