Senile warts (age keratomas): how to treat?

Старческие бородавки (возрастные кератомы): как правильно лечить?Welcome, dear readers. Many have noticed on the face and other parts of the body of older people certain growths of dark color. What is it, think you?

Actually is warts or as they are called, age-related keratomas, which affects the skin over the age of 40 years.

In today’s article we will tell you what is the cause of senile warts, whether to treat these tumors and how to do it.

How are these warts?

Старческие бородавки (возрастные кератомы): как правильно лечить?Age-related keratomas usually oval or rounded. Their size can be different — from a few millimeters to several centimeters. By the color of growths are often brown and even black.

These tumors are fully covered with Horny fat scales, rather soft in structure.

If you knock over these scales, it was usually noticeable coachhouse nodules, which in appearance resemble the inflorescence of cauliflower.

Are such growths all over the body: face, hands, back, neck, shoulders, etc. Over time, they increase in size, however, the degeneration into malignant tumors is very rare.

Kinds of senile keratitis

Старческие бородавки (возрастные кератомы): как правильно лечить?In the process of developing senile warts are several forms and stages. Scientists, after conducting several laboratory studies have identified 5 forms of development:

The spotted form.

Initially, spots appear oval or rounded shape of small size. They usually are brown color, and if localized on the face, you can be pinkish-yellow and light brown.

Surface stains smooth, but there are also rough spots, can appear as a single copy and in multiple manifestations.

Nodular form.

After you receive the nodular formation, which can reach the size of a bean. Such growths irregular shape, clear boundaries, dirty-yellow or dark gray color. Nodules the surface begins to be covered Horny scales, tight to the body tissues. By removing these scales is observed basis, which is red in color. This form progresses gradually.

The plaque keratitis.

This education takes the form of a disk of irregular shape, covered with a crust of gray. If the growth of the scrape, under the crust, you can see the bleeding bottom.

Senile wart type of disease Bowen.

She presented a separate plaque reaches a size of 1-1,5 cm, which often coalesce with each other. Color them pink or copper, and the surface is covered with small peeling.

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With the development of the disease we can note the retraction of the center plaque, which is caused by atrophic processes in the middle of education. This type of keratoma rarely passes into cancer.

A transitional form. The cutaneous horn.

Старческие бородавки (возрастные кератомы): как правильно лечить?Over the growth of warts it begins to resemble a cutaneous horn. Horny site are covered by a dense horn clusters, gradually raised above the skin. After some time, they change, become dark in color and resemble curls.

If on the body you find such an education, you should immediately consult a doctor as the wart under the skin horns can talk about the development spinocellular of skin cancer.

In addition, senile warts can be raised above the skin or flat.

Flat warts are usually greasy, greasy Shine, from light brown to almost black in color. Towering growths resemble mulberry berries, and at the confluence have the appearance of cauliflower.

In the below photo you can see looks like a senile wart.

Causes of disease

Старческие бородавки (возрастные кератомы): как правильно лечить?Provokes the appearance of seborrheic warts is not a virus, as is the case with ordinary warts. This happens because of disturbances in the body’s metabolic processes.

In elderly people each year slows down the vital functions of the organism, which leads to the formation of such entities.

They can appear both in women and in men after 40 years. There are cases of emergence and before this age.

Also, the causes of these growths can be:

  • The high content of cholesterol in blood;
  • Genetic predisposition;
  • The skin response to ultraviolet rays;
  • The consequence of seborrheic disease.
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How is the treatment of senile warts?

Старческие бородавки (возрастные кератомы): как правильно лечить?Treatment of such formations can be difficult. This is due to the fact that many known methods of removal of skin growths are contraindicated, and in patients in old age there are concomitant diseases of other organs.

To remove them usually assigned to high-dose ascorbic acid. It should take three times a day 0.5 – 1.5 mg per day. The consequence of such treatment is the cessation of the spread of warts and their growth.

However, prior education does not disappear when such methods of treatment. To take ascorbic acid not more than 3 courses.

How to get rid of the ugly growths on your body? Doctors can prescribe hormonal ointments, such as Ftorokort or Flutsinar. You can also use Solkoderm, Properidine ointment, 5-ftorurazilom ointment, Collodion.

If you want to remove from the body unpleasant the tumor, it is possible to use cryotherapy. It is the destruction of body warts using liquid nitrogen.

To remove the most extensive growths may require a couple of treatments. After the recovery process is complete, the skin will remain a small scar.

Also as a safe and effective method of removing senile keratitis recognized by electrocoagulation.

This surgical method, which is based on the burning fabric lace up high-frequency current. The procedure can be painful, so the doctor applies a local anesthetic.

All of the above steps can be performed in the complex to achieve a lasting result. Before all manipulations will be assigned to a biopsy of the tissues of warts to exclude malignancy.

Folk remedies for getting rid keratitis

Старческие бородавки (возрастные кератомы): как правильно лечить?The elder people often turn to doctors with the problem of warts and trying to get rid of them folk remedies.

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Of course, you can try to remove education in the home, but not for the fact that the following methods will help you.

  • The spreading of built-up juice of the herb Drosera rotundifolia;
  • The use of fresh juice of Euphorbia;
  • The use of ammonia;
  • Prisypanija education chalk solution.
  • Tincture of willow bark in vinegar.

Prevention of the disease

Старческие бородавки (возрастные кератомы): как правильно лечить?To prevent the development of senile warts, you should observe the correct mode of rest and work. It is also recommended to consume more foods with vitamin C, reduce carbohydrate foods and animal fats.

If you notice the first signs of the development of warts, it is best to remove it at the initial stage than later, as over time will make it all the more difficult.

We do not advise to self-medicate. Of course, it is difficult to convince elderly people to go to a specialist, but you should try to make it to at least be sure that the warts no malignant development, and to remove it or not – a private matter. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)