Ringworm: what means the most popular and effective against the disease?

Стригущий лишай: какие средства наиболее популярны и эффективны против болезни?Hello, our dear readers! I remember as a child at the sight of a homeless animal all frightened: «do Not touch, and suddenly it lilinoe!».

Today we will talk about what is this disease, what features it has and how it is treated by modern physicians.

To have an idea about the signs inherent in strigosum deprive, take a look at the photo. The collection presents classic symptoms.


Стригущий лишай: какие средства наиболее популярны и эффективны против болезни?The incubation period ranges from several days to two months, depending on the overall condition of the body and immune system.

We will tell you about the most common symptoms and what symptoms are characteristic of this pathology:

  • the hairline, this usually occurs on the head, causing spots right round or oval in shape whose size may reach 5 cm in diameter;
  • the hair in this area break off, making ringworm is so named;
  • on the smooth skin such spots are covered with scales;
  • around the circuit there is a reddish elevation of the cushion;
  • in cases complicated by streptococcal infection, and this occurs when the infection of a wound, the plaque may have a festering, oozing and yellow crust.

It is believed that the spot on the head diameter is smaller than the appearance on his smooth skin.

Rollers in the form of rings that are present on the contour can be covered with pimples and one such ring is not limited.

No discomfort, apart from the aesthetic, the patient is not experiencing. Ringworm usually does not cause itching and pain.

What’s going on?

Стригущий лишай: какие средства наиболее популярны и эффективны против болезни?The causative agent of the disease, and this fungi Trichophytosis and Microsporia, gets on the skin.

Before they begin to multiply, it may take several weeks.

The organism infects the hair follicle from a person that actually gives a symptom of the broken hairs.

Feeding on root hairs, the fungus does not allow to develop normally to hair and makes them non-viable, and healthy skin constitutes a wound.

Ways of infection

Стригущий лишай: какие средства наиболее популярны и эффективны против болезни?This disease is considered the most quickly and easily distributed as a from person to person and from animal.

Ringworm has a more complex form, when he acquired from an infected dog, cat, or other stray animals. Infection usually occurs in the following way:

  • by direct contact;
  • using household items;
  • through personal hygiene items such as comb, towel, bedding and other.

The animal can also be infected by contact. Often without a detailed examination impossible to determine cutaneous pathology, and in order to «catch» shingles, it is sufficient to Pat the pet.

Still, there are cases when mothers leave in the entrance of the stroller, and it is a popular place for cats to sleep there.

Believe me, for quite a short time, she was able to leave enough scales for infection. And the child the disease may be held in complex form.

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Стригущий лишай: какие средства наиболее популярны и эффективны против болезни?Typically, to determine ringworm enough visual inspection of the doctor. But it is important not to miss areas where the body may have some additional plaques may hardly noticeable.

For this purpose, the following methods.

  • Wood lamp or fluorescent diagnostics. Skin to examine under the light. Areas affected by fungus will be lit.
  • Microscopic examination. Scraping scales from the affected part subjected to study through a microscope, under which is found the fungus.
  • Also the scales are sown for further research to determine exactly what microorganism takes place in this case.
  • The difficulty in diagnosis

    Стригущий лишай: какие средства наиболее популярны и эффективны против болезни?With self-treatment, which is unacceptable in the case of ringworm, the patient is often confused with eczema.

    And hormonal ointment, as you know not only has no positive effect, but also may cause harm.

    As a result, come from people running the situation, the treatment of which can last for a long time.

    Visiting the doctor in a timely manner, you will know the nature of the disease and have a clear treatment plan.

    Treatment pharmacy means

    The standard regimen consists of the following simple measures:

    • remove all of hairs by means of tweezers;
    • applying iodine to the wound;
    • lubrication anti-fungal ointment.

    Such a scheme should be adhered to the patient during a certain period of time, and in any case not be interrupted.

    In parallel, the doctor prescribes weekly tests scales and the presence of the fungus. The hairs need to continue to constantly remove, so we create the conditions for the life of the causative agent.

    Physical therapy

    Стригущий лишай: какие средства наиболее популярны и эффективны против болезни?Sessions local impact on the affected area very popular, because such an effect has a good effect for a speedy recovery.

    Apply the following physiotherapy treatments:

    • ultraviolet irradiation;
    • the effects of high frequencies;
    • photophoresis;
    • electrophoresis;
    • microwave treatment.

