Salt nail fungus: the most popular methods of treatment

Соль от грибка ногтей: самые популярные методы леченияDear readers, Hello. Doctors say that salt is one of the white enemies of man, but not always so. In some cases, it is the perfect the enemy pathogens.

From today’s article you will learn how to treat nail fungus with salt and how this product affects our skin. Interested? Then begin.

As salt acts on the fungus?

Why you should choose salt from nail fungus? All the matter in the beneficial properties of sodium chloride (the chemical name of the product):

  • It has a pronounced antibacterial property;
  • Under its influence softens the epithelium;
  • She has a great ability to penetrate between the affected epidermal layers from the inside by acting on the fungus;
  • After treatment of the nail forms a weakly alkaline medium, while the fungi love an acidic environment. Thus, the salt interrupts their distribution, and gradually destroys.

Is it safe is the treatment?

Соль от грибка ногтей: самые популярные методы леченияIf you use this product wisely, then no harm it you will not. However, you should know that this is not a cure-all for nail fungus. This treatment is a secondary, rather than primary.

The nail fungus is treated for a long time. Alas, even the chloride of sodium will not help to get rid of it for a week. In addition, the constantly relapse if it is left untreated. So I suggest first to go to a specialist who will prescribe you a comprehensive treatment of onychomycosis.

Popular and effective recipes with salt

So, we moved on to the main – recipes: salt for fungus treatment.

  • If the disease has popped up on the feet

In 3 liters of water need to dissolve 3 tablespoons of product. There add a pinch of potassium permanganate. In this solution very well to keep the feet. Repeat the procedure daily for 10 days.

  • Against nail fungus
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This recipe was popular in ancient Rome.

It is necessary before going to bed to make a bath in the cold water dissolve the spoonful of soda and chloride of sodium. Hold feet or hands for 10 minutes, then rinsed them in warm water.

  • If the fungus struck and nails and feet

Соль от грибка ногтей: самые популярные методы леченияAn effect has the mixture of salt and mint. This plant disinfects the skin, reduces inflammation, and burning ass. It is enough to add the sodium chloride, dry crushed mint , and then sprinkle the mixture between your toes.

You can wear gloves or just sit in this state for about an hour. After this time, simply whisk leftovers. Do this manipulation several times a day.

  • Daily bath with fungus on hands and feet

To prepare the bath you can take food or sea salt. Mixed with water vinegar in these proportions: 4 liters of water, 4 large spoons of vinegar, 100 grams of the studied product. Withstand the affected limb in about 15-20 minutes.

  • Great recipe with any kind of fungus

Moisten a cotton ball in the concentrated salt solution (preferably sea salt) and apply it on the affected skin or nail. As it will take a couple of minutes, drop your hands or feet in water with baking soda.

Note that it may be burning, but you better be patient. Treated in this way is necessary not less than 10 days.

  • «Soap» recipe

The affected nails and skin on fingers is rubbed with soap. You can take ordinary household or tar. Then sprinkle with salt and wrap. This compress is left overnight, then wash off with warm water.

  • Recipe with sea salt
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Mix 2 tablets of aspirin and 1 retinol. Add a pinch of fine sea salt and a small spoon of vegetable oil. RUB all this mixture into your nails several times a day until the fungus is completely gone.

  • Effective foot bath and nails

Соль от грибка ногтей: самые популярные методы леченияHere is another wonderful recipe for the treatment of onychomycosis. Take half a spoon of sodium chloride and dissolve it in a liter of hot water (maximum 40 degrees). There drip ten drops of iodine, oil of cedar, or tea tree. Do 10 procedures a day.

After waiting for three weeks and repeat the treatment. After a couple of weeks you will notice a positive effect.

Here is a list of the most popular recipes that will help cure nail fungus.

I want to say that even if you have disappeared the visible symptoms of the disease, it is necessary to continue salt treatment for another week (to 10 days). This is necessary in order to completely destroy the spores. Only in this case the therapy will be effective.

Prevention of onychomycosis

Remember, the health and beauty of your nails depends on you. Fungus – an infectious disease, so avoiding them should observe certain precautions.

  • Do not wear tight shoes. Prefer natural and breathable materials.
  • A couple of times a week, spend disinfection of footwear. How to do it right and than you can read in a separate article on our website.
  • In public places (pools, showers, saunas) wear Slippers or slates. This is the perfect place. Where you can pick up the fungus.
  • Don’t ever wear someone else’s shoes!
  • Trust treatments for nail professionals only. Ask when you disinfected all manicure and pedicure supplies.
  • Use for hygiene of your feet a special antibacterial soap.
  • Wash dishes and wet cleaning only with gloves.
  • Strengthen your immune system by all means, exercise, eat right.
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    Well, my dear readers, you have learned about the most effective ways to treat nail fungus with salt, and the prevention of the disease. If you follow my advice, such infection is never going to hit those pretty legs of yours.

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)