Shampoo of seborrheic dermatitis on the head: how to choose?

Шампунь от себорейного дерматита на голове: как правильно выбрать?Welcome to our website! Given the urgency of the disease seborrheic dermatitis, we try to talk about this issue from all sides, consider shampoos from dermatitis on the head, their analogues and components.

About the disease

Seborrheic dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory process of the scalp and other parts of the body.

All manifestations are the result of changes in the number and qualitative composition of sebum. The patient greatly thickened stratum corneum, flakes and flaking, oily sheen.

Dermatitis manifests itself in those areas of the skin where the highest concentration of sebaceous glands: the head (scalp), the area of the ears, nasolabial triangle, the part between the shoulder blades, on the upper half of the chest.

When the disease affects the scalp, noticeably thinning hair, they become thinner.

Шампунь от себорейного дерматита на голове: как правильно выбрать?

Among the possible reasons should be mentioned are: metabolic disorders, genetic predisposition and influence of environmental factors.

Now numerous studies and experiments confirmed the pathogenetic role of microorganism Malassezia in the occurrence of disease.

More than 90% of the total population of these lipophilic yeast-like fungi are normal microflora of the skin, using its growth and development fat, secreted by glands.

The negative influence of some factors leads to disruption of the barrier function of the skin and the glands themselves producing fat.

Specifically if say, loss of control of growth Pityrosporum mushrooms, so their population is increasing in time.

In normal quantity in the composition of the microflora of the scalp does not exceed 30-50% when the dermatitis reaches 75% and lad 90%.

Aggressive growth of fungal flora caused by diproduksi fat. This is observed when hormonal, neurogenic and immune disorders.

Patients with diseases of the Central and autonomic nervous system, more susceptible to the incidence of seborrhea.

Pronounced predisposition is observed in patients with cranial nerve palsies, Parkinson’s disease and paralysis of the parts of the body. They have seborrhea becomes severe, refractory to therapy.

The role of hormones

Шампунь от себорейного дерматита на голове: как правильно выбрать?Seborrhea observed in children in the postnatal period, consider it in this case as skin reactions to the stimulating action of hormones of the mother.

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The qualitative composition of fat and the amount of it secreted in a day, depends on genetic predisposition and hormonal factors.

So often the disease is necessary to observe the male part of the population that is explained by the role of androgens in the occurrence of seborrhea.

On the background of genetic predisposition changes the immune and hormonal systems, which in turn affects the production of sebum.

Saprophytic microorganisms grow and increase their population, apparently, we see inflammation. Disturbed immune response of the skin, keratinization of the epidermis and separation of fat.


Classic symptoms: inflamed skin, scaling, itching accession.

Involved in the process the boundary of the hair all the scalp, the area of the beard, eyelashes, eyebrows. Outwardly, white scales, mukovidnoe, allows for the separation of their layers.

In this seborrheic dermatitis scalp there are no changes on the part of the skin, so it is considered as dry seborrhea. Patients describe it as dandruff, accompanied by mild itching.

If you do not wash your hair within the time frame, the process is aggravated, capturing new areas. Severe accompanied by erythema, plaques, which show thick flakes, and sometimes hemorrhagic crusts.

Of subjective feelings attached intense itching. If in time not to accept treatment, the inflammation extends to the smooth skin of the chest, back and face, there are pockets of bacterial secondary infection.

How to get rid of the problem?

Шампунь от себорейного дерматита на голове: как правильно выбрать?Treatment of the disease should be differentiated, as even mild forms of seborrhea lead to alopecia in the long.

Modern approaches to treatment based on the nature of the disease. The main drugs-antimycotic. Within 48 hours of their application the first noticeable changes in the cells of the fungus.

For treatment of seborrhea of the head applying medicated shampoos, which is composed of ketoconazole, zinc, and tar.

The average required rate for one month for relief of symptoms of dermatitis, if you use twice a week.

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Maintenance treatment is the use of shampoo every two weeks.

In practice, not seen cases of fungal flora resistance to ketoconazole, moreover, topical application of the drug persists for 72 hours in the epidermis, showing the owl the therapeutic effect.

For the treatment of sites with symptoms of seborrhea, apply a keratolytic substances.

First and foremost, is salicylic acid and tar. Against excessive keratinization also help oil, applied before shampooing with special shampoo.

If there is no effect, we suggest adding corticosteroids topically, and the most severe cases are treated with the use of systemic antimycotic drugs:

  • Ketoconazole at a dose of 200 mg per day;
  • Terbinafine 250 mg per day;
  • Fluconazole 100 mg per day.
  • A course of systemic antifungal drugs is one month. Therapy should consist of several groups of drugs: antihistamines, vitamins, sedatives.

    After consulting a gastroenterologist and an endocrinologist to the list add a means of normalizing the stomach and intestines, the glands of internal secretion.

    Alternative to ketoconazole may serve as ciclopirox. This tool is part of many shampoos, and patients even a slight superiority of the latter.

    For example, 1% Suboperads or shampoos with olamine in a concentration of 1.5%. The active ingredient begins to work within 3 minutes, penetrating the layers of the skin where the localized pathogen infection.

    Selenium sulfide as a component of antifungal shampoos slow cell division of the fungus and detrimental effect on them. Included in Alseni and SULSENA Forte.

    Zinc pyrithione quickly relieves inflammation, fights the cause of the disease. Contains funds for the shampoo friderm zinc, a little Head and Shoulders, Zincone and Daneksa.

    Are the most effective combination of drugs: Keto-plus (ketoconazole and zinc pyrithione), Zinovich (ketoconazole and climbazole), Kelual (three components: zinc pyrithione, ciclopiroxolamine, celulit).

    From simple, long-known means can be called a medical tar. Antifungal activity below him, but the inflammation and flaking of the skin removes fine.

    Based on the developed tar shampoo against dry and oily seborrhea, Alopex. Of the active substances it contains juniper tar, alcoholic extract of algae, salicylic acid.

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    Use is not typical for shampoo: is applied 1-2 times a week, 1-2 hours before bedtime. The tool has an unpleasant smell, but by morning he’s a little weathered.

    Anti-seborrhea should not be composed of substances such as parabens, surface active compounds, perfume compositions and more.

    I recommend to view an interesting video about the treatment of dandruff and seborrhea on the head:


    Other popular and effective shampoos:

  • Nizoral. We often hear the name of this shampoo. Negative — not recommended for men, as it can reduce libido. Domestic analogue — Sebotol;
  • Swapan S. One of the most worthy tools that burden the joints while helping even severe. Contains strong keratolitic: resorcinol and salicylic acid. Oil red juniper will eliminate itching and flaking.
  • SULSENA. For treatment of solder paste 2%, for the prevention of 1% means. Paste is applied to the hair roots before shampooing, leave for 30 minutes. So I repeat once a week for three months;
  • Node DS enteritidis. Contains components against fungus, and seborrhea of the substance. Of antifungal substances in its composition includes zinc pyrithione, undecylenic alcohol, Parkton olamine. From protivoavariynykh medium zinc and vitamin B6. therefore, in addition to treatment will be achieved and antirecidivant effect.
  • Treatment for seborrhea usually expensive, but if you do not treat the disease in time, the consequences will be more severe, the treatment will require extensive and more expensive.

    Do not get sick, be with us!