Shampoo lichen: the best means for consumers

Шампунь от лишая: лучшие средства по мнению потребителейGood day, dear readers! Today we have prepared for you an overview of the shampoos that help in the treatment of infectious dermatoses.

Ringworm is a group of pathologies that manifest as lesions of the skin. Science divides them into several types and the scalp usually appears ringworm and less scaly.

What is ringworm?

Let’s look at these forms, and their main symptoms. Both of them are fungal in nature, and are contagious.

But colored shingles is characterized by a change skin pigment and peeling, and cutting – broken hairs and a pronounced stain.

On the scalp sometimes psoriasis called psoriasis, although its causes are not infectious, any of the following wash will help in healing the lesions, and have a healing effect.

For the treatment of lichen applies a complex of measures, consisting, as a rule, treatment of affected areas with antifungal drugs, but what you want to use when hair hygiene?

Than to wash my hair during treatment?

Like depriving for a person also apply with antifungal component. At the pharmacy, you can find them in a wide range, we will tell you about the most effective reviews, the most popular and positive.


Шампунь от лишая: лучшие средства по мнению потребителейWe heard about it for a long time, and from commercials and from friends. Its composition based on ketoconazole, a feature of which remain on the skin of the head some time after rinsing the shampoo.

Also the properties of the component is removing the itching, reduce flaking, and a great fight the fungus.

I must say that the shampoo Nizoral is better known as a remedy for seborrhea, which is also caused by the fungal microflora, a symptom is dandruff.

During therapy it is used not less than 14 days, the first 5 of them every day. After the specified period, we can simply use it as a prevention once a week for several months.

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Шампунь от лишая: лучшие средства по мнению потребителейThe shampoo also in composition with an active component ketoconazole, which blocks the reproduction of the fungus on the skin of the head.

It is used for shingles on the scalp and is also assigned for two weeks. Every day they must wash my hair during the first three days.

In addition to the main active substance in the composition of this liquid is essential oils, has a beneficial effect on the scalp.


Шампунь от лишая: лучшие средства по мнению потребителейThe shampoo is presented in packs of 150 ml and is unique in that it has several active components. Its composition is the following:

  • climbazole;
  • urea;
  • zinc pirition;
  • dexpanthenol.

Assign it at seborrheic dermatitis, atopic and psoriasis. When applied to wet hair should be left for 1 minute, and then rinse with warm water.

Should be used within a month 2-3 times a week, this means that it could completely replace conventional shampoo.


Шампунь от лишая: лучшие средства по мнению потребителейThis broad-spectrum drug like fighting with the fungal microflora and regulates the sebaceous glands.

Its effectiveness in combating the disease is marked by the creation of an uncomfortable environment for the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

In addition to dishwashing, there is a mask, it is applied for 10 minutes.

Tar shampoo

It includes tar, known for its disinfecting and drying properties.

Шампунь от лишая: лучшие средства по мнению потребителейGood shampoo for frequent use, but you need to carefully ensure that the scalp does not dry up, otherwise in psoriasis and pityriasis lichen is can make the condition worse.

Tar dishwashing as such should not be used against lichen, but is able to heal and purify the epidermis.

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To use it, if it hurts the animal?

Means capable to deliver the pet from leaving today enough at any pharmacy. It is easy to observe all the measures prescribed by the veterinarian.

But at one point it becomes a question of what to wash the animal during therapy? Such means is also in drugstores, we will tell you about one of them.


Шампунь от лишая: лучшие средства по мнению потребителейThis is the way to wash your pet if suddenly his skin had ringworm or other fungal disease.

Formula shampoo consists of colloidal oatmeal, which will ease the irritation and discomfort in the animal. The active ingredient is miconazole 2%.

The shampoo is specially designed from skin disease, characterized by fungal nature:

  • ringworm;
  • seborrhea;
  • other infectious illnesses.

The formula is designed to penetrate the animal’s skin, preserve moisture needed for the processes of the epidermis and have an overall calming effect.

Composed completely no components that can harm, such as dyes aromatizatory.

Miconazole is assigned to the patient pet two times a week until complete disappearance of symptoms of ringworm, then within a few months it should be used as prophylaxis two to three times per month.

Recommendations for hygiene

Шампунь от лишая: лучшие средства по мнению потребителейIt is very important not to forget about the following factors:

  • body wash have a shower, not sitting in a bath;
  • it should not be too hard to RUB the skin washcloth;
  • scrubs and body butter for this period should be deleted;
  • taking a shower should be at least two times a day;
  • absolutely can not avoid strong sweating;
  • the head should be washed as shown by a healthcare practitioner.

I recommend to watch an interesting video about the tools that are most effective in dandruff and other issues of the head:

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As you know, under any form, whatever occurred to the patient, a doctor’s visit is necessary.

In this pathology the most important aspect is the correct diagnosis, as all species have different nature and treatment, respectively, should be selected depending on this.

In conclusion, it should be noted that only the systematic observance of all rules, including diet and lifestyle will result.

Food should be adjusted by eliminating all possible allergens and the immune system strengthened by hardening and vitamin therapy.

Standard treatment of lichen involves the treatment of wounds anti-fungal remedies and medication inside. It is usually antihistamines and antifungal pills.

The healing process is not quick, but the first results can be noticed after a week. Adding in the scheme of treatment a special shampoo you can significantly speed up the results.

Antifungal components of the funds have a positive effect on the scalp, destroying pathogenic environment, drying with wounds and moisturising healthy epidermis. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)