Senile dermatitis: how and what can treat the disease?

Старческий дерматит: как и чем можно лечить болезнь?Hello! Today I will talk about skin diseases among the elderly, senile dermatitis.

Studies have shown that the pathology of the skin is much more common in the elderly, and the risk of severe disease increases after 74 years.

Skin changes with age. Here is a list of these signs (see photo):

  • Reduced number of sweat glands;
  • Appears gray;
  • 1% per year reduced content of collagen in the skin;
  • Depending on the area of the body can be noted a reduction or a thickening of the subcutaneous fat layer;
  • Skin color changes to yellow (elastosis);
  • Wrinkles, freckles;
  • Solar lentigines;
  • The nails are curved and thinner;
  • The decrease in the content of elastic fibers;
  • Vascular spots and comedones;
  • Telangiectasia;
  • Senile purpura.

The most common cause of itching and one of the most common dermatoses in the elderly is xerosis, or dry skin.

This proliferation is due to impaired maturation process and the connection of cells-keratinocytes. Therefore, in these patients the skin is rough with white flaking.

Symptoms aggravated by low humidity, use of soap during hot weather and so on. Subject to measures for the care of skin manifestations subside and worry less.

Measures of getting rid of the itching

Therapy must be comprehensive. Pharmacological support is carried out with Chet purposes:

  • To restore the protective properties of the skin;
  • To reduce the activity of autoimmune process;
  • To restore liver function.
  • Relevant drugs:

  • Phospholipids. To support the liver. For Example, Essentiale;
  • Sedatives: Valerian, Leonurus, Persians and other herbal preparations;
  • When pronounced symptoms of dysregulation of the nervous system prescribed tranquilizers;
  • Topically to suppress the inflammatory process prescribed ointments with corticosteroids (Advantan Celestoderm).
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    When the recommended therapy does not produce results, you can apply a mixture of novocaine 2% and pine oil. The mixture is rubbed long (1.5 months.) in the skin.

    The local anesthetic effects have lotions containing menthol and camphor. They cool and soothe the skin.

    In addition to local corticosteroid ointments you can apply the cream and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (formula: I, Glutamol for adults).

    From General measures recommended humidifying the air in the room where the patient, the use of special detergents for bath (pH 5.5 that do not dry the skin). after a shower it is not recommended to wipe dry the skin, only blot with a soft towel.

    The skin better retains the moisture, when after bathing, apply cream and lotions.

    Congestive dermatitis

    Старческий дерматит: как и чем можно лечить болезнь?The majority of elderly patients found vascular disease of the lower extremities. This leads to disruption of the microcirculation, blood flow, nutritional deficiency all tissues.

    Outwardly, this can manifest as congestive dermatitis. Symptoms can be different, depending on severity: thinning of the skin, trophic disorders (sparse hair, thin nails), ulceration, which may not long to heal, dry skin, which resembles parchment, spots of hyperpigmentation, and so on.

    Dermatitis Duhring

    Старческий дерматит: как и чем можно лечить болезнь?One of the types of dermatoses in the elderly. It occurs at a mean age of 55 years, but may manifest in old age.

    The symptoms are diverse, polymorphic: the bubbles, then bubbles, papules and pustules. The first elements are usually blisters, which are located on the erythematous areas. Of secondary elements later appear crust, erosion, and scales.

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    Duhring dermatitis characterized by grouped items, that is herpetiformis which are symmetrical, extremely pronounced subjective sensations: itching, burning, pain.

    The General condition does not suffer, despite the fact that often the body temperature rises.

    The disease

    The skin of the trunk, extensor surfaces of extremities and buttocks covered with red spots (erythema), and then in turn there are papules, urticarial elements, they will turn to pustules and vesicles.

    Typical diseases of the bubbles size from 5 to 10 mm., of pale yellow color, translucent.

    As already noted, the elements coalesce, burst with the formation of crusts and erosions.

    Dermatitis herpetiformis Duhring is characterized by strongly expressed subjective feelings: the patient is suffering from itching, burning and pain.

    The patient brushes the elements, so their place will soon appear in excoriations, scales and crusts, increased pigmentation of the skin. This adds polymorphism.

    How to treat dermatosis herpetiformis?

    Старческий дерматит: как и чем можно лечить болезнь?Treatment by the doctor-dermatologist after the analyses that deny the presence of gastrointestinal pathology and cancer.

    On the first place among the General measures is the diet excludes products containing iodine (fish), wheat, oats, barley, and other cereals.

    The best effect is achieved when using sulfonic funds: Dapsone, DDS (diafenilsulfon), avlosulfon.

    Doses :

  • Diafenilsulfon and diutsifon of 0.05-0.1 g twice a day. The course is not more than 5-6 days, then a break for 1-3 days. In General, the duration of treatment depends on tolerability and efficacy;
  • If previous measures have failed, prescribed corticosteroids (prednisolone 15-20 mg.);
  • Topical therapy: bath with potassium permanganate;
  • Bubbles and big bubbles split open, then treated with fukortsin, can be replaced by aqueous solutions of dyes. Suitable 5% dermatology ointment, ointments based on corticosteroids and aerosolized forms of drugs.
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    According to the latest good therapeutic result of the drugs immune gamma globulin. If impetiginized bad enough, antibiotics should be prescribed: drugs or macrolides semisynthetic penicillins. See you soon!