Shilajit allergies: does and how to be treated?

Мумие от аллергии: помогает ли и как правильно лечиться?Good day, dear readers! If you believe the legends of many peoples, that the healing properties of Shilajit are almost limitless. Mummy from allergies often recommends non-traditional and even traditional medicine.

The effectiveness of this substance is repeatedly confirmed in clinical studies. What kind of substance is and where it came from?

If you want to know the answer to this question and learn how to use magic bullet against allergic reactions properly, it is an enjoyable read.

What is Shilajit?

It is a medicinal substance organo-mineral type natural origin. To this day scientists are unable to accurately study the process of its formation. Shilajit is mined in many regions of the world, particularly in Russia.

Medicinal powers

Miraculous substance has a mass of abilities. Here is a list of the main:

  • accelerates the regeneration of tissues of the human body;
  • produces a vasodilator effect;
  • having troversial impact;
  • has a powerful antibacterial and antihistamine properties;
  • is a heavy duty natural antibiotic.

Shilajit improves the productivity of power and the saturation of the tissues of the human body. This property helps to get rid of stagnant chronic diseases, including allergic.

Why a natural substance used against Allergy?

Мумие от аллергии: помогает ли и как правильно лечиться?To answer this question briefly: Shilajit taken against allergic reactions because it reduces the severity of symptoms and relieves cough, runny nose, sweating, etc.

Often, this natural component recommended for children, because the children perceive it perfectly.

Rules for the application of Shilajit for Allergy sufferers

  • To apply this substance needed only in a diluted form. Too concentrated it can have a detrimental impact on the body.
  • Dosage — one milligram of a substance per liter of water. If the drug is fresh and natural, in warm water it dissolves almost instantly. So it is possible to check its quality before use.
  • To use Shilajit better in the morning when the body just begins to Wake up.
  • Children aged one to three years old are allowed fifty milliliters of the drug, children four to seven years of age — 70 ml, over the age of eight — 100 ml (this regimen is described in the instructions).
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    Buy Shilajit can be in drugstores or in online stores. It is sold in a liquid concentrate and tablets. I recommend using a liquid solution because it is more convenient and useful.

    How to be treated with organo-mineral substances from allergies?

    There are several ways of applying the aforementioned drug. The question of how to take it against allergic reactions properly, it is possible to answer so:

  • If the skin appeared allergic rash, then you need to lubricate them with a solution (one ml/liter) once a day.
  • Use of medicines based on natural organo-mineral component it is necessary not less than twenty days, despite the fact that a significant effect will appear after a few days of treatment.
  • Adult prescription oral solution Allergy looks like this: eight grams of the drug should be dissolved in half a liter of water. To take better on an empty stomach in the morning and before bedtime daily. It should be remembered that Shilajit has a strong diuretic effect.
  • Folk medicine — the use of organo-mineral substances

    Traditional medicine can also offer miraculous highly effective recipe for Allergy sufferers. This tool is prepared as follows: 0.2-0.3 grams mummy must be mixed with 40-60 grams of fresh cow’s milk.

    To the mixture add a little honey to improve taste. Treatment should be on an empty stomach daily. Half an hour after meds to eat.

    Thus, food will cease to be dangerous for people with allergies, will start to be better absorbed by the body and to bring more benefits.

    Tablet form

    Мумие от аллергии: помогает ли и как правильно лечиться?Tablets contain specially treated organo-mineral substance. In the course of such processing of Shilajit partially out useful components-components.

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    Therefore, it is safe to say that the use of tablets is less effective than the drug in liquid concentrated form. However, if you want to give medicine to a child inside, it is better to give preference to a pill form.

    In the instructions for use tablet form of Shilajit against allergic reactions such specified dosages:

    • one or two tablets to drink two to three times per day with water or milk (the treatment lasts ten days, and then need to arrange a five-day break, then repeat another three-four courses);
    • dissolved in water pill apply on the affected allergic rash areas of the body.

    Restrictions and side effects

    Мумие от аллергии: помогает ли и как правильно лечиться?Universal organo-mineral medicine has no side effects. Don’t believe? Then read more about medical experiments with him.

    Experimental volunteers was intravenously administered to an impressive dose of the drug, however, no complications or deterioration is not caused. Due to security Shilajit has almost no contraindications.

    The only thing doctors recommend is not to overdo it with a amount of medication. The body of each of us is an individual and is able to respond to overdose.


    Proponents of alternative medicine national always speak positively about the recipes on the basis of Shilajit. Ordinary people also often leave positive feedback. Let’s look at some of the most common.

    Natalia writes:

    Мумие от аллергии: помогает ли и как правильно лечиться?Gave the daughter pills from allergies. Daughter sipped their milk, as it seemed to her that the way to be treated nicer. Nothing wrong (no side effects) the medicine is not triggered.


    Allergic symptoms quickly passed (over a week), but despite this, we finished the course. Daughter noticed the improvement of the General condition: the stomach began to work better, left a few extra pounds, adjusted the chair. Overall, I am pleased with this treatment.

    Alexander writes:

    Мумие от аллергии: помогает ли и как правильно лечиться?And to me this «super tool» from the allergic rash has not helped. Maybe I just diluted it wrong. Treated properly, 20 days. But special changes have not noticed, besides that he is feeling better now.

    Marina writes:

    Took is a natural substance with antihistaminic drugs. It seemed to me that Shilajit enhances their effect.

    If you decide to try to be treated for allergies using natural mummy, we will talk about this with a medic. By the way, to ask questions to a professional doctor on this website without leaving home.
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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)