Shingles on the back: proper treatment and prevention from recurrence of the disease

Лишай на спине: правильное лечение и профилактика от повторного проявления заболеванияWelcome, dear readers! Did you know that shingles can occur not only on the animals body, but also on the skin?

Moreover, not every kind of this disease spreading animals, some of them appear completely different reason.

Now we will talk about how to treat ringworm on the back, what are its varieties and determine the reasons for this unusual pathology.

Shingles is an inflammatory process of the epidermis, caused by certain microorganisms or fungi. Illness can appear as a child and an adult.

Moreover, there are varieties of lichen, which only sick children, but there is only the people of venerable age. Today we will try all of this detail.

What are the causative agents of this disease?

Лишай на спине: правильное лечение и профилактика от повторного проявления заболеванияMicroscopic fungi often provoke zoster. Medicine known a lot of these microorganisms.

Zooanthroponosis fungi survive well on human skin and and animals. Therefore, these microorganisms become the causative agent of lichen.

Antropogennye – on the contrary, live only on humans, but still are provocateurs pathologies. More rare species – heavily, can get on the man from earth.

These and other microorganisms are able to get to our epidermis a lot more often than we know about it.

The fact that they feed on creatine, which is located in the upper layers of the skin. But in most cases cope with them immunity.

If the fungus got on the weakened body – he will be able not only to eat but to multiply and that will cause similar skin reactions.

Varieties of lichen, occurring most often in humans

In this section, we will present you information about each illness more clear and detailed. Looks like one or the other type of disease, you can see in the photo.

Pityriasis rosea

Лишай на спине: правильное лечение и профилактика от повторного проявления заболеванияIt is also called ringworm Gibert, it manifests itself in the form of pink spots on the back or other parts of the body.

The spot is rarely one, usually their is a little bit different places. The size of the inflammation from a few millimeters to five centimeters in diameter.

At risk are usually young women. Older people and men he practically unaffected.

It begins with small reddish hearth round color, is the frame and flaking on the inside.

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Over time the spot increases, and after two weeks appear smaller spots, which can also be localized on the back and on the body.

Pityriasis rosea is accompanied by itching, and in addition to the back it can affect the arms, shoulders, chest and folds of skin.

The exact causes of this species is unclear. There are various assumptions: as the Herpes virus and its infectious nature, but the most likely is the hypothermia of the skin to enhance the skin.

As such, treatment lichen Gibert does not exist, it resolves on its own within two months. As a subsidiary, the funds are antihistamines, which relieve itching and redness.

It is recommended to limit water ingress, cold and cosmetic products on the affected area.

Pityriasis versicolor

Лишай на спине: правильное лечение и профилактика от повторного проявления заболеванияStill has the colorful name, and is the cause of fungal skin. It looks on light skin like dark spots and tanned – there are white spots.

They can be of different shape and size and merge together, forming a large lesion.

The spots may become brown in color. The disease can last for years and in addition to the back to hit arms, shoulders, abdomen and chest.

Treat tinea versicolor with antifungal external means, which are applied to the lesions all over the body twice a day.

After complete cure and disappearance of spots, it is necessary to continue the therapy, lowering the dose for two weeks.


Лишай на спине: правильное лечение и профилактика от повторного проявления заболеванияIt is a skin inflammation that has a viral in nature, caused by the herpes virus. This virus also causes chicken pox, and for a long time as if asleep in the body.

Instigators of its occurrence as lichen can be various infections, low immunity and General weakness.

Therefore, the most susceptible older people. Interestingly, those who had chicken pox in childhood, herpes zoster poses no threat of infection.

It is dangerous for those people who do not have immunity to the herpes virus and chicken pox not sick.

A rash of red spots filled with clear liquid in the area of the chest and back. They bring strong discomfort, pain (the virus affects the nerve endings) and severe itching.

The centers can also be located in other places throughout the body, particularly dangerous lesions in the eye area, there is a great risk of losing his sight.

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Treatment administered only by a physician, usually antiviral medicines. They should start to be taken no later than the third day from the beginning rash.

It is important neither to touch nor comb, nor to pierce the bubbles and allow them to Mature independently, to form a crust.

Lichen planus

Лишай на спине: правильное лечение и профилактика от повторного проявления заболеванияRed nodules affect not only the skin but also nails, and mucous membranes. This form is accompanied by severe itching and appears often in such cases:

  • in women 40 to 60 years;
  • diabetes;
  • at pathologies of gastrointestinal tract.

Appears on the chest, neck, legs and belly. On the back of this type of lichen is almost not there.

When affected mucosa, the lesions are the bumps white when the nail plate is the nail to crumble and thickens.

Treatment of lichen planus are the following principles:

  • antihistamines to reduce the itching;
  • taking vitamin complexes to strengthen the immune system;
  • adjustable power and treatment of pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • physiotherapy.


Лишай на спине: правильное лечение и профилактика от повторного проявления заболеванияIs also called dermatophytosis and is the most rapidly spreading and contagious disease.

Its cause is zooanthroponosis and Antropogennye mushrooms, which, as we already knew, breed on the animal and human-and only human, respectively.

They are most common in children under 15 years who are attending children’s groups. To spread on contact or through household items: hats, combs, hygiene products and other.

The manifestation of it, usually in one, rarely a few spots, on scalp. The lesion is pink-colored, white scales and broken hair.

Has found such lesions in the chin, if a man wears a beard, but it is very rare.

If ringworm appeared on the smooth skin stain has more red and the outline is a dark roller. This form is accompanied by a slight itching.

The treatment of trichophytosis should be done under the supervision of a doctor, perhaps even in the hospital. It consists of the following items:

  • first and foremost, isolate the patient, eliminating its contact with healthy people;
  • a course of oral antifungal drugs in accordance with treatment plan;
  • external therapy consists of hair removal, the morning brushing the spot with iodine, and in the evening treatment salicylic or zinc ointment.

Ringworm takes place in several stages and each of them has its characteristic differences, so, in the beginning he looks like a pink reddish spot, but over time can cause crusting and weeping of inflammation.

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That is why it is crucial to visit a doctor and accurate diagnosis of pathology.

How to prevent the appearance of lichen on the skin?

Лишай на спине: правильное лечение и профилактика от повторного проявления заболеванияPreventive measures of this disease, as a rule, closely connected with hygiene, and immune function.

From getting a fungus on the skin no one is immune, but on a clean healthy body, he simply is not accustomed.

Therefore, for a strong immune system it is important to try to lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise, sleep at least eight hours, to protect yourself from stress and nervous overstrain.

As a conclusion we can say that ringworm, and other skin diseases, is extremely unpleasant and uncomfortable phenomenon.

If suddenly you are faced with a strange change of skin need to seem qualified professional who can accurately diagnose.

There are some types of this disease, when treatment started in due time rescues from recurrence and serious complications.

Therapy lichen usually consists of antihistamines, relieve itching, anti-fungal creams that simultaneously heal and reduce inflammation of the skin, and in difficult situations, the reception means killing the fungi from the inside.

I recommend to watch the video where the doctor tells in detail about this disease:

To protect yourself from depression should first and foremost support the immune system and to observe the rules of personal hygiene.

After all, whatever a rare disease, it is always easier to prevent than then to get rid of it. Health to you!