Ringworm on the penis: what experts advise for the treatment of disease?

Лишай на члене: что советуют специалисты для лечения болезни?Hello! Today we tell about the spread of lichen on the genitals, methods of treatment and diagnosis.

What could be spots on the genitals?

Ringworm on the penis may indicate such diseases: lichen planus, lichen Gibert (pink), and sklerosiruuschem lichen, or disease of white spots. Take a closer look at the first two types of the disease.

Pityriasis rosea Gibert is a disease with infectious-allergic nature, manifested spotty rash all over the body.

On average, the illness lasts 4 to 6 weeks, sometimes up to six months. Despite the name, this kind of relates to depriving not contagious, that is non-contagious.

Pityriasis versicolor occurs in individuals who have had infectious diseases with failure of the immune system, severe disorders of the endocrine system and gastrointestinal tract.

The nature of lichen are unknown, some believe that his development is herpes virus type 7, and 6th.

This is confirmed by the detection of the pathogen in an active form in patients. But the most accepted view is the decline of immune factors protect patients against acute infection in autumn and spring.

I recommend you to read this article where we talked about folk methods of treatment of this disease.

How to manifest?

Лишай на члене: что советуют специалисты для лечения болезни?The main symptom of lichen are spots. It’s small elements of round or oval shape, pink color.

First, they are small, but gradually increasing, reaching 1-2 cm in diameter. Before the appearance of spots on the penis patients reported the presence of one of the large spots on the body, which experts call the parent.

Its size is two times more than the children. Within 7-10 days the whole body, including the genital skin, there are eliminations.

At first the rash is bright pink, and then spots in the center yellow, and the skin on the surface becomes wrinkled, cracking with the formation of many scales.

After they all come down the center of the spot becomes pink, and on the periphery of a rim of scales. So that the spots resemble seal or medallions (above photo).

Healing occurs with the formation of age spots, they can be light or dark. On the passage of time, the pigmentation disappears.

Pityriasis rosea has a cyclic period of, so on the patient’s body can be seen spots of different stages of development. 2-3 weeks may occur up to 10 new outbreaks of rashes.

That may bother the patient? Usually subjective feelings do not happen, except for minor itching.

After infection there is a strong immune system, so re-flashes is not observed, except in severe cases immunocompromised.

Лишай на члене: что советуют специалисты для лечения болезни?Treat pityriasis rosea on the penis mainly the normalization of lifestyle. Experts say that the disease itself takes place in 2 months.

Therefore, it is important to follow a diet that is based on hypoallergenic products, because the disease has allergic start.

Also it is necessary to limit the time of reception of water procedures are only allowed to shower without washcloths and wiping with rough towel, so as not to spread the infection all over the body.

If the lesion reaches a considerable size, it is possible to apply a cream with antibiotics, corticosteroids, mash and the means to care for dry skin.

The outcome is almost always favorable, if not joined by secondary bacterial flora.

The second disease, which is manifested by spots on the visible mucous tissues and the skin — lichen planus.

Spot including are formed on the glans penis, causing a lot of fear in the patient.

A little bit about the disease

Лишай на члене: что советуют специалисты для лечения болезни?It can be found in different age groups, but is more common in individuals aged 40 to 60 years. The reason is the failure of the immune system and the regulation of metabolism.

One reason to call does not succeed because experts confirm the nerve, the virus and the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract.

Manifestations are mostly cutaneous. Rash papular, the elements are flat, their color varies from crimson-pink to reddish and purple.

When the side light is clearly seen that the surface of the shiny spots, and if you grease them with vegetable oil on the surface of the lines appear white, resembling a twisted web.

DermatosisЛишай на члене: что советуют специалисты для лечения болезни? can be accompanied by itching. After recovery remain spots of hyperpigmentation.

Lichen planus can affect all areas of the body, including the groin, genitals, there is about a quarter of patients.

Thus manifestations on the skin of the body may not be. Spots on the penis look like a point light opal color of the papules, which can be grouped together.

In men, genital often found atypical form of red flat zoster. Ringworm on the penis manifests itself in the form of rings, Recalling in appearance the papules in syphilis.

Difference is the smaller size, the lack of gray-white plaque, a negative Wasserman reaction.

Treatment of lichen planus localized on the mucous membranes, is primarily in the diet.

I recommend to watch the four-minute video, where in such a short period of time given comprehensive information about this disease:

Of drugs prescribed a sedative to calm the nervous system, b vitamins and R. Given an allergic background, a widely prescribed antihistamine, immune means.

If General measures do not yield results, prescribe ointments or creams with hormones of the adrenal cortex.

Sometimes it helps a sticking plaster on the lesions of lichen with a preliminary application of hormonal ointments.

Of topical drugs you can use ointment, alcohol products that contain anti-inflammatory component.

To influence on the nervous system used the electroscope, and inductothermy — lesions.

The doctor should pay attention to these patients, carefully examine the nervous system, condition of endocrine organs, immunity. The obtained results will allow to choose the most appropriate therapy.

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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