Seems like the analysis on herpes and how to decode it?

Как сдается анализ на герпес и как его расшифровать?With joy we greet you, dear friends, dermatological portal! Want to get tested for the presence of erisipela? Don’t know what analysis you need to deliver?

Then read this article which will tell you everything.

To show the presence of the above infections in the body can three diagnostic methods: culture, PCR and ELISA test. Let’s consider each of them separately.

Culture method of diagnosis: what is, how effective?

It is expensive, time-consuming, but perhaps the most effective method of diagnosis of herpes simplex today. It can be used to identify all types of infections, including genital, labial, shingles, etc.

The analysis is carried out so: the person is taken of any biological material, which is then placed in a special environment and is grown. Germinated organisms are studied. Often to carry out such a diagnosis take the contents of the blisters, as it is considered to be most infected.

The virus is placed in a chicken embryo (it’s not a living organism), which is then kept at a certain temperature in a sterile place. After some time, the technician can evaluate the size and variety of the herpes viruses.

PCR method for detecting virus DNA

Как сдается анализ на герпес и как его расшифровать?It is a modern diagnostic technique, which has a quite affordable price and is popular.

Polymerase reaction refers to molecular modern biology and can significantly increase the concentration of certain DNA components in biological sample.

For Troubleshooting you can use any of the human fluids:

  • saliva and phlegm from the respiratory system;
  • blood from a vein;
  • urine and amniotic fluid.

Essential gene in diagnosis repeatedly cloned and subjected to sequencing. Cloning will happen only if the sample will need the virus.

Sequencing allows to determine the amino acid and nucleotide sequence, and mutations found in the DNA component.

The advantage of this diagnostic method is informative. PCR finds the virus in the human body, even if the contamination occurred the day before.

Other methods of diagnosing the herpes virus does not yield results immediately. Using the PCR method it is possible to quickly diagnose the disease type 1, type 2, and other. This analysis determines the type of herpes viruses with 100% accuracy.

ELISA is the most popular and mandatory for pregnant women

Как сдается анализ на герпес и как его расшифровать?ELISA diagnostics is used to determine the disease more often than other methods. It is considered accurate enough, so I continue to prescribe to this day.

If you compare this method with previous ones, we can mention its more affordable price. ELISA test seems to be sure if pregnant, not once.

What kind of virus can determine the above-described diagnostic method? With it detected antibodies to all viruses-provocateurs.

Testing is conducted using human blood taken from a vein. If you have to pass the above analysis, you should know that it seems morning on an empty stomach, otherwise the result may be inaccurate.

ELISA deserves more attention. In the results you will see two indicators: Anti-HSV IgG and Anti-HSV Ig M. antibodies as denoted fast and slow.

G appear some time after infection, and M are formed immediately at the hit of infection in the human body. The relationship of these antibodies can tell a lot about the flow of girisindeki.

Transcript of IFA

Want to know how is deciphering the results of the above diagnostic method? If you want, then please check the possible options:

  • G-antibody and M antibody negative — you have no infection and immunity to it;
  • M-G antibodies and antibodies positive — you have been infected for a long time, is now experiencing a relapse (exacerbation);
  • G-antibody negative, and M-antibody positive, you were infected recently, is now experiencing a first outbreak;
  • G-antibody positive, M-antibody negative — you have been infected for a long time now, the infection remains dormant, as it hampers your immunity against viruses.

You see, in the decryption process is no big deal. Don’t be afraid to be screened for girisindeki! Even if you will receive a confirmation of the presence of infection in the body, nothing terrible will happen because you are not the only ones.

Erisipela now infected most of the population of our planet (or rather, more than 80% of people aged 45 years).

Where and how to do the tests?

Как сдается анализ на герпес и как его расшифровать?To be diagnosed can be in any lab if she has the equipment to conduct such studies. Most likely, you will be asked to donate blood that is in the last analysis from the above, as it is simpler and more accessible for others.

The blood seems to be sure on an empty stomach in the morning. The day before diagnosis it is not recommended to drink alcoholic beverages and use of antiviral medication, as they can cause false result.

At a private clinic, you can complete the survey on their own (without direction), and exactly when you will be comfortable. In the public laboratories require direction which can be taken from a therapist.

In order to get a referral to see a physician to come with noticeable symptoms of infection. So it’s better to go to a private lab, if possible. By the way, the cost of diagnosis will be the same almost everywhere.

Now you know what analysis seems to erisipela how to pass it and where to be screened. I hope the article was interesting and useful to you.

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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