Shingles on the chest: why is it dangerous to self-medicate disease?

Лишай на груди: почему опасно заниматься самолечением болезни?Skin diseases unpleasant twice: by itself, the pathology phenomenon and so absolutely sad, but when it is on the skin, it adds more aesthetic problem, and besides, there is a physical discomfort.

Our today’s article is devoted to a problem like ringworm and its localization in the chest.

Ringworm is a skin disease, which is called a number of ailments with similar symptoms, but different in their origin, the causes and accordingly, the method of therapy.

We are now in order, discuss each of the types of this disease and try to determine exactly which shingles can appear on the chest.

Pityriasis rosea

Лишай на груди: почему опасно заниматься самолечением болезни?The disease is considered to be viral, although it is not fully understood. Medicine is guided by speculation as to the causes and treatment.

Begins pityriasis rosea, or ringworm Gibert, with a single pinkish spot about three inches in size.

The disease can accompanied by a viral body condition and increased body temperature. When will take a few days, feel normal, and plaques appear in large numbers.

Pityriasis rosea occurs in autumn and spring and are exposed to it mostly teenagers although it occurs in older people, but much less frequently. Spots are localized on the chest, back, sides and stomach.

Treatment lichen Gibert as such does not exist. After six weeks, all lesions go away on their own.

As the auxiliary agents appointed by antihistamines, which relieve itching. But the ointment with the variety, it is not recommended to apply.


Лишай на груди: почему опасно заниматься самолечением болезни?The causative agent is the varicella zoster virus. Present in the body after a childhood chickenpox, due to stress or other factors it can manifest itself in the form of a surrounding rash.

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As a rule, they suffer from after the age of 60 years. And contagious it can be only for people without a history of chickenpox before.

Watery dark red bubbles are usually at the chest and back. Can also spread to the skin of the hands and feet.

The treatment of this disease complex is applied:

  • antihistamines;
  • antiviral tablets;
  • pain-relieving medications.

In the absence of adequate treatment shingles can be very dangerous. It can lead to paralysis of facial muscles, hearing loss, damage to the cornea and muscle weakness.

It is also important to remember that antiviral drugs should start to be taken no later than the third day after onset of rash.


Лишай на груди: почему опасно заниматься самолечением болезни?The most contagious form of the disease that can switch from human and from a sick animal. Still you can get it from your personal household items and hygiene items.

The manifestation of disease in the form of a circle, with a distinct cushion and flaky center. Hair usually break off at a distance of 1-2 mm.

Over the disease spot color changes in the center of it can be moist or covered with a brown crust.

Treatment of ringworm involves antifungal drugs inside the treatment of the lesion in the morning and evening. Patient contact with healthy people for a while should be deleted.

Ringworm on the chest does not appear almost never, since its localization were most often located on the scalp.

Pityriasis versicolor

Лишай на груди: почему опасно заниматься самолечением болезни?Still has the colored name, it means a large number of plaques, painted either in dark or in light color.

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With the course of the disease spots may change color and become darker, then lighter. The disease is caused by fungus that affects the melanocytes, hence the constant change of colors. Over time, the spots may merge and become one big blur.

Pityriasis versicolor often affects men, because predisposition is a high sweating.

Is localized on the chest, back and shoulders, and begins, as a rule, armpits or other creases on the body.

Despite the fungal microflora of pityriasis versicolor is not considered contagious, since the fungus can reside on the skin at all. And the development of pathologies contributes to stress and low immunity.

Treatment is with antifungal drugs during the weekly monitoring the presence of the fungus in the scales.

After the analysis is negative, medications taken for another two weeks, in order to avoid relapse.

Lichen planus

Лишай на груди: почему опасно заниматься самолечением болезни?Small reddish nodules can affect how smooth the skin, nails and mucous membranes. The disease is accompanied by severe itching and occurs more often in women. The causative agent it serve as allergens and stress. Also he is accompanied by factors such as:

  • diabetes;
  • gastrointestinal problems;
  • deviations in the endocrine system.

Statistics indicates that men are almost sick of them, and women can transfer this pathology after age 40.

As therapy assigned to antihistamines and corticosteroid creams.

Presented us the selection of photos you can see how look different forms of the disease with the localization on the chest.


In conclusion, it should be noted that lichen is a complex pathology which is treated in quite a long time.

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It is important to understand that if you find yourself strange manifestation on the skin, you should immediately visit a doctor and pass assigned tests.

We learned that some forms of illness can give serious complications in the absence of adequate treatment, and some, on the contrary, to treat is contraindicated.

And not to confuse in the early stages, to what species a particular spot, under a qualified dermatologist.

After the prescribed treatment regimens do not forget to repeat the tests at the scales for an accurate understanding of when to stop taking prescription drugs.

In conclusion, I propose to view a video about why breast and other body areas having similar symptoms:

We wish you good health and beautiful skin!