Salicylic ointment fungus: how to use it?

Салициловая мазь от грибка: как правильно ее применять?Greetings, dear readers! Looking through articles on this site, you probably have seen information about the miraculous salicylic ointment. This is a generic drug used for the treatment of many skin diseases, including fungus.

In this article we will talk about how to apply salicylic ointment of the fungus and examine it no less effective counterparts.

«Slicica» is a unique antifungal agent

In pharmacies you can easily find 5-10% salicylic ointment, which in the vernacular is called «salicylal». The drug is recommended for the treatment of fungal infection in the initial stages. To use it at home easier:

  • wash your feet, take a warm bath, wet the top epidermis;
  • if possible, remove the top scales and regrown diseased nails;
  • then apply ointment on the affected uchastki using a cotton swab or piece of cotton wool;
  • put a plastic bag over ointment;
  • wear clean socks and go to bed.

If lose stop not too running, it is enough for a single treatment (once a day). When running, or chronic fungal infection procedure is best done a couple of times a day, for example, in the morning and the evening.

The course of antifungal treatment with salicylic regular ointment is 10 days. Don’t be surprised if after drug Horny uchastki the skins are beginning to flake off.

In their place a new, healthy epidermis. The same thing will happen with nails, which will grow gradually, much slower than the skin.

Салициловая мазь от грибка: как правильно ее применять?The price of the drug does not reach 50 rubles (on average, 20-30 rubles). This anti-fungal treatment for each is available.

Unfortunately, the ointment has an extensive list of contraindications, including hypersensitivity of the epidermis.

In some cases, for example, if the epidermis is too dry and prone to irritation, it is better to choose the more gentle the cure. Instead of «salicylici», you can use its counterparts, which will be discussed below.

Salicylic-lactic ointment for the treatment of the running athlete

This drug will not be able to find in pharmacies. It will have to cook for themselves. The ingredients are not difficult to identify based on the name. To prepare you need: 12 g of salicylic acid; 6 g of lactic acid; 80 g of vaseline.

The ingredients are thoroughly mixed and stored in glass dark, tightly sealed container. The resulting mixture was applied on fungus affected areas of the epidermis on the feet once a day. Duration of treatment — no more than a week.

The sulfur-salicylic ointment and its useful properties

With the help of this medication you can win not only fungus, but also such skin imperfections as:

  • corn;
  • sepsis;
  • warts;
  • psoriasis;
  • inflamed wounds;
  • growths;
  • boils.

Салициловая мазь от грибка: как правильно ее применять?The sulfur-salicylic ointment perfectly exfoliate hardened epidermis and accelerates regeneration. Before its application it is necessary to steam out feet, brush from the top of the particles to be thoroughly cleaned.

Then the compress: ointment applied on the affected areas, overlaps with food wrap and put on socks. The poultice is kept as long as possible. To change it at constant wearing need every day.

Contraindications for sulfur-salicylic preparation is practically no. It should not be used by people with individual intolerance. In addition, such treatment is better to abstain and pregnant mums, breastfeeding.

Salicylic-zinc ointment against fungal infections

Salicylic-zinc ointment may be used against fungal diseases due to the fact that in its composition there is a powerful antiseptic — zinc oxide.

Салициловая мазь от грибка: как правильно ее применять?This substance provides protection from ultraviolet radiation, so it can be found in the formulations of many cosmetics: creams and suntan lotions, antiseptic ointments.

The basic properties of salicylic-zinc preparation: exfoliation; regeneration; fungicidal action.

If you decided to be treated with this drug, then initially verify the absence of contraindications. These include:

  • individual hypersensitivity to zinc oxide and salicylic acid;
  • pregnancy;
  • kidney failure;
  • lactation.

The drug is used as well as both previous — in the form of compresses. Compress with this ointment on the basis of salicylic acid is best to apply at bedtime leaving it on overnight. After a week you will achieve a noticeable improvement in the appearance and the condition of feet and nails are affected by fungus.

Reviews of drugs based on salicylic acid in the form of ointments

Drugs based on the foregoing acid to buy quite easy. They are available for sale and perhaps precisely because of this they had to try many.

On health forums you can find a huge number of reviews about this anti-fungal treatment. Below are only the most common ones.

Victor writes:

Салициловая мазь от грибка: как правильно ее применять?Contracted the fungus in the pool in the classic way — went bare feet on the floor. For months I had tried various medication, but it helped only salicylic ointment.


Used it daily for weeks, in two weeks I noticed that the skin began to resume. Fortunately, I did not start the fungus, so it quickly passed.

Elena writes:

Салициловая мазь от грибка: как правильно ее применять?Used sulfur-salicylic ointment against nail mycosis. The effect I liked. Nails quickly ceased to exfoliate and regrowth. Combined this treatment with antifungal medications, prescribed by your doctor.

Olga writes:

Салициловая мазь от грибка: как правильно ее применять?My husband is in the army there was a fungus. For many years had nothing to do with him. Used various medications, but to no avail. And then one day I was advised salicylic ointment.


Every day her husband was forced to steam out your legs and do a compress. A week later, the stop condition has improved significantly. I recommend to all!

I hope you liked the article and helped to determine the answer to the question whether to use «salicilico» of the fungus? Share read information with friends through social networks and don’t forget to subscribe to updates of this website. Up to new meetings!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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