Shoes treatment of the fungus: the TOP 7 best ways

Обработка обуви от грибка: ТОП-7 лучших средствGood day, dear readers! And you treat your shoes, not to be infected by fungus? No? A very good reason! Treatment of mycosis is a long and painstaking process consisting of several stages.

One of the most important stages of the treatment is that processing of the shoes from the fungus. Why treat the shoes, if the disease attacks the skin and nails?

And then, to prevent re-infection, because the fungi are very tenacious and can isnegative in various materials impregnated with human sweat.

After reading the entire article, you will learn how to handle shoes, what drugs are used for this purpose and what equipment is available in pharmacies for disinfection.

Which drug to choose?

You can select any available price and the most convenient for you. Most importantly, do not get a fake, which is, unfortunately, very much.

For this and created an article that lists the most effective prophylactic agent for the treatment of footwear. Let’s start from the most inexpensive, but practical options.

Chlorhexidine 1% is a great powerful tool

Treating the shoes with Chlorhexidine, you are protected from the following types of fungi:

  • yeast;
  • dermatophytes.

Обработка обуви от грибка: ТОП-7 лучших средствThe drug is available in a convenient form of the solution has no odor and color. Due to this the processed shoes will retain the same appeal and will not deteriorate. The only drawback in the modern time, Chlorhexidine is not easy to get.

Pharmacies often offers a 0.05 percent solution, but it is not enough. Looking for just 1 percent, but will go carefully, as it can harm the mucous.

How is disinfection of footwear with Chlorhexidine? Very simple:

  • soaked in the solution cotton wool;
  • wipe the inner surface of the Shoe;
  • put treated articles in a package, tie tightly and leave for 3-4 hours.

After disinfection it only remains to thoroughly dry the shoes and it can safely use without fear of Contracting a foot fungus.

If you cannot find a 1% Chlorhexidine, you can buy its counterpart Desigend. This tool has almost the same composition. Hence, for efficiency it is not worse.

Mycostop spray to prevent athlete’s foot

Обработка обуви от грибка: ТОП-7 лучших средствThis spray is more convenient to use, since the solution can cover even the most inaccessible areas inside the Shoe. The drug should be treated the garments daily at bedtime for five days.

It is advisable to disinfect not only their shoes but also home, even such as Slippers for the bathroom.

Mycostop proved effective against all types of pathogens mycosis. He has a sharp odor and does not stain fabrics and other materials used for manufacture of current shoes.

Miramistin is a popular antiseptic

Обработка обуви от грибка: ТОП-7 лучших средствThis is a remedy for athlete’s foot, you can easily get at any pharmacy. In the manual it says that it should be used after recovery periodically (once a week is enough) to handle surfaces with which contact feet and shoes.

A local antiseptic has a light scent that fades quickly. The consumption is impressive, but the price is high enough. But if you want to be sure that the fungus you are no longer a threat, use it perfectly.

For disinfection suitable solution is 0.01%. It is necessary to moisten a cotton wool or a piece of cloth, then thoroughly wipe the entire Shoe. Wait until it is completely dry, you can put your shoes on.

Dezavid — hypoallergenic product without fragrances and dyes in the

Обработка обуви от грибка: ТОП-7 лучших средствFind this product in walmart. He has a lot of advantages: suitable for all materials and surfaces; the composition is safe, even for Allergy sufferers; slowly consumed; leaves no residue.

Use it for preventive disinfection in three different ways:

  • Wipe the surface and products with cotton wool soaked in the solution.
  • Spray the solution at a distance of 30 cm from surfaces.
  • Add to water for washing.
  • Use Dezavala needed daily throughout the period of treatment of mycosis, and after recovery you can reduce the number of treatments to one per week.

    Formalin — «extreme case»

    If you for some reason can’t get other means to disinfect, then use Formalin. His drawback a sharp unpleasant scent that will stay on fabrics and six long. Use of Formalin too often is not recommended.

    Balusters: stone — effective drug with additional deodorizing effect

    Обработка обуви от грибка: ТОП-7 лучших средствThanks to the treatment Formidron shoes will no longer unpleasant smell, which is important for suffering from foot fungus and nails.

    The spray is simply applied to any surface, and it should be done daily. It is safe for: all kinds of fabrics, synthetic leather, natural leather, suede.

    In addition to the fungus, balusters: stone protects against infections of bacterial nature. The treatment is recommended daily until complete cure from the fungal infection and then for two weeks. Continue to repeat the procedure every 1-2 weeks.

    Hardware disinfection device Timson

    Timson is a modern device, which you can buy in the online shop from the official manufacturer. This device should be kept in shoes all night. During this time he:

    • kills fungi «Candida» at 100%;
    • «Trichophyton rubrum» — 99,6%;
    • «Trichophyton mentaqrophytes» — 99.8%.

    Applying Timson daily, you protect yourself from all kinds of pathogens of fungal infection and eliminate unpleasant odor shoes. The device acts UV rays that rapidly kill the fungus and other bacteria. For complete disinfection, it is sufficient to put Timson shoes for 6-12 hours.

    Folk remedy — vinegar solution

    A simple folk remedy on the basis of vinegar, diluted with water, is often used by sellers in Shoe stores. To prepare a solution, will require no ordinary vinegar, and a 40-percent vinegar essence.

    Обработка обуви от грибка: ТОП-7 лучших средствDilute it 50/50 with water and pour into a convenient bottle with a sprayer. Process shoes in daily.

    Essence can be applied in undiluted form. This is useful when the fungus of the nails — complicated form of mycosis. Soaked it cotton should be placed in the shoes, and then leave it in a tightly closed package at night.

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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