Shingles during pregnancy: safe treatments for expectant mothers

Лишай при беременности: безопасные способы лечения для будущих мамHello! Today our article will tell about the important issue: ringworm in pregnancy, its varieties and treatment during pregnancy.

Varieties of the disease

Ringworm is a group of dermatological diseases which are similar in their manifestations: itching, skin rash, peeling, changes in pigmentation in the lesions that affected by the infection.

Pink zoster. The disease has infectious elegicheskogo nature. The main symptoms — a rash on the skin of a patient.

Pityriasis rosea often occurs after a viral or bacterial infections, but they have meaning only in the early stages of disease development, in the future, the body reacts allergic reaction.

The disease often affects individuals between 20 to 40 years, has a clear chronic, worsened in the spring and autumn period.

On the patient’s body can be seen spots of rounded form, pink in color, the lesions grow and reach 1-2 cm.

Almost all patients can be seen in maternal plaque that has the greatest diameter (to 5cm), bright pink color.

Лишай при беременности: безопасные способы лечения для будущих мамThis source appears in a single copy, and after 7-10 days throughout the body of the patient displayed lesions screenings.

After a few days the skin in the center of the plaque turns yellow, bursts, its surface wrinkled. After all the skin is flaking off, the edges of the hearth remains a fringe of scales, after healing on the places of lesions remain hyperpigmented spots, and sometimes devoid of pigment (hypopigmentation).

These sites disappear over time. If the patient has features of immunity, then perhaps the appearance of other elements, nodules and blisters.

Localization of the rash: chest, abdomen, groin, neck, shoulders, hips. Items are 2-3 weeks from pink spot to the centers of pigmentation, which disappear without a trace.

The cyclical course of the disease leads to the presence of lesions in different degrees of development on the patient’s body. If new spots can be observed violation and General well-being: fatigue, malaise, low-grade fever.

The majority of cases did not show subjective complaints when visiting a doctor. The exception is those patients who have a history of abnormalities of the nervous system. They note intense itching.

Лишай при беременности: безопасные способы лечения для будущих мамPityriasis, versicolor or color. The exact cause of illness is established: this is a fungal disease with lesions of the Horny layer of the epidermis.

The fungus is in the mouths of the follicles and the stratum corneum of the epidermis. Frequent a certain group of people.

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Patients with tuberculosis, adolescents during pubertal period with vegetarian and diabetes.

Symptoms colored lichen: from the mouths of the follicles begin to appear brownish-pink, yellowish spots.

They tend to merge, sometimes accompanied by slight itching. Localization: chest and back, sometimes on the skin of the abdomen, neck, lateral surfaces of the body.

Лишай при беременности: безопасные способы лечения для будущих мамLichen planus. It is a chronic disease characterized by a disorder of the immune and metabolic processes.

The patient appear monomorphic rash on the skin and mucous membranes. Describes the occurrence of lesions after the use of certain medications.

Symptoms: rash of flat, its surface shiny, papules sink having a pink-purple or crimson-red color.

The papules tend to coalesce into small plaques. After recovery remains hyperpigmentation. Localization: flexor aspect of forearms, the skin on the wrist joint, thigh (inner surface). This type of dermatosis is accompanied by sometimes severe itching.

Shingles, or herpes zoster. A disease of viral origin, having an affinity with chickenpox affecting the nervous system and human skin.

Лишай при беременности: безопасные способы лечения для будущих мамThe causative agent the herpes virus that causes inflammatory changes in the dorsal root ganglia (nerve knots) and areas of the skin that are associated with them.

Manifestations: the onset is characterized by prodromal. Patients get dizziness, malaise, diarrhoea disorders, low-grade fever.

This period can last up to 4 hours. Local manifestations: the skin in the area of innervation of the affected nerves arise rash accompanied by pain.

First, there is a rash (small pink spots), then the next day on their background, there are small bubbles that are closely spaced, contain serous fluid (in the photo).

The basis of their hyperemic and edematous, and on palpation you may find that regional lymph nodes are enlarged and painful.

Rash occurs more often in the same place (along the intercostal nerves, trigeminal, facial, near the genitals).

