Rowan warts: a simple and effective method of treatment

Hello, dear readers! Those who during life had warts, you know what discomfort they deliver.

These formations interfere with, create a lot of complexes in a human which does not know how to deal with them. To get rid of the rash is a dream of many people, having tried many unsuccessful ways.

Today we will talk about the effective technique is Rowan warts. Its main advantage is that it is simple and does not require financial costs.

Useful properties

Рябина от бородавок: простой и эффективный способ леченияRowan berries consist of proteins, carbohydrates, and organic acids. This plant includes many useful vitamins and minerals.

For example, provitamin A in fruits a lot more than in carrots, and vitamin C than citrus.

So Rowan is widely used in medicine for the treatment of many diseases. Made from fruit juices, jams, jellies.

Treatment of rash with Rowan berries is carried out as follows:

  • You need to take fresh fruits of plants.
  • The berries need to be cut into two parts.
  • One half of the cut part is applied to education and secured with adhesive to Rowan does not come loose.
  • Treated this way every day for weeks. Your rash will go high after eight days.

    Many people wonder why using a simple ash can get rid of the wart in such a short time. These formations – quite a mysterious thing.

    Their causes must be scrutinized, that is not always possible. Sometimes treatment with medication is not as effective as treatment in a simple way, because the doctors are prescribed to take and antiviral agents, and immunomodulatory, and vitamins.

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    As a result, we take a lot of drugs, which is not very good for the body. It is important that proven traditional methods can really help.

    A mixture of fruits of mountain ash

    Рябина от бородавок: простой и эффективный способ леченияPositive feedback many people talking about the effectiveness of for the treatment of warts of the mixture of fruits of mountain ash. Chop the fruit and wet skin.

    Night should make a compress of a mixture and apply on the problem area, covering the top with plastic. In the morning the compress should be removed. Warts will disappear within a week.

    Important! The use of Rowan berries is contraindicated for people who have problems with blood clotting, disease of the circulatory system, and increased acidity. Before you start treatment with ash, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

    Warts are very diverse. They are flat, threadlike, common. They are formed also in different areas than bothersome.

    Very often warts occur in children, which may be due to congenital factors. Virus transmission can occur in utero or during birth. If the expectant mother has warts on the intimate places, then, to avoid the infection is cesarean.

    Causes of warts

    Рябина от бородавок: простой и эффективный способ леченияThe appearance of the formations caused by the human papilloma virus, which is rapidly propagated in our skin.

    Consequently, the upper layer of the skin begins to evolve.

    Find out exactly where exactly you picked up HPV very difficult, as he can be in a passive state.

    The main cause of warts is the reduction of the immune system. This may be due to stress, allergies, chronic diseases, poor diet, abuse of alcohol and Smoking.

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    Methods of transmission of HPV

    • interaction with a carrier of the virus, which may not be entities;
    • using the same household items;
    • HPV can enter the body through manicure tools failure to observe the rules of disinfection;
    • be infected with HPV is also possible in the pool, sauna, gym;
    • by sexual contact.

    So, the main factors of the formations is the HPV virus and reduce the immune system. You have warts speaks primarily about lowered immunity.

    Рябина от бородавок: простой и эффективный способ леченияTogether with the removal of lesions with the help of Rowan, reassess your way of life. Watch your diet, it should be rich in vitamins, trace elements, protein foods.

    Immunocompromised persons should not sit on a diet, it will only harm health. Better to exercise and eat right.

    You also need to minimize contact with objects of General use in public areas: the pool and sauna is best to visit on special shoes. You should also strictly adhere to the rules of personal hygiene: do not use other people’s combs, towels, etc.

    The very appearance of entities is an important signal that indicates the presence of problems in the body. Of course, the protective forces of the body require support, therefore it is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Despite the fact that today in medicine there are many methods getting rid of warts, it is better that the immune system cope with everything. Good day dear readers, be well!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)