Salicylic alcohol with chicken pox will help or not?

Салициловый спирт при ветрянке: поможет или нет?Hello, dear readers. Salicylic alcohol while chickenpox can be used in some cases. If the disease develops in a lightweight form, it is better instead to use a more gentle antiseptic.

But if watery Valderice festering and chickenpox have become bullous, then without salicylic alcohol is not enough. About how salicylic alcohol is used in the pox and why it is prescribed, I will tell you in the article. Happy reading!

What is salicylic alcohol?

It is a known antiseptic preparation based on salicylic acid. Its main properties useful to bullous ill and the usual chicken pox:

  • dries;
  • relieves inflammation;
  • disinfects;
  • speeds up the healing process;
  • prevents suppuration;
  • kills pathogenic bacteria.

Salicilico (in common) can be purchased at any pharmacy. The price of this alcohol solution is equivalent to 20-30 RUB Agree, this price is affordable for everyone today. Universal antiseptic will help to speed up the healing process of skin rashes and prevent complications.

The application and precautions

If chicken pox the baby is developing in the light of the standard form, salicylic alcohol to smear the pimples do not need. Remember that alcohol is an aggressive drug that can severely dry the skin.

Салициловый спирт при ветрянке: поможет или нет?Sensitive skin in children and without that is often dry due to harmful factors of the environment. Traumatize her further aggressive drug is not worth it.

Salicylal to cauterize festering Valderice once. The treatment can be repeated after a couple of days. Use this tool regularly I would not recommend.

The drug applied to the skin is strictly point. Smear them completely is not very useful, as the dermis in some areas of our body negatively perceive such «treatment». In any case, salicylal you can’t miss Valderice on mucous membranes. The processing circuit vetrennay festering rash salicylic alcohol is simple:

  • Soak a cotton swab in the solution;
  • Pat (cauterized) it all the elements of the rash spot.
  • I want to note that in pharmacies you will be offered alcohol solution with different concentrations, which varies from 1 to 10 %. For treatment of chickenpox recommend to choose the weakest solution. 1% salicilico not so much dry, but retains all the action and high efficiency of 10 percent.

    Салициловый спирт при ветрянке: поможет или нет?The above medicaments can be used to treat vetrennay rash in adults, that they have chickenpox often occurs from severe. While there is a risk of contamination of the lesions by staphylococci and streptococci.

    Because of them, the pimples begin to fill with pus (yellowish content), increase in size, become soft and then turn into a solid non-healing ulcers.

    Don’t want to deal with this complication? Then properly and timely treat the main symptom of varicella — watery pimples.

    Why not to use a solution with a higher concentration, for example, 5 percent?

    The fact that this solution is able to kill not only bacteria, but also the upper epidermal layer. In this case a thin layer of the epidermis to dissolve and the contents of the pimples will result. As you know, open vetryanye pimples are the perfect environment for bacteria.

    If pathogens penetrate inside the pimple, it happens infection, fraught with abscess, increased itching, increase the size of the rash.

    Side effects and contraindications

    Contraindications for salicylic alcohol solution a little and they are not categorical. It cannot be used in the process of carrying a baby and lactation, and in that case, if you have individual intolerance to salicylic acid.

    Side effects after the use of such a solution are rare and often have a local character. These include:

    • redness on the treated areas of the skin;
    • burning and tingling;
    • a feeling of tightness of the epidermis;
    • excessive dryness, accompanied by peeling;
    • irritation in the form of red spots or small red pimples.

    If after applying salicylici on the skin you notice any of these symptoms, do not apply more alcohol-containing solution and contact your doctor.

    Useful tips to speed the healing process

    Treatment for chickenpox can be only symptomatic. Its main symptoms are:

    • itching and watery rash all over the body;
    • temperature rise;
    • nausea;
    • weakness.

    Therefore, the treatment should be complex. Together with salicylal take antipyretic drugs such as Paracetamol. Also, take vitamins, especially vitamin C. do Not be amiss to drink plenty of liquids, promoting the excretion of toxins.


    Are you curious about what are the reviews of salicylic alcohol solution occur most often? If Yes, then here are a few such reviews. After reading them, you will be able to fully assess the effectiveness of the drug, which is the topic of this article.

    Anna writes:

    Салициловый спирт при ветрянке: поможет или нет?Burned vetryanye pimples with salicylal. Only processed those that were going to suppurate. I helped: pimples filled with pus, healed faster and was dried. Sometimes put a solution on the crust, which after this treatment quickly disappeared.

    Victor writes:

    Салициловый спирт при ветрянке: поможет или нет?Ill bullous chickenpox. These terrible sores even not want to remember. Ran salicylal, after which the pustules heal quickly and do not develop into large wounds. Treated pimples in a day using cotton swab.


    Sometimes a little pinched, but that feeling quickly passed. Overall, I am satisfied with the drug, especially its price.

    Maria writes:

    Салициловый спирт при ветрянке: поможет или нет?Get rid of using salicylic solution from abscesses, bullous chickenpox. A very good tool. Is inexpensive, can be found in every pharmacy, is easily applied and quickly helps. Pimples after treatment became less inflamed, were reduced in size due to drying and healed without a trace.

    I suggest you watch a very useful video.

    Here is all information about salicylic alcohol-based solution and its application to combat chickenpox. I hope the article was interesting and entertaining. Share read with your friends on social networks and subscribe to the updates that appear on the website regularly. Up to new meetings!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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