Some days later the basis of the rash fades, and the content of the bubbles becomes cloudy. Vesicles gradually dry up, turn brown. They independently disappear with the formation of age spots.

Лишай при беременности: безопасные способы лечения для будущих мамRingworm. Disease infectious nature, most often the bearers of which are younger and middle-age as well as animals.

You can become infected both through direct contact or through household items (hairbrush, underwear, hat). This form of dermatosis can be small — and large-focal.

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Lychen surface is accompanied by formation on the skin inflammatory spots rounded shape. The lesions are red, in the centre peeling, the periphery is different (may be vesicles, nodules and crusts on the surface).

All the lesions are prone to peripheral to the host, the result is a whimsical shape of one large hearth. The disease is acute, worried about itching.

If ringworm affects the scalp, the hair break off at the level of 1-2mm. There is a chronic form lichen.

At this skin of the occipital region and the temporal part of the formation of small atrophic bald patches, both on the skin of the body visible cyanotic lesions, some scabbing.

How to get rid of the disease?

Лишай при беременности: безопасные способы лечения для будущих мамTell about each lichen and its treatment how to get rid of using traditional methods than it is possible to treat lesions in the mothers.

Pityriasis rosea is not difficult to treat. It easy for would free a pregnant woman from having medication.

In the first place in this case it is necessary hypoallergenic diet. It is not necessary to use products that can irritate the gastrointestinal tract (acute, smoked, spirits).

Pregnant women should limit their water treatments for the period of fresh lesions. You can limit washing of certain areas of the body without hurting the pockets.

Refuse synthetic underwear, washcloths, hard towels. If the lesions have acquired considerable size, the doctor may prescribe permitted during pregnancy antibacterial drugs.

Local funds have allowed moms-to-mash water-in-oil. Hormone cream in exceptional circumstances after consultation with a specialist.

Pityriasis form of the disease is treated with local antifungal agents. Possible wiping with a vinegar solution. From taking drugs inside have to give.

Red flat Lychen often occurs in pregnant women due to reduced immune status, frequent stress, alteration in hormonal levels.

Лишай при беременности: безопасные способы лечения для будущих мамPreventive maintenance is not developed, but during pregnancy you need to avoid emotional overload, proper nutrition, avoid contact with toxic substances.

Pregnant women may use folk remedies on the basis of calendula, sea buckthorn oil, celandine, hops. All funds applied topically.

Shingles. Treatment with the drug acyclovir. If the disease is slight or moderate, then its application should be deferred until 2-3 trimester.

Difficult situation require immediate injection of medication. Also for the prevention of severe complications from chickenpox during pregnancy enter a specific immunoglobulin.

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If right before the birth there was a suspicion of the disease, it is recommended to delay the delivery for 4-5 days.

This is to ensure that the specific antibodies had transferred to the child. If you are not able to delay childbirth, the newborn is administered the immunoglobulin.

Лишай при беременности: безопасные способы лечения для будущих мамIf a woman has a massive rash in the genital area with a term of not more than 5 days, there is a question about cesarean section.

Children born from sick mothers, are prescribed a course of prophylaxis with acyclovir, the specific immunoglobulinom.

Cutting Lychen in pregnant women treated with topical agents that do not act in the General circulation.

Folk remedies can be applied in tincture of chamomile, compresses of boiled grated beets with horseradish and honey, steamed and chopped black raisins. For purification sections affected skin use of potassium permanganate, furatsilina.


Лишай при беременности: безопасные способы лечения для будущих мамMom primarily worried about the baby’s health. So dangerous Lychen really? Most cases are not dangerous to the health of the baby and mother.

An exception is tinea versicolor, a pathogen which can cause severe consequences: the developmental abnormalities, deformities, influence on the organism of mother and child.

The future mom may be advisable, rather, measures of prevention for most forms lichen similar: avoid contact with infected animals, do not use foreign objects (sponges, combs, hats), and rational to eat to prevent stress and emotional stress. If you notice on the skin any changes, immediately go to the doctor.

We hope that our article will be useful and informative. Wait for the news be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)