    As a rule, the doctor prescribes 10-14 sessions of one of the above methods.

    Traditional medicine

    Стригущий лишай: какие средства наиболее популярны и эффективны против болезни?Widespread because of its availability and cheapness. But we need to focus on the fact that even such methods of treatment of ringworm must be approved by your doctor.

  • A compress of crushed garlic. Clove of garlic you want to grind into mush and wrapped in cheesecloth to be applied to the affected area for 15-20 minutes during the day;
  • Raisins. The affected area is wiped with a berry raisin, pre-cut in half.
  • Condensation from sweating of Windows during weather changes, is removed and applied to a wound. This method works when wiping make so often that you do not allow to dry out spot.
  • Rye flour, on the advice of our grandmothers, copes with the disease, received from animal.
  • Prisypanija depriving of Smoking tobacco, will help to quickly get rid of the disease.
  • Gum plum, mixed with vinegar is applied in the form of lotions lichinga lesions several times a day.
  • The ashes of the faded sunflower seeds, without the seeds. You should remove all the seeds and burn the hat. Ashes to lubricate the sore spot in the morning and evening.
  • Hot water – it should throw the spot a few times a day.
  • Paper the fat that is formed after the burning of a newspaper or a notebook page, use morning and evening.
  • Apple cider vinegar in the form of lotions need to be applied 8-10 times per day, including at night.
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    Methods of folk medicine for ringworm there are many more. Here and extract of celandine, and immature walnut, and decoctions of various herbs, and even conspiracy.

    But using any of them, you should regularly visit the doctor so that he could track the dynamics.

    When correctly selected, a suitable means, within a week you will notice the difference between what the state of the plaque was then and looks like a stain now, after the taken measures.


    Стригущий лишай: какие средства наиболее популярны и эффективны против болезни?How to avoid getting ringworm strigosum if he had children, or one of adult members of the family?

    Dangerous the initial stage of the disease during the incubation period, when no external symptoms yet.

    We will present you a number of recommendations, following which it is possible not only to stay out of infection, with a sick family member, but in General, to protect themselves from the disease.

  • Hygiene. Because the disease is spread among children that not every parent teaches a child to wash their hands after the street, before eating and after using the toilet. Ringworm can be called the disease of dirty hands and time using soap, you can protect yourself and your child from many problems.
  • Need to tell children about the risk of Contracting ringworm from animals. By the way, not only deprive the threat of stray dogs. They can behave aggressively and harm the baby.
  • You should not change your personal items such as towel, comb, Slippers, pillowcases, hats, and other anyone from home. These things are designed purely for use by one person.
  • Household items are subject to regular disinfection, if the case of infection is in the house, someone from the family members. The apartment in General, it is important to maintain cleanliness and timely to do a wet cleaning, this will help keep not only comfort but also the health of the household.
  • When visiting swimming pools, saunas, baths and other public areas don’t forget to take them after a shower, be sure to, using soap.
  • Bedding must be washable at high temperatures and essential Ironing. Skin diseases get high spread, including the fact that modern Housewives stopped using iron.
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    Recommendations to speed up recovery

    Стригущий лишай: какие средства наиболее популярны и эффективны против болезни?In addition to prescribed by dermatologist therapy, it is important to follow additional recommendations. They will greatly speed up the recovery and will have a positive impact on the condition of the body:

    • replace lying in a bathtub with shower, you should not give soak Lisinym plaque;
    • synthetic clothes it is necessary to prefer things made of natural fabrics;
    • drink at least two liters of water a day, it greatly accelerates metabolic processes, including those of the epidermis;
    • to comply with hypoallergenic diet;
    • sleep sufficient amount of time;
    • eliminate alcohol;
    • to prevent excessive sweating;
    • to strengthen the immune system.

    In General, the correct approach recovery will not keep itself waiting long, and the first improvement you will notice after a few days.


    Стригущий лишай: какие средства наиболее популярны и эффективны против болезни?Ringworm is a very contagious disease. Infection can occur as from a sick animal, and human.

    It is important not to miss the beginning of the disease and in time to see a doctor. Accurate diagnosis is an important aspect prior to treatment.

    Keeping all doctor appointments, it applies to drugs, and physiotherapy, as well as General recommendations, prognosis cure positive.

    Don’t forget to pass tests showing the presence of the fungus in the scales. Only after a negative result, two weeks later, it will be possible to stop processing of the patient area. Health to you, and stay with us!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)